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October 24, 2016
am vazut primele 30 de minute . interesanta poetica lui .
October 4, 2016
This is a very interesting piece of work and I admire every aspect of it. I've read a couple of reviews that say the film's lack of coherent narrative makes it difficult to follow, and sometimes it is, but for the most part I wasn't bothered by it. Todd Haynes is an experimental filmmaker and what he does in this film and with this story is quite bold and intelligent and unconventional, and I love that about it. There were times in the film where I felt confused and lost, but I think that is because I knew very little about Bob Dylan prior to seeing this film, and what got me intrigued all the way through is the six brilliant lead performances and the structure. "I'm Not There" is not a film that I would revisit every once in a while, but I'm glad that I saw it.
September 16, 2016
If I hadn't read the written explanations on the DVD, I would have had no clue, instead of little clue, as to how much of the film had anything to do with Bob Dylan. For students of Dylan.
½ July 21, 2016
i was dubious as to whether a liking for Dylan's music would be adequate for enjoying a film with such a strange concept. But, i believe there is plenty in this film for everyone, and a liking of Dylan's music is not necessarily a vital component. Yes, it is strange and unique, but it is incredibly visionary, assessing the many faces of the elusive genius who is Dylan. Bar the patchy effort of Richard Gere, the acting is sublime, especially in Cate Blanchett, whose represenation of the electric Dylan will not be forgotten. An instantly enjoyable film, that offers much in terms of greatness, and a deserved biopic to who is possibly the greatest musical talent of all time.
April 23, 2016
So I've now watched 5 of Todd Haynes' films since listening to his interview on Marc Maron's WTF podcast and I've liked all of his films, but this one was the worst in my opinion. I respect his version for the film, but the film was hard to follow for anyone who doesn't have a Phd in Bob Dylan. I like Bob Dylan and his music, but do not know much about it and therefore I was lost more than a few times in what the film was trying to show. I'm sure there are some people that love this film, but I just didn't "get it" and am sure most people feel the same way. The cast is phenomenal and they do a great job, especially Christian Bale. The film also has tremendous classic Dylan songs and some great new music, including James Jones of My Morning Jacket in the film. Overall a very original and unique film, but it just wasn't for me.
April 22, 2016
"I'm Not There" pastes together a collage of music icon Bob Dylan's career. What makes it so interesting is its peculiar approach and combination of styles.
½ April 20, 2016
A little hard to grab and hold on to, but I suppose Dylan has spent a lifetime making himself such. Cate Blanchett is extraordinary in this film.
April 9, 2016
Bob Dylan is a name that I've come to respect and love for his music but figuring out this man outside of that is something I for some reason never attempted. Based on the six characters in here who represented Dylan, the singer was a complicated man. He had many aspects to his personality and they all came at different points in his life. I'm not there is a uniquely written and structured picture with some all star talent.
Woody Guthrie, Jude Quinn, Arthur Rimbaud, billy McCarthy, Robbie clark and Jack Rollins are six characters who embody the spirit of bob Dylan. the movie plays each of there stories and trying to give deeper insight into the legendary singer we've all come to love.
This is definitely one of the more unusual concepts I've seen for a multi character story. Having six incarnations of bob Dylan and having these people play aspects of him is quite the idea. It was done so unconventional like that Todd Haynes should have received waaaay more credit for this wonderful piece of work.. The music was really solid which I enjoyed. Shoutout to the costume department they did a fantastic job with all the actors especially with cate blanchett
Of all the actors who played the incarnations cate blanchett was the most remarkable as Dylan. She portrays the cool swagger of the man as well as his artistic and spiritual mind. She portrays him at as someone who despite being hated wasn't going to let anyone change the fact that Dylan does what he wants. Christian bale captured bob's performance and mysterioso nature. out of everyone he got dylan's voice down pact in my opinion. The little black boy represented bob's southern roots. found it funny his name was woody Guthrie. Ben whishaw impressively pulls of not just an American accent but dylan's. Its kinda eerie watching heath ledger's last film role before the dark knight but nonetheless he was great! Overall the entire cast was sensational.
the cinematography was superb and awesomely shot. The editing was spectacular and well put together. You need true skill to piece together so many back and forth scenes and black and white scenes in a artistic, flavorful and concise manner.
I'm not there is certainly one of 2007's most underated films.
March 20, 2016
I know this is usually where I do a brief paragraph of why this movie works and make a bold attempt to be "analytical", but this movie, in most sophisticated language I can muster, is f&%king amazing. Everything about it is f&%king amazing.This f&%king amazing movie may be my new favorite Biopic. Everyone should see this f&%king amazing movie.
½ March 13, 2016
I'm Not There is an example of one of the most perfect film experiences you can have in the most unconventional way possible. Six actors play multiple incarnations of the astounding Bob Dylan, with Cate Blanchett and Marcus Carl Franklin being the stand-outs. Todd Haynes unique direction and the using of Dylan's music to set up the story was miraculous in every way. The cinematography also proves that there is no better pairing in film than Lachman and Haynes. I'm Not There is certainly a film that should go down in history, and be studied in every film class around the globe.
December 30, 2015
Like a rolling stone.
November 22, 2015
I'm Not There operates on an intriguing premise and is filmed beautifully, but this is ultimately Haynes at his most unrestrained and excessive, a mode I really don't prefer. The idea to have six different actors portray different aspects of Dylan's persona and to communicate the universality of his music is daring, and several of the performances this format yields are excellent (Blanchett, Franklin, and Whishaw particularly), but the constant hopping from story to story never coalesces in a way that feels all that compelling (it's not meant to, but the effect isn't what was intended); intellectually brilliant, but dramatically inert. Haynes creates the worlds of the different Dylans impeccably, but I was never truly grabbed by those gorgeous visuals due to the almost sterile nature of the construction, and this ultimate failure to foster a sense of emotional connection is what blunts its impact so severely given the legendarily soulful nature of its subject. That said, it's worthwhile for fans of Haynes' other work, and Blanchett is almost worth the two and a half hours on her own.
November 15, 2015
The film is a lot like Dylan himself--you don't really understand it, but then again, you don't really need to.
½ October 31, 2015
mmmm... interesting, different, pretty, never dull, BUT pretentious, confusing, inaccessible & ultimately disappointing. For diehard Dylan fans who already know his life inside out. In fact, a pre-requisite to appreciate/understand this.
September 19, 2015
It's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard...
September 14, 2015
Bob Dylan is the ultimate enigma, a legend so fascinating and so unpredictable that correctly guessing just what he'll do next is a sort of impossible task - even his daring failures seem to quiver in their own sort of spectacular nervous energy. So Todd Haynes' "I'm Not There", a quasi-abstract "autobiography" regarding the singer's long career, is, I suppose, a fitting match for the iconoclast. Portrayed by five actors (and one actress) during different moments of his career, it's a distinctive experimental drama with a wishy washy relationship with coherence - consider that none of the six Dylans have the same name, let alone a similar one, and that the periods they reside under are metaphorical accounts more hazy than penetrable. I'm all for avant garde biopics, but Haynes, for all his directorial finesse, buries any sort of connection in a pile of heavy handed imagery and entangled storytelling. There's a certain sort of preoccupation we find ourselves under during its 135 minutes, but to become invested, to feel changed, to have any sort of reaction, is a fantasy, distant and thousands of miles away.
To describe the plot would be like explaining "Pulp Fiction" in a linear fashion in under a minute, and I'm hardly in the mood for that: we'll say that "I'm Not There" is not so much about story as it is about the characters who reflect Dylan throughout his messy career. There's an eleven-year-old black kid, Woody Guthrie (Marcus Carl Franklin), who works as a living and breathing representation of Dylan's fixation on the folk singer during his childhood. Then there's the young Arthur Rimbaud (Ben Whishaw), who exists in interludes that endure only to give Dylan's soundbites a place to live. Following is Billy the Kid (Richard Gere), an older, wiser being referring to Dylan's role in 1973's "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid", Jack Rollins (Christian Bale), the twenty-something, protesting Dylan, Robbie Clark (Heath Ledger), an actor who plays Dylan in a movie and is destroyed by his following fame, and, my favorite, Jude Quinn (Cate Blanchett), the experimental artist that saw commercial backlash at the peak of his career after abandoning what his fans liked most about him.
The labyrinthine nature of "I'm Not There" will prove to be enthralling for Bob Dylan's most devoted admirers, but for someone like me, appreciative of his legacy but not infatuated by it, it is a film that requires a tremendous amount of patience; one can only sit in a weighty dusting of art house hallucinations before they begin to realize that to sit in tedious agony is no way to watch a movie. It's not so much that "I'm Not There" is bad - it's that it's indulgent to the point of agony. I can't imagine anyone other than Dylan diehards and Haynes himself finding much to fawn over, aside from stunning photography and a superb performance from the oddly yet wisely cast Blanchett. (And please: one can only watch Christian Bale's cringeworthy performance for so long before they want to pull their scalp off from all the forced I-am-this-man method dedication.)
"I'm Not There" is not a failure, but to call it a complete success would be a statement too far-fetched to whole-heartedly believe in - a complete success wouldn't have to only appeal to a few people, to work as a puzzle only a few dedicated individuals can (or want to) solve. I applaud Haynes for taking such an audacious artistic risk, but it's a risk that might have paid off had all the unnecessary side characters (Billy the Kid and Arthur Rimbaud, anyone?) disappeared and more time was spent with the chain smoking Jude. If only.
July 21, 2015
A wonderfully made tribute to Bob Dylan with excellent performances from the cast including Cate Blanchett. A must-see.
Super Reviewer
April 4, 2015
slow paced at first, most intense around the middle & then too conceptual in the latter portion. Admirable replication from ledger & blanchett
March 25, 2015
Bordering on annoyance for most parts of the movie.. Could have made so much more of this..
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