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February 14, 2019
if i was a kid i'd probably re-watch this everyday like the canon movie
February 6, 2019
It was a real work of an artist this one. The art for comedy and nostalgia. I have to give credit for the genre tags and they got the movie accordingly done, very well indeed. It felt like it was and action-adventure plus comedy, so I don't know why all the hate. The actors did very good delivering a character with a mindset that they did not match their or their character's personalities, and it was very fun to watch which made for a lot of laugh out loud moments and puns and pop culture references. The writing was genius and very creative with all it's options and still remaining family friendly. The directing was very good the music helped the entertainment aspect out a lot. But the visuals where really well done except for 2-3 shots in the whole movie which looked terrible. The plot was really great, and video game like, which all gave it an interesting vibe.
Overall it's a very good movie and everything was done very good in terms of entertainment and fun. But given the fact that this is not a serious movie and there is no real message in the movie and some other missing elements of a legendary masterpiece movie. But still with all that missing this is a very good movie.
February 4, 2019
Kevin Hart and Jack Black combined still does not even come closer to Robin Williams' original perfomance
½ February 4, 2019
This Film is fun but not great. It was quite interesting to see the Rock and Jack Black play their characters. But Kevin hart was just playing himself a lot of the time
February 3, 2019
Cute fun. Delivers for the type of movie it's meant to be. A humorous action-adventure w/fantasy elements.
½ February 1, 2019
This movie Pretty funny and everyone nails their part and helps make the film even more hilarious. It mad me kinda happy that it mentioned Robin Williams which brought the memories back to the first Jumanji that I love but to be honest this one was more comedic and enjoyable for the family.
½ January 28, 2019
Best movie of 2017. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have the best chemistry together. So with the entire cast of this film. Funny, energetic, fresh, and a more mature family movie.
January 26, 2019
We really enjoyed this new version of Jumanji. We were fans of the original but this one definitely has action, adventure and most of all comedy! Very funny and a great movie!
January 25, 2019
For a movie that is supposed to be a followup to one of Robin Williams films, it seems to everything it can to be less inventive and cheap than anything I've seen in a while. On the first showing it might be enjoyable; however, it is hardly funny the second time. The jokes are not very cleaver and the villain is weirdly motivated for a video game character. There are even scenes where he monologues. Really, it is disappointing.
January 24, 2019
c'est trop cool
January 20, 2019
absolutely in love with this movie, not much more to say here. *periodt*
January 12, 2019
Jumanji has all the laughs in all the right places. It goes above and beyond to actually develop characters that learn the lesson of what it's like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Something that could have easily been overlooked by the filmmakers.
½ January 9, 2019
Age Rating
80% sweet

Hi, I am Keaton Marcus from Sweet and Sour Movie Reviews and today I will be reviewing the sequel/reboot to the film Jumanji starring an all star cast. When four teenagers, Spencer, Jeanette, Bethany and Fridge are sent to detention for doing various things they are forced to clean up an old warehouse, though when Spencer finds an old Video Game, the teens are intrigued into playing, but they find out this is no normal Video Game when they get sucked into it after choosing characters, Spencer, the wimp is now Dr. Smolder Bravestone, the champ, Fridge, the football player is Dr. Moose Finbar, Zoologist and Weapons Valet, Jeanette the introvert to Ruby Roundhouse, badass warrior and Bethany, popular high-school girl into overweight Dr. Sheldon the map specialist. When they find out that they have only three lives in the game and strengths and weaknesses they must find out how to save the game and go back home.
How Was The Cast?
In this second paragraph I will be telling you if the cast performed well or not. For our first main character we have Dr. Smolder Bravestone who is played by Dwayne Johnson. I thought that Mr. Johnson just found another suitable role for himself combining his badass former roles to a quite charming, funny and well developed character, there were some narrative problems as there were in every action movie, but Mr. Johnson did just fine at brushing those problems away. Overall Dwayne Johnson did a good job on providing his classic entertainment to the audience while giving something new. For our second main character we have Dr. Sheldon played by Jack Black. I really think Mr. Black should win something for this role, I mean this was the real classic laugh-out-loud kind of performance as the perfect character for him, good jokes, funny script and fit in just right with the plotline. Overall Jack Black has just again proved that he still has his charming appearance in Comedy movies. For our third main character we have Ruby Roundhouse who is played by Karen Gillan. I thought for a very new actress Ms. Gillan did an amazing job on this new kind of action/comedy movie, you know her as Nebula in the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies so this is a very new, uncomfortable role for her and she did just fine bringing her charm from former roles into this very important character in the film. Overall Karen Gillan was a little shaky at times, but on the whole provided a highly watchable, intriguing character that the audiences were deeply satisfied with. For our fourth main character we have Dr. Moose Finbar played by Kevin Hart. Mr. Hart is very used to these kind of roles, almost every movie he is in is a comedy/action movie and he was really just made for these kind of scripts and he did just that in Jumanji. Overall Kevin Hart is a comedy veteran and for that reason he was just perfect for this genius, comedic role of Moose Finbar. On the whole the cast had to deal with some flaws but were very used to the comedic atmosphere and were well chosen for the movie.

In this third paragraph I will be telling you if the overall quality in the movie was any good or not. First we will start with the directing. I thought that Jake Kasden did a very good job on creating not just a good action movie, but a seriously funny premise, good, creative characters and a reboot that was much better than the lackluster original, I also thought that Mr. Kasden did not just focus on the funny script, but a decent story and plot line too that really made sense and worked with the title of the film. Overall Jake Kasden has just created a very successful reboot/sequel to a bad first movie with developed characters, a sensible story and just a really nicely directed film. Next we have the visuals, CGI and the cinematography in the movie. First we will start with the visuals and CGI. I thought this was an amazing part in the movie, but what was good about this was that it was not a CG fest and they had a balanced way of combining awesome 3D visuals and a good movie with a surprisingly reasonable 90M budget. Also there was a good variety of decent visuals, creative animals, cool, slick and fun action scenes and really everything a good visual movie should hope for. Now we have the filming in the movie. I thought that like the visuals, this was very cool and one of the best strengths in the movie, with all of those awesome 3D moments, the camera always stayed on track unlike most stupid action films. Overall the filming and the CGI work was exceptional, but also not too much and worked together in a very excellent and creative way. Last but not least we have the storyline in the movie. I was really surprised at the quality in the story, the film gave just enough time to let the visual flash and the smarts of the film to shine in great ways, the story and plot made sense, it was deeply creative, cool, fun and very entertaining. Overall the storyline was very well constructed, and thoroughly meant for entertainment.

Aging 'The Jungle'
In the fourth paragraph I will be telling you if this movie is for kids or not. First we will start with the violence in the film. Obviously there are explosions, gunfire, evil animals and other maybe scary stuff that will affect the younger kids, but for the older ones it is no problem. Next we have the bad language scattered in the film. There are some uses of ass, s..t, hell, damn and one use of boob, but nothing to strong for older kids and is very normal for these kinds of action films. Last but not least we have the sexuality in the movie. There is one reference of erection, tons of flirting and mentions of kissing, one character does have a skimpy outfit and some mild stuff about being good-looking. Overall there is action type violence, some scares, mild uses of language and yes, some sexuality. Based on this information I give the film an age rating of 10+.
½ January 5, 2019
I think this is one of the best action comedies I've seen. The plot is built on nice character moments which both provide seriousness, comedy and actually grow the characters. The sense of peril also feels real, and I had actual goosebumps in the theater.

For the most part, the comedy hits home, but a couple of the gags were a bit juvenile for my tastes. Even those didn't break with the tone of the scenes though, so it didn't ruin my enjoyment.

I would recommend this film to anyone.
January 3, 2019
While the character development and events are rushed, and may cause some trouble for viewers to keep up, it is easily made up for the action and humor that goes along with an entertaining story, even though the romance is much more awkward than it needs to be.
December 30, 2018
Did not expect this movie to be so good, but it was. Really funny, with amazing actors playing fun characters. Jack Black playing a teenage girl is by far, the best thing of this movie.
½ December 30, 2018
More Johnson and Hart please....
December 29, 2018
Way better than expected and entertaining.
December 28, 2018
A Very fun film! Worth seeing in theaters!
I'll give it
- 82%
December 28, 2018
Hilarious movie with a good storyline
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