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September 22, 2017
It's a solid animated sequel, filled with action, humor, and a surprisingly amount of depth in character, emotion, and the characters' development than expected. It's one of those rare sequels that can surpass their first.
August 18, 2017
I see it And it was Amazing outstanding Best movies ever!
August 14, 2017
Though a bit lower on the humor, Kung Fu Panda 2 is very action-packed and has my recommendation.
½ August 13, 2017
This movie didn't bring as many laughs as the first one did, but the story had a bit more meat and a darker tone to it. It looked great and is a very solid entry, I just think that the jokes failed to hit as hard as I had hoped for. It is still worth watching with the kids, though!
July 24, 2017
The storyline is sadly predictable, but the martial arts, animation and cheerful characters still charm.
July 7, 2017
I love this sequel so much and feel this is how they should be more often!
June 27, 2017
It wasn't good as the first one, but it had some good moments.

The art was amazing though. Lighting, visuals, and art was perfect.
June 24, 2017
PG rating Kung Fu panda 2 Blu Ray
½ June 23, 2017
Just as good as the first one
June 9, 2017
Andy Panda Saw This Movie With Poppa Panda When It Came Out In Theaters.
½ May 31, 2017
It lacks some of the charm of the original and the villain isn't very compelling, but Po is still fun.
May 26, 2017
This is an awesome sequel! Can't wait for Kung Fu Panda 3!
½ May 16, 2017
Aweful, boring sequel that doesn`t even connect to the first one.
½ April 15, 2017
I love every second of this - very beautiful film with a great message!
March 25, 2017
best movie from the trilogy. cried. LOLed. best ever.
½ March 20, 2017
Jack Black owned the whole movie with his voice and Po with his expressions
½ March 19, 2017
A worthy sequel to the first one! Worth watching.
½ March 3, 2017
This movie was so funny sep so sad like I cried in this movie but the villain was my favorite person and the overall is a great one
February 24, 2017
If you liked the first one, then you will like this one as well. Decent series so far. I can't wait for the 3rd one.
February 12, 2017
Basically like the first just.... nope, it's the same movie. It has more action I guess.
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