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Like his other creation "Conan the Barbarian, 1930s, pulp-fiction writer Robert E. Howard's "Kull the Conqueror" is an often scantily clad, long haired and muscular hero of sword and sorcery adventures. A wandering warrior and former slave, Kull (beef-cake Kevin Sorbo, the star of the popular syndicated TV series Hercules in his feature film debut) arrives in the kingdom of Valusia and through a series of fateful twists becomes its new king. The people are happy, Kull is happy, and so is the feisty slave-girl/seer Zareta Karina Lombard who secretly loves him. The recently re-awakened wicked sorceress Akivasha (Tia Carrerre, who gives a delicious performance as the evil temptress), however, is most unhappy, for she wants to reclaim the kingdom for herself. Using all her wily womanly ways, Akivasha seduces Kull into marriage and sets her plans in motion. When Kull learns the truth about his bride, he knows he must destroy her. The only way to do it, however, is to sail to steal the icy breath of Valka, a cave-dwelling northern god. Armed with this knowledge, Kull, Zareta and her priestly brother Ascalante Litefoot sail off on an exciting, dangerous quest that will lead them to tangle with strange creatures and villains. A bright and colorful adventure Kull the Conqueror, like its predecessor Conan the Barbarian (the film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star), is filled with violence, sex, silly dialogue and plenty of well-oiled, exposed flesh. But unlike the elaborate, big budgeted Conan, Kull is a smaller, perhaps more self-conscious venture. The special effects seem deliberately cheesy, the violence is cartoonish, and none of the actors seems to be taking him or herself too seriously, all of which serves to give Kull the feeling of an old-fashioned Saturday afternoon matinee (albeit for older audiences as there is one steamy sex scene, and some parts that could frighten small children).


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  • Apr 04, 2012
    <i>"My lord, your bride is over 3000 years old." "She said she was 19!"</i> That's the kind of humor that is sorely missing during much of this <i>Conan the Destroyer</i> wannabe with Kevin Sorbo sporting a wig that looks like it came from the tail of a horse with a serious farting disorder. At least Tia Carrere is hot as a reincarnated fire demon out to reclaim her kingdom. The awful hard rock riffs on the soundtrack during action scenes are a big minus. Otherwise the only difference between this and a sword-and-sandal flick filmed in two weeks in Argentina is a $20 million budget. You're better off catching an episode of <i>Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.</i>
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 24, 2008
    <i>'Kull reigns. Kull rules. Kull rocks.'</i> Kull sucks. Kull can't act. Kull prances around like a magnificent poof, is a lot more fitting. This can be summed up in one word, <b>fubar</b>, actually, this may sully the good name of fubar. Read the tagline alone and you know you're in trouble, look at it! Why do the head honchos even contemplate allowing films like this, and i use that term loosely, to be put into production. We must ask ourselves, <i>whyyy?!?</i> Although, if you watch this blootered you may just have a crackin' good time. Kull is <u>not</u> a Conan sequel, was intended to be, but ultimately isn't, so let us stop thinking this. That being said, this makes Conan and films like Red Sonja look like masterpieces, believe me when i tell you, 5 minutes in you will be praying for Brigitte Nielsen in her skimpy little number. Kull is a doppelganger of Hercules, Sorbo is typecast, just look at him even now in the atrocious 'Meet the Spartans', don't fight it man, don't fight it. But, lets face it, his acting skills won't be gaining him access to the Oscars any time soon. This is no exception, the acting is barely par, I would even go further and say it's below, you don't care about the characters...ever, i'm sorry Tia but you were wasted, I didn't buy your evilness and your hair distracted me. The film and everyone/thing in it is just one big fat anachronism, yes, even more than Hercules, which i admit was casual entertainment when i was 7, we're way back in God knows what year BC and he's speaking with a modern day American accent, which coincidentally is the same voice he uses in every role, monotonous much? Every time a character opens their mouths the film dooms itself, every line is a cliché, pure cheddar, and not in a good way. I've seen people commenting on how Sorbo has 'great comedic timing' and it 'doesn't take itself too seriously', this humour is devoid of intention!! You feel bad for laughing, it's few funny attempts fail, the serious moments are hilarious and at times cringe worthy, that ain't good. There are comments on how great the special effects are, seriously? were we watching the same thing, they're an improvement on the Hercules show i'll give you that but still certainly nothing to joygasm over. Also, the choreographed fight scenes are clumsy and unsatisfying, he manages to ponce around 'beating up' the bad guys without spilling one drop of blood and occasionally headbanging to the soundtrack, he is a talented fellow that Kull. Oh I have to get this in too, he is a barbarian...that is courteous towards women LOL no! Finally we come to the music, which by the way is hysterical, who I ask you, who sets a cheese fest fantasy/sorcery movie to a heavy metal soundtrack, i'll tell ya, someone who's lost their bloody marbles that's who. It's like going to see Sabbath or Slayer or whatever and been treated to the calming sounds of the ocean relaxation tape, oh lord. If you have made it this far and are actually wondering, hey, what's the story about, I'll do my best to describe it to you. Ok, here it goes, evil sorceress lady wants to take over the world, Kull stops her. Original? Nothing new, tried tested done to death, fail!! I don't think even avid sword and sorcery fans will find this appealing and I'm sure a few blame this and films of it's kind for the destruction of the genre, all i can say is, God bless Lord of the Rings, Amen. My original intention wasn't to slate this into the next millennium, but it was out there and just begging for it. Giving it half a star as it made me chuckle.
    Cherry D Super Reviewer
  • Apr 18, 2008
    Worst movie. Don't expect anything too spectactular. The heavy metal score for this is atrocious. The plot is retarded. Just the ending is so hilarious.
    Steven V Super Reviewer
  • May 02, 2007
    <b> There is something about Kevin Sorbo but I couldnt see it in this Movie. As I prefered watching him as Herkules Movies and TV Shows. Besides this Movie has some cheesy scenes. Reminded me of those old low Budget Movies. Sorbos Acting was not really gud. But Tia Carerre pulled that role really good.
    Lilo C Super Reviewer

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