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December 20, 2016
Albert Brooks makes things funny and painful (even excruciating) for viewers at the same time with this extended skit about an extremely neurotic film editor in an unstable relationship (the instability is his own doing). Kathryn Harrold is his impossibly patient girlfriend who works in a bank. Things start with Brooks breaking the relationship up because he feels it isn't working; cue a slow motion trainwreck night on Quaaludes. Brooks tortures himself (and the audience) with every false and real move that a man might make when experiencing attachment anxiety. Of course, he screws everything up - but somehow manages to return to relational harmony (and then royally screws things up again). The plot aside, it is the little moments that count with Brooks. We smirk as he gets suckered in a sporting store or when he ridiculously recreates George Kennedy's footsteps on the Foley stage. The character Brooks plays isn't as intellectual as Woody Allen nor as stupid as the fictional George Costanza (two erstwhile peers in pain) -- instead, he is the everyman who worries too much. As a director, Brooks knows how to draw out a specific incident such that viewers can see the pain coming -- but it still resounds with comic reverberations when it hits; he makes a lot out of a little. I laughed.
½ November 4, 2016
Albert Brooks second feature film (as writer-director-star) follows him as a neurotic Hollywood film editor who breaks things off with his girlfriend and quickly regrets the decision and hopes to win her back. Brooks is great and there are plenty if funny bits throughout...the it didn't have me laughing as much as "Real Life" did.
½ April 29, 2016
The only thing this movie gets right is the Modern part. In the 80s, movies about couples breaking up, falling in love?
June 17, 2015
Albert Brooks is almost always funny! But man is he a neurotic nutbar!
Super Reviewer
½ June 21, 2014
This is probably one of the few examinations of a toxic relationship that doesn't involve physical violence of any kind. The film is uncomfortable from start to finish as what at first seems to be a neurotic neediness in the central character slowly becomes an obsessive narcissism. I respect the hell out of Brooks for casting himself as such a unlikable person.
½ November 14, 2013
Apatow-ish in style, although it clearly predates Apatow by decades. It attempts to draw humor from real life situations. This can be a hit or miss proposition. It can be funny when Brooks is full of self doubt, but the fact of the matter is that his character is, for the most part, a psycho. So many times the thought is less "Isn't their on again/off again romance silly?" and more along the lines of "She should run from this guy before she ends up dead."
½ October 31, 2013
one of director brooks best directorial efforts
March 30, 2013
Pure Albert Brooks. Great cameo by his brother a/k/a Super Dave Osborn.
September 6, 2012
Most of the time I felt for Brooks' character, and there are some funny scenes too, but the ending was anticlimactic and made romance feel futile.
September 2, 2012
Hilarious take on neurotic relationships and fear of loneliness. Bubbles with brilliant observations and fearless characterisation.
July 25, 2012
This is a masterful study in neurosis that only Albert Brooks is capable of delivering. By design, moments of it are uncomfortable,. bordering on painful but the humor is memorable and real.
July 17, 2012
Holds up extremely well. Hilarious but also uncomfortably honest at times. Brooks shows here that he has genuine talent as a director, using long takes to draw out both the comedy and the agony of some scenes.
½ May 13, 2012
Later Brooks is better. This one is a bit too formless and aimless.
March 21, 2012
This is a romance like none other. Albert Brooks is a disaster in relationships, but it is still entertaining.
January 31, 2012

"I'd better buy some dope. I don't even have new sheets. I should get new sheets. I don't have any food here. I'm not prepared to get laid."-Robert Cole (Albert Brooks)

I didn't find it insightful, and it was scarcely funny. I did however find the sound mixing scene to be a knee slapper. Also George Kennedy played himself, which rocks.
November 23, 2011
A very squirmy Albert Brooks comedy (is there any other kind?) depicting the tumultuous relationship between a Hollywood editor and his way-too-hot for him girlfriend. The script is excellent and incredibly engaging in the sense that every five seconds I'm shouting at the screen for this couple to "Break The Hell Up!" but at the end of the day even smart romantic (?) comedies hold very little appeal. My favorite segments of the film revolve around Brooks' day job, cutting scenes of a Cormanesque space picture starring George Kennedy and directed by Simpsons' guru James L Brooks. VF.
August 26, 2011
its a @#$%ing classic!!!!!
July 15, 2011
Albert Brooks' Modern Romance is one of the best movies ever made about jealousy.
June 14, 2011
90th Movie of 2011

I dig most of Albert Brooks' output, but i think i'm just a Woody Allen guy at heart. This movie still has a fair amount of funny/true stuff, though.
May 13, 2011
Has some very funny moments but lacks focus. And the focus it does have needs to be shifted a little; I don't mind unlikable protagonists, necessarily, but when the movie so resolutely focuses on just Brooks' character it starts to feel like selfish writing.
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