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November 13, 2019
The result, a heartfelt, sweet and funny love letter to fatherhood.
April 18, 2019
A gem that is bound to be misconstrued.
June 29, 2018
Director Kevin Smith's first non-View Askewniverse effort...
January 2, 2018
But the formulaic nature of ``Jersey Girl'' and its unabashed embrace of suds makes it awfully sweet stuff. ``Jersey Girl'' is [Kevin] Smith at his most tender but not, alas, at his most original.
January 17, 2016
I enjoyed the movie quite a bit... Unfortunately, Smith cannot resist his old stand-bys.
December 24, 2010
Formulaic script and uneven tone. Disappointing.
April 29, 2009
A cloying attempt at mainstream fodder...
October 18, 2008
Jersey Girl obeys the classic conventions of romantic comedy but there are ingredients in this mix that raise it a notch above average.
June 23, 2008
The script stoops to cheap gags that undercut Affleck's efforts to sustain a believable character.
June 23, 2008
Jersey Girl marks a low point for the tubby New Jersey auteur.
September 24, 2007
Mature and heartfelt, though not overly saccharine.
September 29, 2006
It takes more than a couple of dirty one-liners to retain your edge in light, predictable fare.
September 25, 2006
Affleck is at ease in this down-to-earth drama in a way that he never seems to be in his action movies, and Castro seems like a genuine child instead of like a child actor.
July 22, 2006
Smith reinvents the romantic-comedy by making a film about a man in love with his kid.
April 5, 2006
In several ways Jersey Girl is more appealing than Clerks or Mallrats.... Nonetheless, it lacks the smart observational-humor edge and often thoughtful boldness -- and, most frustratingly, the promise -- of Chasing Amy or Dogma.
July 20, 2005
A romantic comedy seriously marred by a clunky plot and a couple of characters that are hard to sympathize with.
June 20, 2005
Jersey Girl emerges as Kevin Smith's most polished effort to date, but not his funniest.
April 2, 2005
People who find Smith's work too brazen or fringe will really fall for this picture, likewise those easily pleased by this genre will enjoy. Hardcore fans may be very upset by Smith doing something so ordinary and even mundane.
March 5, 2005
In a strange way, it's both the most mainstream and the most personal movie Smith has made to date.
January 27, 2005
Jersey Girl is like that new Liz Phair album ... it sometimes sounds unmistakably like Kevin Smith but you never quite believe he could be so platitudinous and predictable.
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