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½ August 1, 2017
I still questioning why this was made. A total disappointment to the saga.
½ July 31, 2017
Terrible boring third installment in the mummy franchise starring Brendan Fraser. I only watched the first mummy movie and not the second, for some reason my public library doesn't have it but they have this one and the first. I hated the first mummy movie, I thought it was boring and it was until I saw this movie, it's 10 times worse and now their are Asian mummies, what. The unoriginallaity is terrible, the special effects suck in this movie and I just hate this trilogy, it should be called the garbagthirdly.
July 24, 2017
The shift of tone is by far one of the biggest issues with this third outing. It completely disregards any horror element and focuses on physical comedy, which just doesn't work well with the franchise at all. Ultimately, this leads to an absolute disaster in character development. Fraser is a complete contrast to his previous incarnations. The re-casting with Bello doesn't necessarily ruin the film but doesn't add anything new. The action sequences are good, big in spectacle and look great with some decent CGI but that's really all the film offers.
½ July 21, 2017
Not to give fault for the idea to give an expansion on the Mummy mythology, but the execution is heavy handed and badly done. I want to give credit to Brendan Frasier for his action hero bravado and the silly yet fun banter between him and his co stars. However, these films still never establish what the Mummy will do with the world! What will they do? Kick sand in our eyes? "Bwahahaha?"
July 10, 2017
Adventure filled movie. Brendan Fraser's Mummy movies usually are. Seemed to be the usual stuff though. Nothing new.
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½ June 21, 2017
From dumb fun to... regular dumb.

It's hard to find a point where Tomb of the Dragon Emperor wasn't hampered by itself. Or a point where it makes any sort of logical sense. Unfortunate that is was no good, lending credence to the need of a reboot, which we now have, but wish we didn't.
½ June 18, 2017
It's so bad I couldn't even finish it and I was close to finishing it.
½ June 17, 2017
I'm calling it, one of the worst sequels of all time.
½ June 16, 2017
yay jet li is in the movie. awww he's barely used. this movie is terrible. makes no sense most of the time. so much dumb stuff. even more cheese than part 2 which is shocking because this movie came out 7 years later and past the time when i expected movies to feel old. i still think part 2 was worse. this is just useless. (about 2 viewings)
½ June 14, 2017
So utterly disappointing, I found myself popping in a different DVD only 20 minutes into the movie, Didn't even finish.
June 10, 2017
6/10/2017 (2): Pretty disappointing, as the only good thing about it were the Yeti's.
½ June 10, 2017
It was ok but I like the first and the second better with Imhotep
June 9, 2017
This movie kept me on the edge of my seat!
June 9, 2017
cool. But upset that they change actors for evie
June 8, 2017
It's the worst of the three but still, it has it's charm. Unfortunately it suffers from a few flaws starting with Maria Bello and Brendan Fraser's chemistry. Unfortunately it's competing with Fraser and Rachel Weisz's chemistry which was off the charts. One of it's selling points is Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li. And they battle each other with swords!!! I wish we got at least one more adventure with the O'Connell's.
½ June 2, 2017
Maria Bella's English accent is horrible, just horrible. Worse than the movie itself and it's a bad movie.
May 31, 2017
I actually enjoyed this one. Mostly after I turned off the "reason-meter" in my brain, but isn't that the point of a Mummy movie?
May 7, 2017
Stupid and mindless fun. However it is a huge letdown compared to the last two. It's silly and stupid and entertaining. Ignore the storyline, just enjoy the fun action. 3/10 on story and 9/10 on action so it evens out to a 6/10 for me.
March 12, 2017
A tiring film which boasts special effects.
½ February 19, 2017
It's good movie to watch
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