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½ May 25, 2018
Boring!!!! B movie
½ January 18, 2017
Pretty cool little modern noir. All the classic tropes are there and they're done fairly well. It's nothing groundbreaking or all that memorable, but if you're looking to kill some time and want a film noir fix, you should enjoy.
January 23, 2016
I may stand alone, but I consider this film a great homage to film noir. I really enjoyed watching it, and I thought the ending was satisfying. I love to hate femme fatales and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer does not disappoint me. First I loved her, then I hated her, and I wanted nothing more to see her get it in the end. The sad thing is--she is so selfish and crazed in this movie--you cannot be quite sure she will pay for her sins in the end. I say--watch it.
½ April 18, 2015
Madsen steals the movie in this rather pedestrian thriller.
½ March 2, 2014
Not a bad film but not impressive either. A modest neo-noir entry that fails to capitalize on the potentially dazzling setting and accomplished cast.
June 9, 2012
A Nice Enjoyable Thriller, Which See's Val Kilmer & His Then Wife, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer On The Run From The Cops, Mobsters & A Crazy Killer (Michael Madsen). The Plot Is Decent, But The Performances Especially From Michael Madsen, Make This Film Enjoyable. The Direction & Script Are Quite Good As Well. In The End Director John Dahl Uses A Very Useful Technique, With Twists & Turns. A Good Watch From Start To Finish.
½ March 26, 2012
The first of John Dahl's stellar neo-noirs from the late 80s, early 90s. Great cast, with Joanne Whalley standing out as the femme fatale.
February 2, 2012
Good point about the movie...Val Kilmer was in it. Bad point about the movie...just about everything else. I do admit it was VERY suspenseful, and definitely an interesting watch, but I can't call it good. I was distrustful of the main female character the whole time, so I couldn't really let myself like her. And all the other characters besides Val were pretty much pointless or weird (like the psychotic ex-boyfriend of the female character).
½ November 23, 2011
Jack Andrews is a man down on his luck. Recently widowed and drowning in gambling debts, Jack wants nothing to do with life other than to float by and eventually be buried in the plot beside his deceased wife. That is until Fay Forrester turns up. This young damsel in distress asks Jack to stage her murder in the hopes of getting away from her violent criminal of a boyfriend, Vince. Little does Jack know how close he might come to getting his ultimate wish.

Not an altogether boring film, "Kill Me Again" was a good way to pass the time. It was a very typical noir film, with a very typical pseudo-romance, and an even more typical twist. Kilmer shone quite brightly in this film, despite acting alongside fan-favourite Michael Madsen and Kilmer's stunning wife-at-the-time, Joanne Whalley. The subtle and reactive performance given by Kilmer was a breath of life into a character who might otherwise have been lost in the sea of dead-boring characters. Kilmer's talent seems wasted on smaller projects such as this. However, t'was good to see Kilmer and Jon Gries pair up again. Lazlo Hollyfeld and Chris Knight together again!
½ September 27, 2011
A slightly less refined version of Red Rock West, but nonetheless a good noir thriller with compelling and sexy characters, but a little too much deus ex machina for my taste.
½ September 10, 2011
Very cool film indeed. Great story of deception, wrong place wrong time etc kinda film. A good performance from Kilmer and an unhinged Madsen. These kinds of double crossing films are done a lot these days but in 1989 this would have been the best. Even now I truly thought this was a brilliant film full of cool characters, your femme fatale, your psycho, your gangsters and your seedy private eye who gets screwed over time and time again only to walk away laughing. Brilliant film.
August 15, 2011
Pretty typical film noir plot, but done well with a solid cast and menacing soundtrack ala Cape Fear. Worth checking out.
½ September 25, 2010
Solid, though not all that original, neo-noir. Kilmer is a PI hired by a femme fatal to faker her death. Double crosses and plot twists ensure. Enjoyable, but not nearly as smart or clever at say the Coen Brothers' first film "Blood Simple". The film does however feature a pre-Reservoir Dogs Michael Madsen as a psycho who likes to torture people.
April 5, 2010
Which other movie did she play in?
January 14, 2010
A capable first film noir from John Dahl that relies too much on coincidence and no-one-would-really-do-that moments to recommend.
November 14, 2009
One of my favorite crime/thriller film, definitely a must watch for any true noir fan.
October 11, 2009
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½ September 22, 2009
pretty good movie with Val Kilmer, with a pretty good end, Michael Madsen is best
August 23, 2009
This was quite a thrilling film, with twist and turns that when you think you know whos winning it turns around again! Although the ending gets predictable when Michael Madsen takes Val Kilmers wallet, this is still an enjoyable film, with great perfromances and action. Michael Madsen looked gorgeous in it!!
July 30, 2009
Noir fans will not be disappointed.
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