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½ February 20, 2018
Inception is one of those films that you can enjoy for the great characters and mind blowing dream sequences! A brilliant action film that has you on the edge of your seat! 3.5/4
February 17, 2018
A pretty decent film that brings a really cool plot. A film about dreaming and on how everything is possible and obviously if Leanordo DiCaprio is in a movie t is bound to be good.
February 13, 2018
This movie is Convoluted as fuck, but....I still like it.

This was a very well made film by Christopher Nolan, and another top perfromance from Dicaprio. With a wonderful supporting cast. the movie had plenty of suspense, wonderment and incredible action, all of it supporting and driving the story.

Not since the Matrix have I seen such a ground breaking film of this type, one that defys logic , breaks barriers and expands the limits of our imagination.

Its clever and original enough to stand out. Its 1 of the very best movies so far this summer, I highly recommend you go see it. That is if you enjoy movies with complexity and intelligence.
February 11, 2018
cutting edge sci-fi/futuristic story
February 10, 2018
Creative,smart, and well acted, this movie is not one that you get over easily.
½ February 3, 2018
Overrated movie, but amazing movie, although Nolan could stop borrowing items from another movies like Matrix and this would be a perfect movie.
½ February 2, 2018
When i first watched this movie i didn't understand what was going on - I was probably 10. But now I can't help but appreciate it hell yea
January 31, 2018
The movie, besides its plot and presentation, is a paradox within itself. For such an intelligent film, it does not use big words and contains dialogue that is strictly used to convey emotion or advance plot. The characters aren't given a backstory and there is little style (style that is easy to appreciate) in direction. Upon further view however, this movie is similar to The Departed, in which it is bleak, relatively unrewarding yet thought-provoking and engaging. The score is perfect. The plot is perfect. The ending takes this movie from the edge of predictability to a debate. I can't say it's fun but it is well-executed.
January 30, 2018
The special effects are good and the concept, on the whole, original. Very dark and a little confusing at times. AAN GGN AFI 1001
January 30, 2018
Complex, yet quite groundbreaking. Nolan doesn't fail to disappoint with this sci-fi tale of entering the "reality" of the subconscious human brain, again and again.
½ January 28, 2018
A new concept that wasn't introduced before, which makes this movie so good.
January 27, 2018
5/5. Quite simply one of my favourite films ever made. I've watched it so many times, and each time I see it I see something new. If you have only seen it once and you somehow didn't like it, then go see it again as you may see it in a totally different way. For essentially an action blockbuster, the plot is so complex and yet holds together better than films with more basic premises. Chris Nolan's personal and totally original masterpiece makes you think and gasp all the way through. In a world where invading and sharing dreams is possible, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joesph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy dive deeper and deeper into Cillian Murphy' military trained subconscious in order to implant an idea. The set pieces are spell bounding and outstanding. For a film that hits the two and a half hour mark, it absolutely speeds over like freight train. Special shout out to Hans Zimmer's score which expertly integrates the fabulous Edith Paif's 'Non, je ne regrette rien'- slowing it down to create the iconic Inception BAAAAHHHMMMS, which every movie trailer now seems to
have borrowed. Whenever this is on the TV or re-shown at a cinema near you, you simply must watch this.
January 27, 2018
Can I consider this my favorite movie?
January 25, 2018
This densely plotted modern masterpiece was 2010's best film. This mind-boggling masterpiece would be considered confusing and too complex to even comprehend to most. Therefore, I completely agree that what would be a dream within a dream, within a dream, the tossing and turning of flashbacks or the fact that a person's subconscious can be trained to use weapons and tear any intruders to shreds as a defence mechanism, could be confusing. It's like saying stop stealing my ideas! But with more force. Overall, I give the film 4/5 because nothing is ever truly perfect and I recommend this film to those who enjoy a good brain teaser or even for those dreamers with an immeasurable imagination.
January 25, 2018
Finally was able to rewatch this "film" after seeing it in theaters. Seven years later, and I still find it to be one of the most over-rated pieces of pseudo intellectual garbage that has ever been produced for entertainment. Oh no I'm Cob, I'm sort of sad that my wife killed herself because she thought she was still dreaming. I'm trying to make a guy come up with an idea on his own, but I'm still tortured by the conflict in my own subconcious, so it makes my job hard. We make dreams, but one person has to make the setting, while the other person has to populate it, even though this can lead to huge problems for us during our heists. Oh, and even though I'm an international fugitive I'm going to easily appear in Africa to get help from my old buddy. Then I'll lose the people tailing me by having the Asian guy bail me out. Then we're going to make dreams within dreams within dreams within dreams.

If I could give this no stars I would. I don't know what bothers me more, this movie, or the fact that we, as people, have become so stupid that this movie is called brilliant and complex.
January 24, 2018
A mind-blowing experience.
January 21, 2018
Original and well acted. Worth a couple of watches.
January 21, 2018
This is an amazing action-packed film that forces you to think logically and quickly.
Dom and his wife have the control of their dreams. They both built their own imaginary world, which was so complex that they didn't want to leave.
Dom realizes that they can't live alone in dreams, so he implements to his wife the idea of having to commit suicide to get out of the unreal world. They throw themselves together in the front of a train to return to reality, but in Mal's mind persists the idea that she's still in a dream and that's why she must die. She drops herself from upstairs, under her husband's horrified look.
The police believes that Dom killed Mal, and the only escape off this is to run abroad to avoid being caught and convicted of murder.
Dom meets with Saito, who proposes an agreement: to enter in Fischer's mind (the heir of a big company) and to induce him to destroy the ''empire'' built by his father. In exchange for this, Saito offers him the guarantee that he will not be convicted when he gets back to America.
So, Dom forms a team with which he goes through a real adventure in the dream world, in order to explore Fischer's mind.
Dom meets in the three dreams with his dead wife who calls him to her, but he realizes that it's not worth such a sacrifice just for a shadow of his mind.
Dom's mission ends perfectly, and Saito keeps his promise.
I'm really afraid of a world where anyone can access your brain and they can manipulate you. I hope that this technique will never be invented, and if it already exists, it should be stopped.
January 21, 2018
Nolan movies often end with the film title, which is not shown at the start, and that title describes the last scene. 'Inception' describes how the movie has planted the idea in your head that reality may be a dream. The reason we buy that is because the previous two and a half hours have drawn us into a startlingly original and fantastical world, yet one Nolan has made totally believable. He gives us a hero who plays on the wrong side of the law, but due to the humanity imbued in him by DiCaprio, one we cannot help but root for as he navigates human minds filled with emotional twists and striking action.
January 18, 2018
One of my favorite movies ever made! It is just brilliant!
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