Magic Reviews

March 26, 2009
In adapting his own best-seller, William Goldman has opted for an atmospheric thriller, a mood director Richard Attenborough fleshes out to its fullest.
January 8, 2007
Magic has few scary moments and is really a rather maudlin examination of a nervous breakdown.
July 9, 2006
It makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.
June 24, 2006
A hammed-up version of the old chestnut about the ventriloquist who is 'taken over' by his dummy, clumsily adapted by William Goldman from his own novel.
June 21, 2006
Because of Hopkins, because of Ann-Margret (who hardly looks like that Ann-Margret, adeptly proving herself as an occasional dramatic actress), and because of Burgess Meredith as well as Fats the dummy, "Magic" is one of the top-notch films of the 1970s.
May 9, 2006
Odd combo, but it's creepy and generally works.
March 15, 2006
A very well-crafted suspense-thriller that unfolds with one dramatically tense scene after another. Hopkins is superb.
October 7, 2005
Very likely to produce nightmares.
June 12, 2005
Still creepy story of Hopkins and his psychotic dummy.
May 9, 2005
Magic is neither eerie nor effective. It is, however, very heavy of hand.
May 8, 2005
February 7, 2005
December 18, 2004
November 20, 2003
Good cast can't keep this thriller afloat.
November 15, 2003
November 5, 2003
It's no dummy!
August 9, 2003
May 24, 2003
Although it's well-handled by Attenborough and features decent supporting turns from Ann-Margret and Ed Lauter, the key source of Magic's terror is the fact that ventriloquists' dummies are and always will be disturbing.