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½ November 17, 2017
1957, the Russians have just launched Sputnik and Cold War fear and paranoia is the order of the day. Hogarth Hughes lives with his mom, Annie, in the small town of Rockwell, Maine. One day a very large robot lands on earth from outer space. After some adventures, Hogarth befriends the robot. However, the US government has sent a special agent to investigate the strange occurrences in the area (unbeknownst to them, caused by the robot) and his intentions towards what's causing the phenomena are less benevolent.

Predictable and dull. Quite conventional, linear story with an overused, unoriginal story line. Replace the robot with any other harmless creature that a kid might befriend but the authorities will be suspicious of and you have the plot for heaps of children's movies. Doesn't add anything new or profound and is only mildly entertaining.

Kids should like it though. Is essentially a made-for-kids movie and they won't be disappointed.
October 11, 2017
I watched this movie in 7th grade and loved it. Watching it again 5 years later made me love it even more. What an amazing and powerful movie that will always stay in my heart forever
October 5, 2017
10 out of 10:

An absolutely unforgettable experience, The Iron Giant is sweet, poignant, and filled with gorgeous animation.
September 25, 2017
Overall a great movie about a boy and his robot! It has humor, action, emotion to spare,but still tells its story fantastically!
September 16, 2017
"The Iron Giant", released in 1999 follows a boy who befriends an iron giant that has fallen out of the sky overnight. For me, the movie made me feel indifferent overall. It was an enjoyable film, however, I didn't feel as intrigued with the story as much as I would have liked to be. However, the film was insightful as to the fear and the threats that people experienced during the Cold War. The threat of nuclear bombing, and kids having to be taught how to protect themselves should a bombing occur was the reality then, and a scary one at that.

The film "The Iron Giant" fits into the animation genre in a different capacity. Nowadays, we are so used to the Disney/Pixar style of animation that is more vibrant and lively, where the style of animation that "The Iron Giant" employs is more of a classic animation. It reminds me of how movies like "Lady and the Tramp" and "The Rescuers" were animated. To me, I feel that the animation style used fits the tone of the movie, in that the movie isn't happy go lucky, so much as it is on the darker side with the subject matter that it explores.

I feel that "The Iron Giant" could have done better with some sound editing changes. It might have just been my TV, but it felt like the dialogue of the movie and the sound effects of the movie were on two completely different levels and I had to constantly adjust my volume. I also felt that Kent the detective staying at Hogarth's house kind of came out of nowhere. It felt bizarre to me that a single mom would all of a sudden let this random man spend so much time in her house with her only child.

I did appreciate the character evolution of the giant. It was great to see how he handled different situations. When Hogarth and the giant were playing in the metal yard, Hogarth points a toy gun at the giant and the giant reacts how he was programmed to, which is to destroy any threats. By the end of the movie, as the giant is flying in the sky trying to protect Hogarth from the army that is chasing them, one of the planes fires at the two of them and the giant's eyes start to narrow, as if to shoot his laser at the planes. Instead, the giant holds back, realizing that that isn't the way to handle the situation. I watched the film many times as a kid, and that was a piece that I had never noticed until now!
September 10, 2017
One my top 10 for sure. Animation prestine , characters likable and storyline interesting and heart warming. Worth a watch always .
September 10, 2017
My all time favorite cartoon movie!!
½ August 24, 2017
Thrillingly animated and heartfelt, this kid adventure film also has good messages and humor to spare.
½ August 18, 2017
Beautifully animated with that old-school feel, 'The Iron Giant' is a moving and wildly entertaining story with a number of deep messages to impart, as well as a bunch of memorable characters. For younger viewers, it's a great adventure with a strong friendship at its centre; for adults, it reminds you of all that and the simpler times it represented, hitting you right in that nostalgic sweet spot. This really is one that can be watched and thoroughly enjoyed at all ages.
August 14, 2017
Remarkable movie... one of the best memories of my childhood..
July 13, 2017
A movie with a giant sized heart. A must see!
July 6, 2017
Uma explosão de emoções
July 5, 2017
The Iron Giant:

- Brilliant Voice Acting

- Terrific Script

- Mature Plot

- Great Animation

- Ambitious Themes

- Complex Relationships between the main characters

- Fantastic Directing

- None

Overall Grade: A+ (10/10)
July 4, 2017
Good emotional animated tale starring vin diesel as the iron Giant. As a child, I never saw this movie and now all grown up and now that I have finally seen it, I liked it. The kid in this movie is cringe at times but all kids in movies are cringe at times. The animation is a little weird but it's warner brothers, what do you expect. I would watch this movie again, I had a good time.
½ June 25, 2017
The Iron Giant is the story of why we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The voice cast is great with Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Anniston really stealing the show, voicing my two favorite characters weirdly enough. The handrawn animations look great as well.
½ June 22, 2017
Mom's rating 4.5/5 Sisters rating 5/5 me 4/5 Little boring at parts but really good movie.
June 17, 2017
When we live in a time of enheightened alert we are prepared to see anything of the out ordinary. When we can't believe what we see, to be prepared and take further steps to investigate. When we see a time of classic suspense, alarm, and paranoia to dwell into what we see. When what we see doesn't scare us when we have seen and heard everything to be scared about. When we need to see the worst that could happen to prepare ourselves. When somethings we see are unexplainable when it's not what we normally see. When we have people to see and investigate to see could cause strange occurences before it starts a panic. When we see things could be extremely bad others see us as good to follow. When we see we are harmless and different that nobody else could believe exist. When we only see the signs to know something is out there. When what we don't normally see we need to know more about when we need to communicate. When there is a wide spread of media that makes us see and know the world. When every indication shows somethings out of the blue surfacing when they are not what we normally see to stir panic, hoax, hysteria and questions. When we see other things from another world are meant to do good things to see their is hope and chance for everyone different, until then we need to remain hidden from sight. When there is plenty to be alert about when everything we see is hip and trendy. When not many people we see are like us when we are more welcoming then others. When what others see as trouble we see an asset for help, a threat to destroy, and a friend to play with. When we see what others see to have proof that something foreign does exist. When not many can see what we see to come in contact with another life and make it feel at home. When we see everything is not all different when we make them see they have more then what meets the eye when it has feelings. When what others learn and see what is right and wrong they know how to see life. When we don't see how threats and panic can bring families closer to understand what is good and what is bad to see how we deal with things that are foreign to us and welcome them as part of a greater family in our country, community and hearts. When we don't always know what we are meant to be or our purpose in life when some paths we take can lead us to where we are thinking we are heading or change course and be something else. When we are seen to be intended for something but we choose to be another thing when our eyes open to a life we never knew. When we see all good things can come undone and put together again to serve a new purpose in life.
Super Reviewer
June 7, 2017
When people call a movie an instant classic, that could either mean they're simply calling it a terrific film or truthfully believe that it'll be a movie people will be looking back on in about 50 years as one of the greats. I can only speak for myself, but The Iron Giant has aged very well and still remains to be one of the best movies of its kind. On top of that, Warner Bros. hasn't really been known for their animation lately, which is sad, due to the fact that they clearly had a home run with this film, at least in terms of quality. No, the box office return wasn't all that great, which surprises me, because they could've easily marketed it in the style of E.T.. That being said, I'm not here to talk about the "what-ifs" surrounding this film, but rather the film itself and how it holds up. If you haven't seen this film yet, here is why it should be a top priority of yours.

From the moment this film begins, you know the type of movie you're in for. If you're looking for a film about a monster destroying cities, then I recommend checking out King Kong or Godzilla. The Iron Giant is as much about emotion as it's about spectacle. Crash landing on Earth, a giant robot befriends young Hogarth, a boy who doesn't seem to have any close relations with people his age. At first being terrified, he comes to fall in love with this giant and they form a very unlikely bond. Nowadays this story seems to have been done many times, but this film was released around the time that it still felt relevant and fresh. Their bond and outlook on life truly make this film as incredible as it is.

There is always a fear with big Hollywood productions, as they can easily be thrown together quickly in order to earn a few bucks at the box office. Whether it's a low or high budget live-action or animated feature, the characters are a huge piece of the puzzle in every case. Sure, Hogarth, his mother, and Dean are all very well-drawn characters, but the secondary characters in the military and the very annoying Kent aren't stupid in the slightest. Never once did I find myself wishing for anyone to be off-screen. There are no dumb decisions, just persistence and choosing to believe certain things. I either genuinely loved characters throughout this film or genuinely loved hating them. These are some very well-done characters.

From its violence message to its pure fun factors, there is a little bit of everything packed into this very short 90 minutes that I believe people of all ages will be able to enjoy forever. Nowadays with films like Transformers, we have non-stop action sequences with very little substance and films with a great story or characters, but fails in its execution or excitement, like Eragon. I know Eragon is a horrible example, but those books have quite a bit of substance for kids and the movie is complete garbage with dated effects. Whether you are an adult who can find yourself tearing up at the emotional dialogue toward the end of the film, or you are a kid who wants to see a giant robot in a movie, The Iron Giant is one of the rare films that can easily please everyone.

In the end, this is a film that has grown on people over the years, as it was never a financially successful movie, but that has almost benefitted the film as a whole. As more and more people either discover this film for the first time or show it to their young kids, a new found love will forever be had with this movie. For what this film set out to accomplish, it's a flat out masterpiece. Sure, comparisons will always relate back to that of E.T., and while the first two acts are similar, the finale couldn't be any different. I personally think this film stands on its own without comparison. The Iron Giant is a fantastic film from beginning to end and I highly recommend it to those who have yet to discover this perfect little gem.
½ June 6, 2017
So good, I wish it was longer.
June 3, 2017
what a great film. brilliantly put together. great humour for adults entertaining for all audiences and life experiences everyone can relate to and learn from. Not many films around like this anymore. a must watch for kids and adults.
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