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May 7, 2020
Think Ice Storm and Donnie Darko as the American Dream goes terribly awry in the bosom of a suburban family.
April 24, 2019
The fractured, non-linear narrative fires plenty of red herrings and there are plenty of pointless characters with melodramatic side plots that go nowhere.
July 2, 2009
Sigourney Weaver is impeccable as a distraught mother who resorts to pot to barricade her emotions in writer/director Dan Harris' diamond-sharp treatise on American family dysfunction that makes "The Ice Storm" look like a walk in the park.
December 7, 2007
November 21, 2005
Dan Harris e suas criaes habitam um universo repleto de incidentes absolutamente artificiais e de clichs risveis.
July 5, 2005
July 5, 2005
It's unusual and faintly disturbing to see Jeff Daniels play such an unlikeable character.
July 5, 2005
June 4, 2005
Especially forceful performances make it well worth watching, even if it becomes a bit too much at times.
June 3, 2005
A "personal" sort of story that might just hit you like a ton of bricks. Me? Not so much.
May 27, 2005
Sigourney Weaver stands out as the heart of Imaginary Heroes, a depiction of a troubled suburban family.
May 18, 2005
Not a great movie, by any means, but it is an always-interesting one - even when it veers off the rails.
May 13, 2005
Sigourney Weaver is magnificent in Imaginary Heroes ...
April 14, 2005
Harris cannot justify this family of misfits contrived for the screen.
April 8, 2005
Writer-director Dan Harris' script is so disjointed that Heroes rambles for most of its nearly two-hours.
April 7, 2005
With that much baggage, Tim doesn't need a loving family. He needs a Smarte Carte.
April 1, 2005
Stumbling between failed comedy and stilted drama, Imaginary Heroes never finds a convincing tone.
April 1, 2005
Writer-director Dan Harris ... runs Tim and the Travises through the dysfunctional-family checklist.
March 21, 2005
Sigourney Weaver gives a terrific performance in this impressive film.
March 18, 2005
Although she comes across as bordering on insufferable, we are expected to understand that Sandy is the touchstone of honesty in the film because, like other American films of the Sundance variety, eccentricity signifies emotional authenticity.
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