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June 9, 2005
It shows what can go wrong when a good-intentioned filmmaker mixes historical tragedy with Hollywood banality.
April 22, 2005
Ostensibly about the aftermath of apartheid, but the pain of a people serves only as a backdrop for the most contrived of love stories.
April 14, 2005
Is it a docudrama about South Africa's post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings? Or is it love story? The problem with In My Country is that it tries to be both.
April 11, 2005
Black, white and clunky.
April 8, 2005
Need[s] to be seen, as essential history and as demonstration of a form of social reckoning where compassion triumphs over passion, and the olive branch over the gun.
April 8, 2005
Failing to get beyond trite Hollywood romantic conventions, sermonizing caricatures and 'I was just following orders' explanations does a great disservice to history.
April 23, 2019
Better than its mangy reputation.
April 16, 2009
In spite of narrative missteps that negate the possibility of an empathetic protagonist, "In My Country" does viably introduce the African principle of "Ubuntu" whereby evil transgressions are absolved rather than revenged.
April 22, 2006
A familiar, superficial lesson.
October 5, 2005
The film's affecting ingredients are unimpeachably genuine, but this rendering for the most part rings dramatically hollow.
July 21, 2005
Points for trying and all, but this particular chapter of South Africa's history deserves a movie a bit more sincere -- and a lot less corny.
June 2, 2005
Intelligent piece that does its job as entertainment. More importantly, it should advance public knowledge about the apartheid government's human rights violations.
May 13, 2005
Watching [apartheid victims'] testimony become background noise for Jackson and Binoche's tawdry melodrama is aggravating.
May 13, 2005
Its star, Juliette Binoche, may be a fine actress, but she's also very French. And no matter how hard she tries to perfect the tricky Afrikaans accent, she's simply not believable playing a South African poet.
May 9, 2005
I do not question the filmmaker's sincerity, but he has made a flat, uninvolving movie. The road to boredom is paved with good intentions, after all.
April 29, 2005
...the foxhole relationship that develops between Anna and Langston is completely natural -- up until the point where they fall into bed together.
April 28, 2005
The gripping material is given short thrift in favor of routine melodrama and a love story that has nearly nothing to do with what should be the crux of the story.
April 23, 2005
There is great material here and ample food for thought, but the presentation is lacking.
April 22, 2005
You feel insulted you're expected to care about the petty problems of the leads when other characters are dealing with child murder, political torture and genocide.
April 22, 2005
[E]xhaustingly heartbreaking... An unforgettable film about justice...
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