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January 15, 2018
Sometimes you stumble upon a piece of art that sets a question mark to everything you believe in. It challenges your perspective of life. Into The Wild is one of those art pieces.
January 14, 2018
Wow. Powerful movie of a young man with his own ideas about life. Powerful, sad, Loveable, it's a marathon at 2hr 30min but worth it. ????????????
January 12, 2018
A film with three viewpoints. The narration by the sister of "Alexander Supertramp," (the character of Christopher McCandless played by Emile Hirsch), the Supertramp himself, and the unspoken perspective of the Supertramp's parents.

The story: A disillusioned, intelligent college graduate realizes that he can not tolerate "society." As a result, he decides to dump his money, dump his car, and travel, as a tramp, losing himself by looking for himself. He heads, in a round-about-way, for Alaska where he can live alone.

Supertramp's sister provides various narrations throughout the film trying to understand why he disappeared as he did -- and gets it -- after reflecting on their family life together.

Not examined is the parental perspective -- worried and concerned -- at times fearing that Chris is dead, but not wanting to bear the fact that he wanted to disappear and they are or were at least partly to blame.

While the film is enjoyable as we follow the adventures of Chris, it is unbearable to see this story from the parent's mindset. Chris is selfish, self-centered, and immature, and never thinks of how his parents may feel not knowing whether Chris is dead or alive, suffering somewhere alone, hungry or sick.

Chris makes some mistakes living alone which eventually kills him -- wasting his life, devastating his parents and causing a great deal of sorrow for his sister.
January 7, 2018
Histůria incrivelmente triste.
October 29, 2017
Well directed and well acted. A sad story but inspirational.
September 21, 2017
Great movie and book
September 1, 2017
Sean Penn incredibly the whole of America as his backdrop is beautiful about a young man embark on his own hero's journey as he struggles with the elements, his increasing frailty and the cinematography's increasing grandeur mesh in a way that's at once iconic and wrenching.
½ August 30, 2017
This is a well-written tale which is a poignant and moving character study. It may not appeal to all fans of the survival genre but it is still an amazing movie which is an emotional ride.

Graduated student Christopher McCandless donates all of his money to charity and begins to set out to live in the Alaskan wild. Along the way, he meets a series of people who change his life.

Its story is very deep. It's a story of following a path that you choose for yourself. I always like it when movie's have deep plots which make you think. Christopher says that he feels career's are a 20th-century invention and he wants no part of that and I sort of agree with him. Its story is really important because it revolves around and talks about the opinion that many people have.

The acting is great from Emile Hirsch. Many of the other actors give superb roles as well. There weren't any actors who gave performances I had an issue with.

I don't think it's flawless though. There were very few scenes of survival in this film. I likely would've enjoyed the movie more had it consisted of something like 50% survival scenes and 50% flashbacks. However, what we got instead was about 85%-90% flashbacks. Also, the film dragged a little.

Also, on a side note, I recommend you don't read the critic reviews because many of them contain spoilers. I usually trust the critics, but in this case, I'd say ignore them and read them after you watch the movie.

So in conclusion, this is a great character study which contains great lessons and it may affect you greatly depending on what you believe. It could've been better, but it's still a good film.
August 16, 2017
One of those exceptional haunting films that stays with you for a very long time. Beautifully done in every regard. This what movies are for.
July 28, 2017
Naive and very boring story about a boy who has lived sheltered life and doesnt know anything about common peoples struggles.
July 21, 2017
The film has reasons to exist. True reasons. I believe in the attempts of this type of proposals, but the movie lacks on its vision. Although it is a potentially promising story, at the end it remained like that, as a promise. 58/100
July 14, 2017
Not a lot of movies make me cry, but this did it. This movie was absolutely brilliant. It was very sad and heartbreaking at the end, but i love it nonetheless.
July 2, 2017
Amazing movie. Very emotional, heartwarming, well-directed, and overall a well-done film.
½ June 22, 2017
Couldn't do it...I just couldn't do it.
Turned it off after 40 minutes.
If I can't like a protagonist, I can't like a film. Just another philandering twit growing a beard and going on the road and somehow becoming superior to everyone else.
It had to be turned off.
June 12, 2017
Great acting and plot. The only thing dragging it down is the sloppy direction
½ June 5, 2017
Powerful, soulful performances throughout.
June 3, 2017
When we see it our own way to look past the signs of danger and into the wild. When we see thst not many dare to go, when civilized & wild life don't mix and cross paths. When what we see we naturally are able to kill, survive, and find refuge. When we see we have some limits, respecting nature, feeding the soul & not living a civilized life to be out here. When we see some doors open and close for us, some that don't bother to see us and share in our journey to see how much we could use their help along the way. When we see we are on a mission to change to end what holds us back and begin what propels us forward. When not many people see us out of a crowd but those close to us that enjoy seeing us grow up. When we see that we are young, not full of knowledge, full of emotion and see they are ready for the next step of life naturally what everyone does. When we see we need to see a different life, name, perspective and fresh start. When we see paths we take we learn all to well in school to follow, to cut the side we learned to rebel against. When we see more free spirits along our journey who see us.

When we see a time where we chose our path and direction, when we see such places take us to what we font like seeing and other places we do like seeing when it's being young & free to explore the world and into the wild. When we see that we must do somethings to not let others see what we are doing to stop us. When we don't see what our actions do when we venture alone and worry others. When we see our presence is missed, things are not the same and we keep seeing the unknown and the possible what you maybe seeing to know anything we see your capable of when your a free wild spirit. When we like seeing ourselves do an honest days work when we are good with our hands. When our minds race, we see so many perspectives to only see our own way of seeing things. When what we see is into the deep of what is right and wrong when we are far from seeing any part of change or shouldn't be concerned about when we are young. When what we see is why we venture into the wild when civilized world don't see eye to eye with us. When we don't see eye to eye with wildlife when we need to survive. When what we see we see it from others perspectives when they know all too well about the wildlife to offer us tips.
When we have always had a venturous life when this is not the first we seen life on the outside. When we don't see somethings coming to see life cuts some paths short to whisk us back into the wild. When somethings we see we can't get a hold off that we naturally ride it out when turbulent times in our past we see we can't do nothing about but see through the fakeness. When we see reality and have others share thst same sight to see we stuck with eachother through the good and bad times. When we see wildness runs in our family that we naturally share. When we see we can do somethings when it's easier seen then done, we ride turbulent waters when we see no challenge we can't overcome. When we see we sre fast learns, and have little fear of places we are comfortable in when we are in the wild. When we don't know whom we will see when some invite us, guide us, and feed us along the way. When we wish not to see other things when they out a stop to what we see and experience when we are little law breakers.

When we like seeing what doors would open for us to see what is on the other side we are curious investigators. When what we see is life so beautiful and free with no restrictions, just a bountiful natural gentle world we embrace that we capture along our journey. When some places we see come and go to go right back and seek help when conditions get bad to go any further. When some signs we don't see we avoid when we must venture further into the wild. When we see we need a boost in getting places we seek other refuge. When we see we lived our perspectives alone for awhile to see we entertain ourselves and sustain our livlihoods another way. When what others see they can't stay long to see when they don't mix well into the wild.

When what we don't see we are taken into a different journey into life and death when we are on the brink to little about and see some journeys come to an end. When we see that others are more like us then what we can see, when whom we see and meet we wish we were like them but we like it safe to change. When we see that we share loneliness at heart to care about money or material life when life is short.

When we don't see whom we open our doors to that could change our lives to offering us life thst keeps us going further and stronger when what we don't see others having to prepare themselves for what's to come we naturally equipped them with. When we see that some journeys we venture into what we don't see could cut our journeys shorter. When we see life is about the next stages in our life that we take, whether we are ready or not, we are at least equipped for what's ahead and bring along a small souvenir on our journey to tell. When we couldn't see the life possibilities we could have had or made if we turned back to filling the other people's souls and need of that attachment and love they desperately wished to seek but we abandon them for what we could see is our only journey into life. When we see ourselves far too late to see we could have never let such people go on these journeys in the first place, when we could be enough to fill them with evetything they needed to know. When we see its too late to see what we couldn't see to die alone  but without leaving behind everything we wished to say and make others see before we go. When we see life comes to us to late when we are found dead.

When what we see is collection of things we were meant to see when it has always been our life's journey to hop the open road after seeing how ways to do it to finally do it. When we see a life we left behind, to see the reason why when we must keep moving on with our wild life while we are young and before it's too late. When we see we naturally mix well with civilized life, but can't stand to see ourselves sell out our beliefs to take the next step in our life. When what we see others see plenty of to see wildlife and civilized world don't mix when we are a pest. When we see we are seen as some unredourceful, incompetent no good kid to see we lived on our own for while, growing into a man this whole time.

When we see life presents us with countless life stories of growing up that we naturally are filled with plenty of thoughts and words of wisdom that consume our soul that keeps us moving forward into the wild. When we see our unquenchable thirst for words others share when we see they breathe life our journey even further into the wild. When somethings we see we need to kill to survive when we see we don't have much time before things get worse. When we see helpful tips are not easier seen then done when we waste a good life for no reason. When we see not everything in our our journey comes easy when we are faced with challenges we don't see how to deal with. When we see others put good use to life when they are scavengers looking for easy pickings. When we see old faces and new faces to see some places we do well in. When we see that life does get better with time when we are introduced with the right perspectives in people. When we don't see the hurt in some people we leave behind and thst deep yearning for those to stay when we are a open road that cant. When what we see and introduced to we see a different perspective when life out here is not great but people do make a living and see they live well enough without wild and civilized world to settle.  When what we see are open roads in people whom have settled down when the we see they too have long stories that are filled with thoughts that need to be put into a book. When we see its hard to let go of the past, see a future without some people, and see doing somethings we regret when that's not whom we are or why we are out here for. When we see some people are great company to not steer them into the wrong open road when they can't see when they are young. When we see some words are not needed when what we see we know to get more motivational words thst don't come from past heartache but through great love thst moves us forward in our journey. When what we don't see is how fast we become nature's wildlife when we become less human and don't have the nurturing we need to conquer nature. When we see we must venture into the wild even deeper when we see where we must go. When somethings we see and do are bad ideas when we try go further.

When what we see we don't see too often to see that we have a responsibility to see the futures safety and offer advise. When what we see others dont see when others prefer to see the norms quiet, safe, bordered, and what we must do to put a roof over our head to see our complete opposite speak to us. When we see do get to see and feel what it is like to have a fatherly experience we never got to see in our own home. When we have seen a lot to share it with others along the way to make them see what every step we took and everything that we kept within us we slowly ate away as we left everything behind into the wild. When we need to make others see it our way to see that what they see is not what they see when we have alot of wild in us all to explorer and bring out. When we see some of life's journeys are hard to climb but we consumed so much along the way from great advise, nurturing, love, thoughts and a life we never got to experience that we never could see the sign to turn back, when some journeys are complete and ready to go home. When we don't see everything we brought into our journey enough to sustain us and live on we let time eat away at what we never could see the real reason why we are out here. When we don't see is what is left when everything begins to fade away and we become part if nature and introduced back into the wild, desperately seeking for the nurishment once again to strengthen us further into the wild.

When we see how much father's are for sons, we need not go into the wild. When we see we come from a loving home, wealth, and knowledge to leave it all behind for nothing that nature can't solve from within.
½ May 30, 2017
An emotional rollercoaster. Will make you second guess yourself. The music and visuals make this film even stronger.
½ May 23, 2017
One man's search for family and himself . if you like Jack Kerouac and Robert M Pirsig you'll like this. Great stuff.
May 21, 2017
I think the movie is an interesting experience overall. There are some magnificent shots and the story kept me engaged for the most part. I just couldn't really get into the movie, because I really did not like the main character. I know he is based on a real person and I don't blame the filmmakers for portraying him as they did. I found him to be pretentious and never really understood why he was doing what he was doing. He constantly complains about society and his family with his actions. I felt more for the other characters in this movie. I think it is a fascinating movie but I didn't ever really feel for the protagonist since everything that happens to him is due to his own doing.
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