Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Reviews

Dec 30, 2020
It's very, very, very, very, very, very stupid.
Nov 17, 2020
If Jason Goes To Hell had been a standalone film, it might have worked; as a Friday the 13th movie, it sucks.
Aug 2, 2020
Jason goes where he should always have stayed in. An inconceivable premise. [Full review in Spanish].
Apr 13, 2015
A return to the near unwatchableness of certain earlier installments...
Jul 7, 2010
I've now seen all nine of the series' entries, so trust me when I say that Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday is very likely the worst of the bunch.
Feb 15, 2009
Although it may not be a "good" Friday the 13th movie (by whatever strange standards that is reckoned)...Jason Goes to Hell works reasonably well on its own terms as a supernatural thriller.
Sep 12, 2007
Aimless, overlong, confusing, and in possession of plot holes large enough to land a fighter plane on.
Oct 31, 2004
Mar 4, 2004
One of Jason's finer moments
Jan 24, 2004
Dec 8, 2003
Nov 29, 2003
The film suffers from bad continuity, sloppy editing, bland acting, ridiculous plot developments and cardboard characters. It is also the most grotesque film in the series.
Nov 13, 2003
Aug 14, 2003
As torturous an experience for the viewer as it is for the victims.
Jun 16, 2003
Well, it's no Part VI, but then it's no Jason X either.
Feb 25, 2003
Sure, this one's got gore galore and a boatload of atrocious acting performances to giggle at, but without Jason doing the stalking - it's just not a Friday the 13th movie.
Oct 8, 2002
That the end result is convoluted, lacking in logical coherence, and sometimes downright silly is not ideal, but you can sense the genuine desire to take the story in a new direction
Jan 1, 2000
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