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From the maker of Saw II, III and IV, Mother's Day is a graphic remake of the Troma horror classic, Mother's Day. After a bank robbery gone wrong, three brothers go home to hideout...only to discover that their Mother (Rebecca De Mornay) lost their house in a foreclosure. The new owners and their party guests become the depraved brothers' unwitting hostages. Their sadistic Mother soon arrives and brilliantly takes control of the situation, ratcheting up the terror. As the hostages struggle desperately to survive the harrowing torture, they realize that there is nothing a Mother won't do to protect her children. -- (C) Anchor Bay

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Jaime King
as Beth Sohapi
Patrick Flueger
as Ike Koffin
Warren Kole
as Addley Koffin
Deborah Ann Woll
as Lydia Koffin
Matt O'Leary
as Johnny Koffin
Briana Evigan
as Annette Langston
Frank Grillo
as Daniel Sohapi
Lisa Marcos
as Julie Ross
Lyriq Bent
as Treshawn Jackson
Tony Nappo
as Dave Lowe
Kandyse McClure
as Gina Jackson
Jessie Rusu
as Melissa McGuire
Shawn Ashmore
as George Barnum
A.J. Cook
as Vicky Rice
Alexa PenaVega
as Jenna Luther
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  • Sep 30, 2014
    I wasn't expecting great things from this remake of an 80's home-invasion movie but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The film is the ickiest type of horror film, with quite extreme violence which hits home being so realistic but the director maintains the tension throughout and although none of the captives are particularly likeable (except Shawn Ashmore as the doctor) the real reason the film worked for me was the great performance by De Mornay. She's the real reason to see the film and her chilling portrayal of a mad matriarch is briliant. Oh and watch out for an early turn from 'actor of the moment' Frank Grillo.
    David S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 20, 2013
    This is a really good horror film, just when you think everything has been written this movie comes along. Beth and Daniel Sohapi are celebrating in their recently bought house with their friends. Beth and Daniel have lost their son in an accident, and Daniel has a secret affair. Thieves and brothers Izaak 'Ike' Koffin, Addley Koffin and Jonathan 'Johnny' Koffin are fleeing to the house of their mother in Stonewall after a heist of the First Omaha Bank. Johnny is seriously wounded by a shot and the gang has been double-crossed by their partner who took the stolen money. When the criminals arrive at home, they discover that their mother lost the house two months ago and now Beth and Daniel are the owners of the place. They violently dominate the nine adults and George, who is a doctor, is summoned to help Johnny. Ike calls his mother and sister to join them in the house. The deranged mother calms down the friends and tells them that they will leave the house early in the morning, after the tornado that is threatening the city. However, when she learns that Ike has been sending money for her for two months, she decides to know who has received the letters and kept the money, in the beginning of a night of horror and sadism for Beth, Daniel and their friends.... Another remake of a film I have never heard of, is an exciting premise, but it's one of the most disturbing and sinister films of the year. One cannot deny the power of DeMornays portrayal of the mother, and she ranks up there with one of the screens most psychotic villains. never flinching in the violence, she remains calm throughout the majority of the film, and for a while, I really thought things would go okay, when she arrived at the house, but they just go more extreme. To say that the film is violent is an understatement, but coming from the director of some of the Saw films, I was expecting a little gore, just not acts that made me feel dirty, and a little helpless. For instance, one of the brothers makes two random girls kill each other so the other can live, but just shooting the other anyway, stuff like this isn't really needed, and although I never really criticise a film because of violence, this was not needed. The hostages are not very nice people, but some of the things that they endure makes you sympathise with them. If a man is having an affair, you instantly dislike him, but when the same person is watching a woman burn pictures of his dead child, you cannot help but side with him. The story and narration are great and performances are good too, it's just some of the content leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth and kind of ruins the overall product. And then there's the ending..... 4 Stars 2-14-13
    Bruce B Super Reviewer
  • Oct 07, 2012
    I didn't hate this movie at all. In fact I'd actually say it's a perfectly fine movie, mostly due to Rebecca de Mornay's performance, but there's also the fact that the movie can be a really boring to sit through. My initial reaction upon finishing this film was "finally!" And again, it's not because the film is bad, the movie is simply way too long for the point that it is trying to get across, which is what 'mothers', in this case Rebecca de Mornay, would do to keep their children completely dependent on them. This is an admirable idea to get across, but it simply gets muddled with all the other shit going on in the movie. A big chunk of the film involves Ike and Beth getting money so the 'family' can escape and leave them all alone. Sounds simple enough, yet somehow this takes up, at least, 35-40 percent of the film, when it simply didn't need to. I have no idea why these segments weren't cut down in order to ensure that the movie's pacing was better. The stuff in the house is also too long for its own good. To the point where you're actually begging for somebody to be killed, instead of rooting for the characters to make it out alive. There's also this part mini-subplot that doesn't really play any part in how the movie ends. So I question its purpose. You could say that it does play a part in how the movie ends, but there's a big plot hole which I'm not going to spoil, although it really isn't something major that will spoil the movie. As you can see, the film's main problem is its length. No matter how hard Rebecca de Mornay works, she simply can't save this movie because it doesn't allow her to save it, there's simply too much going on in the movie for Rebecca to be at all places at all times, so I blame this one who ever edited the movie together. The characters, at least the "good" guys, weren't entirely likable either so it was hard to root for them to get out of this shit alive. And again, I didn't even think the movie was that bad, cut about 20-25 minutes of the film, keep it fast paced, and you have a massively better movie on your hands. As it stands, it a very disappointing film with a good performance from Rebecca de Mornay, but she is not a miracle worker.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Sep 22, 2012
    A family of psychos hold a house filled with party guests hostage and proceed to torture them. A grisly, sadistic film that offers very little to movie lovers, except a notable performance by the mother of the sinister siblings, Rebecca De Mornay.
    Aldo G Super Reviewer

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