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Will Chadwick
We Got This Covered
September 14, 2012
Killer Joe will both infuriate and impress, but when it impresses there is nothing quite like it. It plays on the senses and lingers in the mind, McConaughey is brilliant and Friedkin finds himself in his best form in years
Full Review | Original Score: 9.5/10
Graham Killeen
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
September 13, 2012
Resembling yard sculptures in a trailer park, where trash becomes art, "Killer Joe" is a Picasso signed with a branding iron.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4
Scott Weinberg
September 11, 2012
Sick and twisted in the most interesting ways.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
Andrew Moraitis
FILMINK (Australia)
September 6, 2012
A daringly impressive and darkly funny work, which sees its director William Friedkin return to the audacious spirit of his early films.
Peter Galvin
September 6, 2012
Aside from Letts scathing one-liners the best reason to see the film is McConaughey. His Killer Joe is a quite brilliant variation on cool villainy.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
Eric Melin
September 4, 2012
It unfolds like a prank. After freewheeling dangerously and thrillingly for 90 minutes, it skips the relief and goes straight to the punishment. After that: The final, puzzling twist suggests that it may not have been a joke at all.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4
Ken Hanke
Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)
September 4, 2012
May well do for the fried chicken leg what Friedkin's The Exorcist did for split-pea soup back in 1973.
Full Review | Original Score: 4.5/5
Sean P. Means
Salt Lake Tribune
August 31, 2012
If it weren't for Matthew McConaughey's tightly coiled performance, the nasty white-trash drama "Killer Joe" wouldn't be worth the powder it would take to blow it to hell.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
Shawn Levy
August 31, 2012
It is so focused on the depravity at its heart that watching it is like subjecting yourself to a nightmare that sucks the air slowly from your lungs.
Full Review | Original Score: B+
Top Critic
Tom Long
Detroit News
August 31, 2012
If you like your movies filled with twisted humor, sexual perversion, psychological intimidation and sudden violence, "Killer Joe" is the flick for you.
Full Review | Original Score: B
Kelly Vance
East Bay Express
August 27, 2012
Friedkin's twisty-turny career, 47 years and running, shows no signs of slackening.
Tony Medley
Tolucan Times
August 26, 2012
...a clever story ruined by a fight so poorly done it's laughable, and an unbelievably silly but graphic simulated sex scene in the finale.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/10
Dan Lybarger
KC Active
August 26, 2012
'Killer Joe' is a deep-fried, jalapeņo-flavored noir that tests audience endurance. It dares viewers not to look at the depravity onscreen while gently nudging viewers to revel in it.
Full Review | Original Score: 4.5/5
Victoria Alexander
Film Festival Today
August 26, 2012
McConaughey eviscerates his rom-com/MAGIC MIKE legacy with an astonishing, terrifying performance. Makes Frank Booth and Max Cady look like the choir boys of seduction. Friedkin is back!
Diana Saenger
August 25, 2012
Jerry Springer re-do
Full Review | Original Score: .5/5
August 24, 2012
A dreadfully dull black comedy that reckons it's infinitely more provocative and shocking than it actually is.
Full Review | Original Score: D+
Jolene Mendez
Entertainment Spectrum
August 24, 2012
A dark twisted comedy that has strong performances making it one of the most memorable films of this year.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
Mike Scott
August 24, 2012
An unflinchingly ugly -- but downright mesmerizing -- tale that plumbs the depths of human immorality.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
Top Critic
Joe Williams
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
August 24, 2012
Watching "Killer Joe" to the bitter end is like playing the Pick 6 lottery and getting three of the numbers right. You don't win anything, but you still think you're smarter than all those other idiots.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/4
Brian Orndorf
August 23, 2012
A punishing viewing experience, but a uniquely vile sit that rewards the brave with exemplary technical credits, a sure pace in the early going, and the sight of McConaughey reacquainting himself with excellence.
Full Review | Original Score: B+
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