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½ April 23, 2018
A sequel that maintains the status quo while expanding the environment of the hero.
April 23, 2018
Iron Man 2 tries to build upon Iron Man 1, but doesn't answer many of the questions that I had from the ending of Iron Man 1. Iron Man 2 definitely has a beefier story, and paints a bigger picture about the characters. The CGI was still absolutely impeccable.
½ April 11, 2018
Surely it brings back some of the successful elements from the first one, such as engaging action and the charm of familiar faces, but Favreau's sequel of the Golden Avenger cares mostly to craft an entertaining bridge between the main character and the promising future crossover rather than delivering a genuinely worthy continuation to the amazing first film, but even if some of the new improvements don't pay off, great popcorn action and decent production makes it for a satisfying ride.
April 10, 2018
Never though this would be consider the worse marvel movie; to me it was alright. The first opening scene was alternated which i don't know what was the whole reason for that. The only seen that was awesome is the scene where Iron Man and War Machine fight the drones and Whiplash.
Super Reviewer
April 10, 2018
seems like its bridging to the avengers, Jon Favreau just missed the point of the Iron Man films and this overblown sequel is pointless. the villain is quite poor and the story as a whole isn't as good as you'd expect from the Marvel team. This is bad sequel filmmaking 101, at no point is there a true story worth telling and it's a shame. Mickey Rourke is wasted and that's a shame when you look at the reviews that point to poor villain development. Every Marvel film lacks a true villain that engages the audience or tests the audience, they are cut and dry creations. Expectations were high and the hype couldn't be delivered upon, just felt like super rushed filmmaking and development. The cast is good but this is a giant tease, every character is introduced for fan service and the build up to Avengers. Not a great film and very disappointing film to the brilliant first film, very flashy but ultimately empty sequel. 10-04-2018.
½ April 9, 2018
'Iron Man 2' delivers the high-paced action and witty charm of Robert Downey Jr. quite well, but the narrative moves on sluggishly at times.
April 8, 2018
Iron Man 2 doesn't quite match the plot of the original, but it isn't bad either and another exceptional performance from Downey Jr. makes it a fun and action-packed superhero movie.
April 7, 2018
continuing to rewatch these Marvel movies to get ready for the Infinity wars I watched Iron man 2. Iron Man 2 while not as good as the first one was still a sneaky good movie. One of the things I most enjoyed about this movie was showing how Tony Starks while having everything was out of control and hitting his bottom before sobering up and coming back to his senses. The storyline was decent but it could have been a tad better the action was pretty good though. Now Ivan Vanko/Whiplash and Justin Hammer were okay for the movie but Iron Man dosen't really have alot of viillains so they can only do so much. I did enjoy the acting and adding in Black Widow was an extra bonus. Iron Man 2 was better then alot of people want to admit it just wasn't as good as the first
April 6, 2018
Iron Man 2 doesn't disappoint, but it doesn't meet the high expectations it was set at. A solid sequel, but it's no Spider-Man 2, X2, or Dark Knight.
½ April 6, 2018
A let down compared to the first Iron Man but it's not terrible. There are some genuinely good moments in the movie. Still, sadly, Iron Man 2 has a bit of a villain problem. Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) is almost the same villain as Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) from the first Iron Man. In powers and the way they affect Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) they are almost equal. The CGI was improved though. Iron Man 2 is a solid entry in the MCU.
April 5, 2018
It makes a less convincing argument to love its hero than the first movie, but there is still plenty of fresh dazzle and solid supporting cast to go around.
April 3, 2018
First hour: borefest - second hour makes up for it.
½ April 2, 2018
Felt like this film struggled to find its identity, but for obvious reasons its mainly a movie to create a universe, not a story.
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½ March 31, 2018
It's pretty clear early on that this isn't going to be as strong of a movie as the first one, but it still has most of the things that made the first a hit. Robert Downey Jr. is still great, the special effects and action are still fun, and the movie is plenty funny. The story is not as strong as the first, mainly because the villain's motivations in this one are so poorly done. Mickey Rourke's performance is fine, but the screenplay doesn't give his character any depth. Tony Stark's character development throughout the first two movies is really impressive though. I like that the filmmakers have made this series more mature than most outside of the new Nolan Batman franchise. Most sequels to blockbuster hits go with bigger and less elaborate film-making and usually are not as strong (and Iron Man 2 is not one of the exceptions), but is still plenty of fun and a worthy sequel. Bring on Iron Man 3.
½ March 31, 2018
Worst marvel movie
But it has good action
½ March 30, 2018
This isn't a bad sequel. Black Widow is bad ass and the villains are fun too. The fight scene where Iron Man & War Machine take on all the Hammer-bots is bad ass! I think this movie gets overshadowed by all the other amazing MCU movies, but this is still a good movie!
March 30, 2018
This movie is incredibly boring however it picks up towards the end but most of the film is boring. Robert Downey Jr is a delight and so is scarlet Johansson but most of the other characters are dry and boring. The plot is terrible too and lacks a good Villain. There are however some great action sequences but that's about it. This movie is just ok.
michael e.
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March 29, 2018
RDJ is already well developed as Iron Man by now and does his fantastic job as Tony Stark as he usually does and Gwyneth Paltrow does a good job reprising her role as Pepper Potts and the inclusion of Don Cheadle as a replacement for Terrence Howard doesn't do as good of a job as Howard but is still a good replacement. but the two new inclusions really steal the show for me. Sam Rockwell does a great job as the prick rival to Tony Stark, Justin Hammer, and Mickey Rourke does probably one of his best roles I've seen him portray as the main villain Whiplash (one of my favorite Iron Man villains BTW.) He has this amazing powerful sound to his voice and every time he appears in a scene he just steals the show with this presence of power he brings to the character. Also the action I think is a bit of an improvement compared to the first film. Now I do think the first Iron Man has some of the best action scenes in a superhero film but the 2nd film I think, while having less action, takes every single bit of advantage of every scene with action and just makes it look amazing. My favorite fight aside from the fight at the end of the film an the fight between Tony and Cheadle at Starks house, is the scene where Whiplash splits the cars in half when he is on the racetrack with his electric whips and actually is a legit threat to Tony and does a lot of damage to him. While I do recommend both films, I do prefer this film a little bit more so I say check both films out. I just hope 3 can make the Mandarin an interesting villain for once.
½ March 28, 2018
Watched this movie again. Gave it an honest chance. I cannot believe how silly it is. How it goes out of its way to be silly in such a flamboyant and dumb way. Do people outside of the U.S. like this type of stuff? Sam Rockwell's character is incredibly grating. I guess that's why there were 2 villains in the movie, so we didn't actually hate the one. And I didn't remember Samuel L. Jackson played himself in this one. I must still have the memory of him actually playing Nick Fury from the other Marvel movies. Oh and they could have at least gotten him a waistband to tuck in his belly. Black Widow and Pepper Potts are 2 positives, so there's that. We get to see Iron Man fight War Machine, but of course it is framed in the most silly background possible. At least they didn't play AC/DC or something during the last fight. Where they both should have gotten shredded in 1 second after being fired upon by at least a dozen robots. Whatever. You silly movie, stop it!
March 28, 2018
So how do you follow up Iron Man, the hugely successful opener for Marvel in their Cinematic Universe? By making a second one of course, so here it is folks, a review on what I think of Iron Man 2, if you haven't seen this by now, that's a shame as this review will contain spoilers.

So they say that the sequel to a movie is always poor, this statement alone I would disagree with personally, but with Ironman 2 I think it wins this battle. Iron Man 2 manages to successfully squeeze multiple storylines and characters into what is a thrilling two hour adventure, while still keeping the spotlight firmly on Tony Stark (played once again outstandingly by Robert Downey JR). Now Iron Man 2 doesnt always keep balance of all the moving parts, yet it's still a highly entertaining accomplishment on the part of director Jon Favreau and Marvel Studios.

In many ways, Iron Man 2 is an argument for a superhero and whether they should be maintaining his/her identity. Tony is definitely paying for his declaration at the end of the first movie that he is Iron Man. Now we are six months after this and the U.S. government wants all of Stark's tech, as does his rival Justin Hammer, who has succeeded Stark as the U.S. militarys top weapons manufacturer. Called to a military hearing, Tony shows up both Hammer and a U.S. Senator during the hearing as the government doesnt seem too keen on a private citizen possessing such destructive technology, which Tony dismisses saying such advances are at least 10-20years away. What he doesnt know is that an old enemy of his family is hard at work in Russia on his own version of Stark's Arc Reactor.

That enemy is Ivan Vanko, the son of a Russian scientist who was once a colleague of Tony's dad. Now Ivan, who is never mentioned by the name Whiplash during the film, blames Stark for all the suffering that his family went through during the Cold War and wants Tony to pay for it. Ivan is also a scientist who has spent nearly two decades in a gulag and is now badass enough that he is able to kill professionally trained men with his bare hands. He has also developed his own makeshift Iron Man Tech. Vanko's schemes eventually fold into those of Justin Hammer and he is soon brought stateside to aid Hammer.

Now im sure you know that there is alot going on in Iron Man 2, perhaps maybe too much some times but if you dont have a sustained Nerdgasam for the two hours while watching this movie, you're probably in the wrong place. With each passing reference to or obvious setup for the Avengers with the inclusion of Black Widow and Nick Fury, I could feel the butterflies stirring, thinking Oh My God, its really happening, we are really going to see Iron Man, Captain America and Thor all sharing the screen.

There is one particular scene which is Tonys birthday party, where either you will be onboard with how director Favreau and his cast handle it, or you will find it too long and contrived. Although it is a turning point for two main characters, damn does it drag on.

Overall though, the filmmakers get more right than not, and as fan I was certainly left feeling that I had gotten more than I ever thought I would. Despite having so many plot points to serve, Favreau manages to keep the spotlight on Tony. This for me is definately his story and everyone else is reacting to something he or his company did. This sequel also gives Tony life-or-death stakes, this is a man in mortal peril, whether it's at the hands of his enemies, the government or his own personal demons.

One area where Iron Man 2 is a clear improvement over its predecessor, is the action department. Now, unlike the first film, it feels like this builds up and pays off with one hell of an action packed, eye candy-filled conclusion. I also found it very refreshing that we don't have any doomsday device or some "save the world" plan for Tony to prevent. The Monaco race sequence, which we seen mostly in the promos and trailers for this film, is a highpoint very early on, but it's then followed with a long stretch of screen time where the plot mechanics heavily outweigh the action. As a fan I felt this was the time I was checking my watch more so than usual, but then when War Machine finally arrives, the action begins to pick up again, culminating with the super cool showdown where Tony and Rhodey make a stand against an array of Hammer Drones.


Despite the movies shortcomings, Iron Man 2 is an absolute blast, it may not have the most polished delivery in terms of a story but for the most part it attains its narrative goal. It's filled with fun action set-pieces, a pair of compelling villians and an intriguing dilemma for our main hero. The original movie had a novelty to it that simply cant be replicated, but as far as Comic Book movie sequels go, Iron Man 2 is a cut well above the rest and sets us up nicely for the Avengers.

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