Jun 16, 2018
The kid friendly comical martial arts film draws only a smattering of laughs.
Dec 19, 2017
This tension between tradition and subversion results in a curiously unstable film; easy enough to watch in the moment, but unnaturally slippery in meaning.
Apr 4, 2017
Mildly entertaining with dazzling visual spectacle, but more silly, exhausting and outrageous rather than fun or funny.
Mar 2, 2017
impressive effects, feeble laughs, incoherent story
Feb 8, 2017
This time round, though, there's more high-spirited whimsy than laugh-out-loud humour.
Feb 6, 2017
Blockbuster sequel to Stephen Chow's Conquering the Demons has more action than comedy.
Feb 3, 2017
If anything, Demons Strike Back is an even zanier and more kid-friendly affair than the Chow original. Yet without Chow's unique strain of silliness, it also feels louder and more antic while covering less ground.
Feb 3, 2017
A madcap success on its own bizarre terms and an informative distillation of each auteur's sensibility.
Feb 2, 2017
A rare character-driven big-budget action-adventure - the kind of thing Americans might love if they knew it existed.
Feb 2, 2017
All spectacle and little substance, a stop-gap title produced perhaps to keep the brand going while the producers search for a way to bring the series forward.
Feb 1, 2017
There is a wild and joyous abandon to the film-making that calls to mind Tsui's early work, Zu Warriors From The Magic Mountain.
Jan 29, 2017
While [the film] is never less than watchable, it's hard to shake the impression that Tsui [Hark] has partly ditched - or maybe failed to replicate - [Stephen] Chow's irreverent sense of humour.