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The serine waters of Lake Placid stir once again in this sequel that finds laid-back Sheriff James Riley (John Schneider) teaming with an inquisitive Fish and Wildlife Agent (Sarah LaFleur), a quick-triggered big game hunter (Sam McMurray), and his intuitive guide (Joe Holt) to investigate suspicions that another killer crock may be on the loose in the rural community. Two years ago, a pair of thirty foot-long prehistoric crocodiles terrorized the residents of Lake Placid. While most of the locals assumed that the nightmare had ended when the murderous creatures were killed, local crocodile lover Sadie (Cloris Leachman) knows that the truth is far more terrifying. Beneath the surface of Lake Placid, the remaining predators have been quietly reproducing, awaiting the moment they will emerge from the water and cement their status on the top of the food chain. Now, as Sheriff Riley's rebellious teenage son (Shad Collins) departs for a relaxing lakeside camping trip, the desperate father realizes the danger that lies beneath the surface and races to confront a prehistoric predator that won't stop until it's consumed every last local.


John Schneider
as Sheriff James Riley
Cloris Leachman
as Sadie Bickerman
Sam McMurray
as Jack Struthers
Sarah Lafleur
as Emma Warner
Ian Reed Kesler
as Thad Sanders
Terence H. Winkless
as Deputy Davis
Joe Holt
as Ahmad
Chad Collins
as Scott Riley
Andrea Enright
as Female Deputy
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  • Nov 15, 2013
    So I got into the Lake Placid Kick, figured I would rent all 4 movies and sit back and enjoy. After seeing the first one I thought I am in for some great movie times and laughts. The first one was great and thats where it stops. Lake Placid 2 An unnecessary and useless sequel to the self-mocking and campy comedy/horror Lake Placid. Not one of the original cast signed on for this dog, a very good decision on their part. Well, the baby crocodiles you see in the closing of the other movie apparently have grown up, and now have decided to pick up where their parents left off, and eat lots of people. John Schneider is the sheriff, and just grins a lot. Cloris Leachman reprises Betty White's nut job (as her sister), but without the funny lines. A big game hunter with grenade launchers fails to match Oliver Platt's role, and the Bridgette Fonda look-alike also does nothing. Sheriff John has summertime custody of a poor actor teen son, in order to introduce some annoying cardboard cutout screaming teens. Since Croc Jr. seems to have an appetite for annoying cardboard cutout screaming teens, you quickly realize what their function to the story is, and you find yourself rooting for the croc to eat them as soon as possible. There's one idiotic scene, apparently ripped off from the 3 Stooges, where a croc victim is talking while the creature behind him waits patiently for him to shut up, before devouring him. Nothing interesting happens. Really a bad movie, that fails at both horror and comedy. All it does is waste your time 1 Star 11 -12-13
    Bruce B Super Reviewer
  • Jan 02, 2011
    Just awful. Totally non-sensical, poorly made and mostly boring.
    Ken S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 30, 2008
    <i>"Don't get eaten."</i> <p> Over the years, the Sci-Fi Channel has built up a rather solid reputation for consistently delivering bad made-for-TV movies (see <i>Boa vs. Python</i> and <i>Pterodactyl</i>). Another film can now rest in this compost heap: <i>Lake Placid 2</i>, a name-only sequel to the awful 1999 creature feature <i>Lake Placid</i>. Apparently the original <i>Lake Placid</i> developed into a minor cult classic and has a number of fans, though I've yet to meet any. However, it's doubtful even the mysterious fans of the original would appreciate <i>Lake Placid 2</i>, which was helmed by David Flores (<i>Boa vs. Python</i>), scripted by a couple of reality-TV writers, and was first aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. This killer crocodile action-adventure is a croc of shit, and it's unable to even replicate the few charms that the original possessed. <p> Essentially a remake of its predecessor produced on a budget that would barely cover the cost of a DVD, <i>Lake Placid 2</i> takes place in Maine a full eight years after the events of the original film. In these eight years, the giant crocodile incident has apparently been forgotten and dismissed as a myth. (Not like a prehistoric crocodile attack would've been well-documented...) Added to this, a few more giant man-eating crocs have appeared since the first film, and have started feasting on the local population. The plot of <i>Lake Placid 2</i> is set in motion when (much like in the original) a crocodile attack leaves a man dead, and the local sheriff (Schneider) is alerted to potential danger. He heads to the lake accompanied by a Fish and Wildlife Services representative (Lafleur) and a big-headed hunter (McMurray), along with a few other unimportant supporting characters. Meanwhile, Cloris Leachman stars as the sister of Betty White's character from the first movie. Cloris, too, is feeding the crocodiles, and is woefully underused in a film desperate for comic flourish (indeed, some of Leachman's lines are the funniest in the whole picture). <p> You might have noticed I used the plural term "crocodiles", as there is more than one croc residing in the lake. How many is there in total? Fucked if I know. An additional croc seems to be added every few scenes. <p> At every turn, <i>Lake Placid 2</i> is banal, generic, tedious and unbelievably cheesy. The screenplay is comprised of a merciless torrent of bland exchanges, limp quips, and stunningly terrible banter. Seriously, the dialogue is brimming with lines such as "<i>After a while, crocodile</i>". As punishment for penning this tosh, the scripters deserve to be rectally impaled with a painful writing implement. Furthermore, the film panders to its target audience by providing senseless female nudity and forced gore, while the characters are one-dimensional stick figures not worthy of any emotional investment. Added to this, the acting is not even solid enough for it to be called merely flawed - the performances are flawed in their entirety. Betty White's character from the original has even been replaced with a full-on lunatic and murderer. Worse, the film is meant to take place in the same location as its predecessor, yet the locations in this sequel look <i>completely</i> different. Series continuity does not exist. <p> The majority of the movie's runtime is dedicated to a repetitive series of set-ups and kills, with the absurdly unconvincing CGI crocs constantly popping up. It honestly seems as if the filmmakers were not even trying for most of the film. At times, completely futile ancillary characters show up briefly for the sake of watching them get offed in semi-gruesome ways. For instance, two topless models and their photographer get eaten five minutes after their introduction. The randomness and the laziness of this scene is mind-boggling, and those watching the film may wonder if they changed the channel to watch another bad movie for a few minutes. To make matters worse, the editing is appalling - the cuts do not match with the special effects, and continuity is often an issue (most amusing is that the underwater shots of the lake were obviously filmed in a chlorinated pool). Meanwhile, the croc action scenes are absurd and rely on contrived character stupidity. In one scene, a croc chases a couple of characters up to a house. It even bangs on the door before giving up once the door is shut. <p> The CGI crocodiles in the original <i>Lake Placid</i> were terrible, yet the eight years separating that film and its sequel have only brought about a decline in the special effects department. In <i>Lake Placid 2</i>, the shoddy special effects are a constant source of amusement - in comparison, the CGI of its predecessor looks positively Oscar-worthy. To be fair, <i>Lake Placid 2</i> is at times so terrible it's funny, and star John Schneider appears to be enjoying himself. But for every fun spot, there's twenty minutes of terrible filmmaking to endure. As a result, the unintentionally funny patches are scarce, and as a whole this movie is just bland and stale. It earns the most problematic of horror movie adjectives: it's boring.
    Cal ( Super Reviewer
  • Aug 03, 2008
    some inventive deaths but effects of croc arnt that great, and its straight to dvd feel, never goes away, but could have been a lot worse
    scott g Super Reviewer

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