Meeting Evil Reviews

September 4, 2012
It features tons of poor decisions, from the overwrought and intrusive musical score to bad-joke one liners from the main characters down to the supporting ones. The worst decision either actor made was actually appearing in this awful film.
August 25, 2012
A cheap slasher flick with some talented actors masking the banality with clever dialogue...
July 31, 2012
...just another hopelessly incompetent direct-to-video thriller...
July 24, 2012
If you don't mind style over substance, a bit of the old cat-and-mouse, and you enjoy watching Samuel L. Jackson making people squirm, then hop in, strap up, and hold on.
May 7, 2012
Samuel L. Jackson has fun chewing the scenery as a deranged killer in this otherwise formulaic thriller.
May 4, 2012
Writer-director Chris Fisher flirts with over-the-top exaggeration so often during Meeting Evil that auds might wish he'd gone all the way and dialed everything up to 11.
May 1, 2012
Chris Fisher so over-directs his material that the action takes on the sheen of a parody or, at least, of a film that doesn't realize its clichs are being exaggerated to the point of absurdity.
April 30, 2012
If you can put aside your preconceived notions and enjoy the movie for what it is, you may be pleasantly surprised by what the bizarrely entertaining Meeting Evil has to offer.
April 6, 2012
There's something about seeing Samuel L. Jackson with a gun and an attitude that promises more than this meager effort is willing to offer.