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½ November 12, 2018
I wanted so badly to love this movie.
It wasn't bad, not even a little bit. I just didn't really get what I wanted from it. I expected a horror movie with an artistic edge; what I got was a strange art film with horror motifs sprinkled in.
The score was awesome. Cage's performance was easily one of his best. The atmosphere was creepy and unsettling. But at the end of the day, it was more like an art house fever dream as opposed to a typical "vengeance horror" movie.
The weird camera work. The excessively long, silent shots of a character's face. The unnecessary animated sequences that seemed shoehorned in at the last minute. It was a bit all over the place.
It took SO LONG to really get going, and once it did, it felt like there wasn't enough meat in the overall film to justify all the artsy filler. The much-awaited kills are pretty fun and gruesome and satisfying. But the final "showdown" with the main antagonist was unbelievably anticlimactic- rather than a fight, you get a wimpy villain unsuccessfully begging for his life. It's over before you can blink. Cage did an amazing job selling his raw emotion and catatonic despair, which is why I was ultimately left wanting more. Yes, he exacts his revenge. But for a 2 hour movie, I would have liked more than 30 or so minutes of actual HORROR.

All that aside, it was different and strange and entertaining enough to hold my interest til the end. It's a cool movie for sure, but if you're looking for the traditional gooey, squishy revenge movie, this may not be enough to hold your interest.
November 11, 2018
The most biggest waste of time ever. It was boring,stupid,and he lead girl Mandy was ugly. Only reason I watched it is because I love nic Cage. But even he sucked in this thing called a movie. Was very disappointed....
½ November 11, 2018
There is an amazing 90-minute movie hidden in the two hour long Mandy, which sees a dreamlike direction by Panos Cosmatos and a spellbinding performance by Nicolas Cage and Linus Roache
½ November 11, 2018
I was very excited to see what all the great reviews were all about and the previews led me to think this was going to be intense. However, it was slow....I mean like watching paint dry slow. Now a slow can be good, but I'd suggest average movie goers pass on this one. This is a film that young film students would get all hot and bothered over because it's "artistic". Honestly, it's much like 90's techno music in that it's overly long, has little dialogue and you need to be on drugs to appreciate it.
½ November 11, 2018
From the cultist leader's full frontal nudity to its present but yet tolerable violence (blood and gore) level, "Mandy" is quite a unique revenge plot flick that you have probably never seen before.
I'd definitely say it's an art house film. The filmmaker uses the colours red, blue and purple to simulate psychedelic experience. Excerpts of 80's American cultural references were used to highlight the life back then. Frankly, I don't quite understand the connection between the mention of planets and the visual style of the sky in the film, plus also the animation inserted in between some scenes.
Nicolas Cage portrayal of Red Miller is stunning. The whole thing just left you wondered about the characters' life before and after the horrific incident.
Check it out if you don't mind a fairly slow-paced story that leaves you wanting to see it to the end.
½ November 10, 2018
Terrible movie, fast forward the first 93 mins, nothing happens then nick cage kills 4 guys video game style. The end
November 9, 2018
½ November 9, 2018
A very strange experience in all the right ways. Despite the excessive violence it's a beautiful movie to look at and it's not afraid to take its time. Some scenes drag a little bit, but overall it's a fun hybrid of action and horror with a wonderful 70's vibe.
½ November 8, 2018
Terrible movie. A huge disappointment. Grab hold of your wallet and run away as fast as possible from the theater. Gawd help us Rotten Tomatoes is broken!
½ November 5, 2018
Imagine if David Cronenberg, Tobe Hooper, Rob Zombie and David Lynch had a production company. And that production company had an intern. An intern into comic books, anime and video games. An intern who had an idea for a revenge flick when he was 15. Now imagine if that intern somehow got the green light to make a movie.

I'll give Mandy this. It is visually arresting and relentlessly consistent in its artistic treatment of this hellish, brutal material. And red. Very, very red.

Beyond that, this is a pointless, painful and overly-long slog through sometimes laughable revenge porn set pieces. I was hoping this would be Nic's Pulp Fiction. A career resuscitator. Cage's very own Kill Bill. But this might be my least liked Cage vehicle. And I've seen 211.
½ November 5, 2018
Wow, what a waste of my life watching this one. I've lost faith in Rotten Tomatoes given their high rating. This wasn't a B movie, or even a C Movie. This was an F movie. I hated it although we had a fun time making fun of it.
½ November 4, 2018
This delicious mix of camp, dark psychedelia, gonzo violence and drone might be one of this year's most refreshing films. Panos Cosmatos, you have won me over!
November 4, 2018
this movie was trash, only a PRETENTIOUS self AbSORBED asshole would like this or a nyc student.
½ November 4, 2018
This movie was terrible, it made almost no sense and it had the worst camera work ever. This movie is pure garbage and only someone high on hard drugs would enjoy it and even then I am not sure.
½ November 4, 2018
Nick Cage used to be one of those actors I could always count on to create good movies. Lately though, I feel like he's lost his touch and this movie was no exception. Maybe he and Elijah Wood (producer) should avoid doing films together as that's the common theme I've noticed in the films that flop. Anyhow, they must have been dropping acid when they decided to do this flick. It will most likely become a cult classic due to its unconventional and highly unrealistic plot. Tons of gore and violence twisted into a dreamscape theme. It leaves the audience feeling like they dropped acid as if that was the goal, mission accomplished. ?? My strongest objection was to the line regarding the villains where he said, "They were a bunch of Jesus freaks." If that were true, the main villain wouldn't have criticized Jesus about 5 minutes before that. ;-) Clearly these guys were more in league with demons than anything righteous. But you can judge for yourselves.
½ November 4, 2018
Omg this movie is absolutely terrible!
½ November 4, 2018
Batshit crazy but good-looking film with a great performance from Nicolas Cage that adds to this crazy ride of a film, Worth a watch just to experience this entropic film
November 4, 2018
An eruption of macabre and madness like you'll never EVER see again on screen, lead by a gripping central performance from Nicolas Cage and a solid supporting system behind him. Maybe Cage should be considered for the Oscar? Don't see anyone else playing this type of role with such conviction and commitment.
November 4, 2018
You have to see MANDY .

Message to Friend 1 after seeing Mandy:
Best acid trip I ever took.
There's too many words and not enough. Silence is precious among my running thoughts. I can't explain.
Really, go watch Mandy now. Make sure you have good sound.
Crazy f*cking movie; really really good. Amazing visuals, incredible sound, very little dialogue but none needed. Very simple story that scared the daylights out of me during the Mandy's trip scene. Gory, visceral, the power of love, good & evil. What the mind tells us to do even when the message is far-fetched or outright insane.
Most of all no Hollywood PC narrative to be found at all. What a gift!

Second recommendation to Friend 2:
By the way, you have to see this movie called Mandy.
It's... remember how back in the 80's we used to record ourselves on acid and it would be all gobbledegook when we'd play it back? Mandy is someone's trip and they remembered everything. In sequence. With the 12 Steps of storytelling. And shared it directly with the viewer. Like osmosis.
Use good sound if you watch it. It's amazing. Really good film. Fantasy/Horror.
Pays homage to:
Argento/ all his work
Roger Corman /I Spit on Your Grave
De Palma/ Scarface
Sam Raimi/Evil Dead
Oliver Stone/Natural Born Killers
Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarentino/ Grindhouse
Even Lord of The Rings with some of the set design. ( I'm thinking The Pits of Mordor and the fantasy aspect.)
Kubrik/ The Shining (Mandy is a dead look a like for Shelly Duval with more range in just 1 glance. Also, the bathroom scene is right out of The Shining.
Hints of Wes Anderson in some of the set design. I'm thinking of the warm hues in particular the bathroom scene.
Roman Polanski/ Rosemary's Baby, The Tenant (psychological horror)
Big shout out to Dracula (Cage's friend is Van Helping)
Shout out to the 1980"s and the 80's the age of Satanic killings in America.
Just well done film. I'd give it 5 stars but there were some moments that lagged. It's a minor thing. I'd give 4 1/2 stars if that was an option..
Go see this film!
November 4, 2018
How the hell did this piece of crap get such good reviews? Who rated it? Crack heads? I had to give it a one star so I could leave a review, but in reality I would have given it a negative 5 star. Do not waste your time watching this garbage movie. You'll be so pissed at yourself, because you'll never get the time back. This movie goes to prove that ALL Nicolas Cage movies = SHIT! Do Not Waste Your Time! Remember, I warned you.
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