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After one of his peers apparently commits suicide, a doctor discovers that the dead man had developed a drug which halts the aging process.


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  • May 26, 2011
    . <B>Pam's Quick-takes - Just A Quickie</B> In <I>Lifespan</I> a doctor uses residents of an old folks' home as unwitting guinea pigs in his quest for an mortality formula -with shocking results. It's a neat story with some interesting ideas and clever self reflexivity. There's a surprising amount of kinky bondage, sex, and lengthy shots of Tina Aumont full frontally nude, but omg, is this movie ever talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. It's the gabbiest gabfest I've seen since <I>My Dinner With Andre</I> (which was supposed to be gabby, and was actually quite good, but that's a movie with an entirely different purpose.) <I>Lifespan</I> could seriously have benefited from a good shredding (sound of phonograph needle being ripped off vinyl record, please) by a script doctor like Michael Wilson, who rewrote Rod Serling's 1968 yack-attack, <I>Planet Of The Apes</I>. IRRELEVANT PONTIFICATION: While we're on the subject, <I>Planet Of The Apes</I> (1968) is a textbook example of how to tell a story with pictures instead of words, the contrast made even more dramatic when it is compared with sections of Serling's original script, as filmed to test early attempts at the ape makeup effects for concept credibility. Poor Rod was still locked into the teleplay concept, (literally, tele<I><B>play</I></B>), and was more interested in relating the philosophical and moral ramifications raised in Pierre Boulle's novel. Wilson was brought in to turn Serling's humanitarian dialectic into an adventure movie. And it worked. Wilson did such a good job of trading discussion for images, that you can literally turn the sound off and still understand everything that happens in the movie. So anyway, to make a long pontification short, <I>Lifespan</I> could be a really racy sci-fi thriller with the right script help. Now HERE is a film that would actually benefit from a remake. As long as Hollywood does not do the re-making, because Tinseltown completely and utterly misses the point about <I>everything</I>. God I hate the major studios. OK I feel better now. As you were. Go on. Off you go now.
    Pamela D Super Reviewer

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