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November 4, 2017
i think my dog tulip is a amazing movie but its not a kids movie because the main plot is about a man trying to get his dog to mate with a female dog a dog is seen humping another dog and theres some uncensored nudity
½ August 28, 2015
dreamy, just as magical as the book!
January 3, 2015
amazing animated documentary.
½ July 10, 2014
My Dog Tulip has interesting animation and realistic, intimate approach, but that approach can get way too graphic, not every dog activity is pleasant or necessary to look at, plus the main character speaks too much, the film definitely needed more silent moments. It is a film that has its warm moments and some relevant things to say, but is not that good in the end because of its approach and execution which is a two-way street.
July 5, 2014
[Interested: cannot find.]
October 13, 2013
Singular in style and execution, My Dog Tuplip, with its bracingly abrupt yet unequivocally poetic dialogue, draws many parallels between the seemingly natural activities dogs engage in and the cruel way of the human world.
½ July 4, 2013
Such a heart-warming animated film about a friendship between the old man and his dog Tulip.Surprisingly,they are not shy to show a naked woman on the screen,that made me cut off half star.Before you rent or buy this movie,ask yourself,are you a dog lover??If you are,just take it(i didnt mean steal it) and enjoy and watch it with your dogs.Enjoy!
½ June 23, 2013
It was one of the most entertaining animations I've ever watched. The drawings reminded me of "The Triplets of Belleville" but this was funnier and cute. Gotta read J.R.Ackerley now! Oh and the voice acting of Christopher Plummer is superb!
February 23, 2013
My Dog Tulip independent animated film directed and animated by Paul Fierlinger (the backgrounds characters were printed by his wife Sandra Fierlinger). The film is based on the memoir of the same name by J. R. Ackerley, (BBC editor, novelist and memoirist). Christopher Plummer narrated the story as Ackerley. Film was premiered at Annecy International Animated Film Festival; it also received Honorable Mention for Best Animated Film at Ottawa Intertnational Animation Festival.

The plot of the film is about Ackerley's growing relationship with German Alsatian (Shepherd), its movements and sex-life of she-dog, the problems with her bowl. Film slowly touches on the subjects of realism.

Film takes the liberty to tackle adult theme and generates far-greater know-how about the dwellings of this particular animal. It penetrates deeper in understanding of this domestic-animal-nonetheless it fails to heighten the interest of general audience with unsatisfying nature of plot; involving adult theme.
½ February 16, 2013
Lady and the Tramp, uncensored.
Super Reviewer
February 11, 2013
Wittily narrated by Plummer this a cartoon that dog-lovers will adore but if you don't really appreciate the bond with your pet you may find it a little boring. The animation is very simple (similar to 'Yellow Submarine') but I found it a nice contrast to Disney and the film has a very British sensibility. The cartoon is an honest account of looking after and loving a pet and so therefore there are lots of scenes of the dog pooing and being on heat. After a while the scenes of trying to find a mate for Tulip begin to drag and the whole thing is probably 20 minutes too long but I still enjoyed it for trying to be different.
December 20, 2012
ok movie but I don't think I'll watch this movie again, it was an very interesting film, it was an interesting animation but I don't want it on DVD, it starred Christopher Plummer, Brian Murray and Paul Hecht
½ December 18, 2012
J.R. Ackerley's bitter poetry
December 17, 2012
The best thing about "My Dog Tulip" is the way that it truly captures how when you truly love your pet even the smallest, minute detail of its life will bring you endless joy, even if no one else really understands or cares. For people who aren't dog owners though, there's going to be a disconnect here. Many passages are going to seem weird or awkward in the same way that a parent discussing his or her baby's first diaper change would be awkward for anyone who didn't have a child. Because of this disconnect and because of some of the events in the film, "J.R. Ackerley" often comes off as someone who not only does not get along with people, but someone who has no desire to and it will be harder to relate to the man despite the very human emotions he feels towards "Tulip". This does make the character feel very realistic and the voice acting by Christopher Plummer really brings the character to life. Another strong element of the film is the style of animation. It's really hard to describe, but the simultaneously sketchy and accurate style of animation is very unique, so if you're an illustrator of a fan of animation you'll want to check it out to see a unique style at work. Wether you like the film or not probably depends on how much you can ultimately relate to the events that happen but even if you don't own a dog, the animation is very interesting, the story is unique and the voice acting is excellent so it's worth taking a chance just to see if it will be your cup of tea. (Dvd, December 13, 2012)
December 17, 2012
My Dog Tulip is the purest animation I've seen, ever. It's entirely HAND-drawn and HAND-painted (as seen in the charming roughness of the animation). The story revolves around the relationship between J.R. Ackerley, a distinguished British author, and his dog Tulip, a female German Shepherd. Ackerley discovered the perfect partner in Tulip - the ideal mate he has been looking for but failed to find in humans. With remarkable detail, he narrates the kind of relationship they have, including Tulip's queer behavior, her canine conditions, and her loyal devotion to him. It's such an endearing film to watch. 6/23/11
December 9, 2012
One of the most innovative animated films I've ever seen. Half the film is spent with Tulip trying to get laid. It's certainly not a kid's film but rather a dog-lovers movie. Tulip has issues and the movie is sympathetic to her and I'm sure dog owners would be touched by all the non-commercial problems that pet owners face. Plenty of pooping and barking at strangers. The animation style is refreshingly raged and the narration is constant and with British wit. It may be too dry for many viewers but it's worth mentioning that it's the first animated film to be entirely hand-drawn utilizing paperless computer technology.
November 4, 2012
If you like animation you will enjoy it, if you are a dog person you will love it!
September 9, 2012
A lovely biographical film about J.R. Ackerley and his dog. Both amusing and touching.
August 15, 2012
For all dog lovers for its obvious reasons.......
An animation movie for adults, to be precise - for mature adults.
August 6, 2012
Curiosa, única y encantadora. My Dog Tulip puede ser sencillamente la mejor película de la historia que trate de la relación hombre animal. Basada en las memorias de un anciano ingles en la cual se narran los 16 años que paso junto a Tulip una pastor alemán que resulto su mejor compañera y amiga a lo largo de su vida. La cinta es de dibujos animados tomándose ciertas libertades creativas a la hora de contar la historia. Diferentes estilos de animación a mano pasan a lo largo de su corta duración pero siempre bajo un concepto diferente dependiendo de lo que se est (C) narrando. Por ejemplo en el uso de flashbacks y reflexiones personales del personaje principal que es el que lleva toda la cinta doblado por la mágica voz de Christopher Plummer. Cualquier espectador que tenga o haya tenido una mascota se verá identificado de inmediato. Y creo que ninguna película había ilustrado la fidelidad de una relación de este tipo de manera tan perfecta. Al final de cuentas como dicen en el filme estas son las mejores ya que son incondicionales sin pedir nada a cambio. Es importante recalcar que la cinta no se basa en el argumento típico de esta clase de historias como la muerte o el final trágico. Se centra en cosas más cotidianas como la reproducción u otros temas que parecieran bastante simples y cotidianos por las que todos atravesamos al tener una mascota pero que son a la vez tan simples y encantadores que el espectador logra total empatía para sentirse identificado. Es prácticamente desconocida pero yo la recomiendo ampliamente seas fan del cine o de lo que sea es una película hermosa que merece la pena de verse.
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