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In this gripping thriller, a renegade New York cop becomes a terrifying vigilante/killer.


Tom Atkins
as McCrae
Robert Z'Dar
as Matt Cordell
Nick Barbaro
as Councilman
Lou Bonacki
as Detective Lovejoy
Victoria Catlin
as Ellen Forrest
Jill Gatsby
as Cassie Phillips
John F. Goff
as Jack's Lawyer
Jon Greene
as Tactical Sergeant
Dan Hicks
as Squad Leader
Erik Holland
as Dr. Gruber
Judy Kerr
as Motel Maid
Judy Levitt
as Woman in Car
William Lustig
as Motel Manager
Vic Manni
as Jail Guard
Frank Pesce
as Watchman
Sam Raimi
as Parade Reporter
Carla Reynolds
as Police Officer
Tom Taylor
as Man in Bar #2
Luke Walter
as Musician
Patrick Wright
as Prison Guard
Lee Arnone
as White Woman (TV sequence)
Nay K. Dorsey
as Young Black Man (TV sequence)
Alma Washington
as Black Woman (TV sequence)
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Audience Reviews for Maniac Cop

  • Feb 02, 2013
    Don't be fooled by the bad acting, the direction and some of the plot twists were actually not so bad. The film was really homoerotic for no reason, but the satire of the NYPD was quite well done, lots of tough dilemmas were dealt with too. The signature weapon of the Maniac Cop was a tachi which was actually a really cool. I wouldn't say it's a good film, but certainly it's not horrible.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Jun 13, 2012
    Roundly disapoointed by this one. Was hyped up by the new blu-ray release as a classic from the 80's but there was nothing here that put it in the same league as last weeks 'The Stepfather' (another 80's 'classic'). The story starts off ok with a series of killings by a faceless 'cop' who comes across as a bit of mix of Jason and Freddy in size and powers. However once Campbell is framed for the murders and the identity of the killer is revealed the whole thing becomes really boring and more like an 80's TV series. Throw in some pretty awful acting from Landon and (sorry Ash fans) Campbell and a weak ending and you've got a slasher that looks good from it's from cover tag ('You have the right to remain silent...forever!') but is nowhere near as adventurous or classy as you'd come to believe.
    David S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 04, 2011
    'Maniac Cop' is a punk movie of sorts, all that is missing is some choice songs from 80's punk band MDC. With William Lustig ('Maniac') behind the lens the movie manages to get the most, er . . . , bang for its buck. The gore is plentiful, the action present, the comedy is tongue shoved strongly to the cheek. The ironic part of having a low budget is sometimes it works for the movie as a whole and 'Maniac Cop' is a good example of it working and also a horror movie from the 80's with some semblance of passion and anti-authority rather than large breasts and a butcher knife. Not to say this picture is perfect, it's not, it's uneven in places and some of the acting bothered me greatly. The most flagrant problem with 'Maniac Cop' is the casting of Bruce Campbell who, like many horror icons, cannot act - thankfully his screen time is slim. 'Maniac Cop' oozes with 80's cheese and thrills and it's damn entertaining.
    Jonny B Super Reviewer
  • Oct 11, 2011
    Atkins and Campbell have been in their share of Z-grade dregs but 'Maniac Cop' is their first collaboration and it's a regressive and preposterous crime thriller. The opening with the titular character assembling his uniform accoutrements (such as nightstick, holster, etc.) is ultrastylish and sets a dynamic tone, the convoluted backstory for what is essentially a zombie movie is second-rate and dopey. Not to mention, Lustig has a fondness for ugly Dutch angles and films the seedy murders as routinely as possible (aside from an impressively perilous piece of stuntwork off the docks). 'Bad Lieutenant' already mined the potential of a law-enforcer who is more amoral than the criminals he is pursuing. 'Maniac Cop' is a lousy action film that squanders Campbell's innate camp value.
    Cory T Super Reviewer

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