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Lassie's Great Adventure is the feature-film version of a three-episode cliffhanger, originally presented on the Lassie television series. It all begins when the faithful collie accompanies his master Timmy (Jon Provost) to the market. While nosing around the vegetables, Lassie wanders into a van, which is promptly locked up. By the time she makes her escape, Lassie is hundreds of miles from home. Meanwhile, Timmy never gives up hope that his beloved Lassie will eventually return. Written by Sumner Long, Lassie's Great Adventure (original title: Lassie's Odyssey) was first telecast February 18, 24, and March 4, 1962.
Action & Adventure , Drama , Kids & Family
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Jon Provost
as Timmy Martin
W. Wallace Kelley
as Control Tower Operator
June Lockhart
as Ruth Martin
Hugh Reilly
as Paul Martin
Robert Howard
as Sgt. Sprague
Will J. White
as Constable MacDonald
Richard Kiel
as Chinook Pete
Walter Stocker
as John Stanley
Walter Kelley
as Control Tower Operator
Leo Needham
as Ranger Henty
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[size=1](now I can edit, weird)[/size] [b]Lassie's Great Adventure. (1962) [/b] [img][/img] I checked this out at the library just for the hell of it. It's a little awkward in color, [i]good[/i] Lassie should be in B&W. Anyway, this is really just a few episodes of the show stretched over 100 minutes. It's not bad, really. For fans of the shaggy mut, who know what to expect, you'll have an enjoyable time. The scenery is gorgeous! Although some parts are obviously done on stage with static backdrops. Many of the old school effects are laugh out loud funny. So if you set the kiddies down to watch it you can expect some laughs when it doesn't seem like anything's funny. My favorite has to be the wild animal attack with a point of view shot I don't want to spoil; but you'll be laughing! ;) In fact, that animal attack is amazing! If little Timmy had landed on the [i]Lord of the Flies[/i] island he'd be running the show. :eek: The greatest thing about this is all the aspects that the makers threw in because it actually did thrill kids of the time: Wild animals, a ride in a dangerous balloon, river rafting, helicopters, etc. I liked it. Not "great", but familiar (read: nostalgic) and fun. 7/10 [img][/img] [b]National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. (1989) [/b] [img][/img] This is "the good Chevy". He's damn good in this film! :up: And for some reason I always forget about "Cousin Eddie" showing up here! It gets a power boost at that time. Funny stuff. I'm in tears during some parts, like the flight into the "[size=4][b]TREES ==>[/b][/size]" sign. God, I love that! :D :D :D :D This has laughs [i]and a heart[/i], like all flicks from this producer. It ain't Christmas without a visit from the Grizwalds and their relatives. I'll probably watch this again over the weekend with my own nutty family. 8/10 [img][/img] I watched a bunch of Rankin/Bass specials too. All this while wrapping gifts. [b]Santa Claus is Coming to Town[/b] and [b]Frosty the Snowman[/b] are particularly good and tear inducingly nostalgic. [img][/img][img][/img] [b]Frosty Returns[/b] is also tear inducing, but a different kind of tears. It's hard to believe Lorne Michaels of SNL executive produced this. Oh, strike that. What am I saying? :D The story isn't bad, the animation is nearly as bad as [i]The Flintstones[/i]. But the songs imbedded in it are like slamming all your toes at once on the chair leg. :p :mad: :mad: :( Awful, awful stuff! It's a shame Jonathan Winters is riding on a snowflake in this film. At least he got work, I guess. But when I bought this set I assumed [b]Frosty Returns[/b] was the one with Andy Griffith, which is a pretty good direct sequel to the original, and should've been what was included. :( For what it's worth, I completed my wrapping and used [b]Frosty Returns[/b] to clean up by. That worked out.

James Perry
James Perry

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