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½ August 4, 2010
This is French coming-of-age cinema at it's best!

This is a greatly emotional psychological drama about a two fraternal twins, Joseph and Chloe, who were abandon by their mother as babies. Chloe is autistic and cannot talk, freaks out when anyone, including Joseph, touches her and collects broken shards in a bag, but Joseph loves her a lot and he ran from various foster homes until they found one to take them both. He dreams of finding his parents again, all he has is a photo of the house and she makes mosaics of the house he speaks of. He believes that if she returns home she will be cured of her autism. So they run away together but are caught and sent to another home in which she is evaluated by a professional psychologist. Joseph slowly falls into mental decline after he is confronted with the truth not only of his parents and the house he dreams of but the truth of his sister's emotional complex.

After a few horrifyingly bad French art house movies, pointing the finger at Baise-moi and Anatomy of Hell this one proved to be a really good one. It's emotionally rich, intense, a great character study and a sweet coming-of-age story.

The acting is pretty good especially from the two kids in the leads, Adele Haene plays a convincing autistic girl and Vincent Rottiers plays a good angsty 12 year old boy.

It starts well and ends well and it engages you the whole way through, I was tired when watched it (it was like 12:30 at night) and I didn't even doze off.

I'm annoyed that this is so obscure, I'm giving it 4.5 stars and I recommend you try and find it
½ October 5, 2009
A hard but touching movie about 2 placed childeren searching for hapiness. Good movie.
August 8, 2009
Very realistic performance. Amazing.
March 26, 2009
un reparto de genial y con buenos momentos en la fotografía pero es una peli llena de alti bajos y no tiene giros si no retorcijones
December 11, 2008
Truly emotional performance by young talented actors
½ July 24, 2008
Joseph et Chloe. Deux enfants perdus, abandonnes a la naissance... Fugueurs pour toujours. Jusqu'a ce qu'ils trouvent "la maison"... la ou tout pourrait se reconstruire.
July 15, 2008
[Broadcast weaps] pt. 2, this time with INCESTUOUS CHILDREN [weap].
April 6, 2008
ce film est un de mes vraiment préfére de chez préféré!!! il est resté qu'une semaine à l'afficheh mais je l'ai pas raté et tan mieux!!!!
September 25, 2007
I found this film utterly beautiful and tragic, not disturbing as some people may have found. Despite the incestual love of the two central characters, Joseph and Chloe, I was moved by their plight and feelings for one another. To me, these characters had to be in love in order to exist, as they seemed to make to parts of a whole. Joseph struggles to fit into society and is plagued with a consciousness of the world whilst Chloe (an autism sufferer) is only aware of herself and her impulses and desires. She acts on her instincts and instigates sexual contact with Joseph who, aware of the taboo of incest, initially rejects her advances. He is plagued by a desire to be at one with her that he represses for most of the film before finally succumbing to this carnal urge. It seems whenever the two are separated they become disoriented, confused and suicidal. The end of the film seems to suggest that Chloe had broken free of her body and finally aware of the outside world, that maybe she was no longer dependant on Joseph. However we do not know of Chloes fate when the film ends rather tragically. A beautiful piece of film-making.
September 20, 2007
Brilliant,haunting, defiant. The movie has a genuinely primal force, you get the feeling of being lost in an unfamiliar and scary place. One of the most underappreciated films of the past couple of decades. If not exactly a "lost" masterpiece, certainly an overlooked one.
September 7, 2007
my fav. french movie
August 5, 2007
I saw this movie premiered in Chicago. Christophe spoke about the movie before it aired.
Excellent movie. Recomendadisima
July 23, 2006
ok c un film vraimeny bizzare pis jcrois qui a pas bcp de gens qui lon vu... mais jai vrm appréciee que lon vois comment peu e déterioré une relation frere soeur laisser seuls a eux seuls .... un peu dure de tout comprendre du premier coupé...
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