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½ February 19, 2018
Solid performances and good action are outweighed by an overabundance of characters and storylines, making the film choppy and cluttered.
½ February 19, 2018
It might be a rather flawed sequel, but "Iron Man 2" is serviceable.
February 18, 2018
Tony Stark somehow becomes even more unlikable.
½ February 17, 2018
Filled with all kinds of pricks :D
February 16, 2018
La pelicula en si es buena lastima que no exploraron bien al villano por que prometia grandes pero explora muy bien. Al personaje principal y sus problemas internos
February 15, 2018
Great actors are followed through with a bad villain and borderline weak plot. Iron Man 2 doesn't manage to live up to its predecessor
February 15, 2018
The action and CGI is bigger and better, but the story isn't quite as good as the first movie. I love the addition of Black Widow and Nick Fury, but Whiplash isn't that interesting to me as a villain. Don Cheadle is also an improvement over Terrence Howard as Rhodey.
February 11, 2018
The sequel has many shortcomings that are commonplace to every movie franchise. Iron Man is no exception to this. It tries hard to live up to the expectations set by the original. It introduces a load of prominent characters in minimalistic roles. Tony's frustration is captured well and so is Rockwell's rendition of Justin Hammer. As for the primary antagonist, Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo is not convincing and is one of the weakest villains any superhero movie has ever received. He is juvenile & his plans of exacting revenge are very immature & unplanned, to say the least.

Iron Man 2 (2010) comes in at #17 in my rank-ordered list of MCU Movies (#1 - Best, #18 - Worst).
February 10, 2018
This was a pretty good comic movie. Although it had a weak villain, the story and acting saved the movie. It is a little underrated, 78%.
February 8, 2018
This is the worst the MCU has to offer!!! Bravo!!! (slow clap)
February 6, 2018
Title: Iron Man 2
Story/Writing/Message/Plot: 2
Character/Acting: 3
Music/Sound: 1
Cinematography/Editing: 3
Age/Originality: 2
Total: 11/25
February 3, 2018
My favorite iron man
½ February 3, 2018
Can't get enough of Tony Stark and Iron Man. Paltrow is excellent as pepper Potts. Need to watch if you have not.
January 28, 2018
samuel jackson - THE WORLDS WORST ACTOR
January 25, 2018
"Iron Man 2" suffers from trying to set-up a movie that would come to be way better than this one. Yet, it still has Robert Downey Jnr's charismatic charm from the first movie and good action set pieces (despite the very few action set pieces). Also with great performances by Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sam Rockwell.
½ January 24, 2018
Probably my least favorite of the MCU movies. The action scenes aren't as exciting and the villain is weak, but it's not too bad and I would watch it again.
January 23, 2018
So, not quite as marvellous as part 1, as Mr. Stark is back to swagger over substance, but I suppose part 2 is where the hero must fall. Creepy copy-cat bad-guy is good, but I just want to see more Black Widow!
January 21, 2018
The follow-up still impresses in story and effects with an emotional meaning for Stark's character arc that could've gone better rather than ridiculing the impact, which is why this doesn't have the same energy when it "tried" too hard in its self-emphasized elements. It still offers with a stable entertainment value that actually established a cinematic low bar of the shared universe franchise, even during its growth spurt in this particular installment. (A-)

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January 20, 2018
Finally Iron Man 2! After the meh Incredible Hulk we could really use another Iron Man movie. That is what I thought before I watched this movie. Sadly this is not true. This movie is only a little bit better than Incredible Hulk and not by much. This is an extremely disappointing movie. Robert Downey Jr. is the best part of this movie. Don Cheadle is also a better Rhodes than Terrence Howard. This is a very overstuffed movie. It has to setup Thor and The Avengers. It shoehorns Black Widow in to a movie already overstuffed with plots. The resolution to Stark's chest issue is hidden inside a model city Howard Stark built and then just left it around. The villain, Whiplash, is even worst than Tim Roth's Abomination. He just commits suicide for nothing. The comedy does not really work. Overall it is meh. Better than Incredible Hulk but not Iron Man 1. Thumbs up but barely.
January 17, 2018
Good movie except for Sam Rockwell's character. He nearly ruined the movie for me. Also, one of the only movies, so far, that I like Scarlett Johansson in. She needs to play a badass instead of some whimpering person like she did in the Girl with the Pearl Earring.
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