Apr 4, 2012
Second City alum Nia Vardalos stars in this ethnic comedy, which she also wrote -- an ambitious way to break into a leading role; too bad the results are insubstantial.
Apr 4, 2012
A captivating comedy with a heart of gold, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a must-see for its sheer unbridled delightfulness. An Amelie for 2002?
Dec 26, 2010
Perfect sleepover movie for tweens (and moms!).
Apr 29, 2009
It offers the illusion of originality by bombarding audiences with Greek stereotypes, but really clings to the formulaic romance comedy.
Jul 14, 2007
Ms. Vardalos' has loaded her charmingly fluffy script with cute idiosyncrasies in place of actual characters.
Jun 24, 2006
The result feels a little over-egged at times and the love match lacks chemistry, but Ian's whistlestop induction into a different style of language, food, drink, dress and dancing allows a few good one-liners.
Jun 27, 2003
Endearing eccentricities, such as Toula's father's improvisational Greek etymologies of words like "kimono" and his reliance on Windex for a range of external-use medicinal purposes, help humanize the characters.
Jun 10, 2003
It's funny, it's familiar and you can see a lot of the situations transferring over to your own life.
May 28, 2003
May 20, 2003
Apr 5, 2003
It is a romantic comedy in the best classic Hollywood style, albeit one with some sharp writing and genuinely human as well as funny moments.
Mar 23, 2003
Vardalos is not a great actress, but she is a likeable one ... John Corbett will never steer you wrong ... a cute premise, but it has all been done before
Mar 11, 2003
...los actores parecen estar divirtindose a lo grande.
Feb 17, 2003
The family-friendly film avoids pitfalls, but the DVD is skimpy.
Feb 8, 2003
Now, Nia Vardalos will jump out of your movie screen or television set...and club you over the head with a bottle of Windex until you give in to her aggressively overbearing humor!
Feb 8, 2003
...Captures the nature of true romance, with just enough slapstick (a Greek invention) to make you laugh out loud.
Jan 28, 2003
The actors...bring out an attractive, warmhearted simplicity in each character. Above all, they portray a close, loving family, the film's ultimate and lasting virtue.
Jan 27, 2003
Es un entraable filme sobre el amor, la familia, las tradiciones, la consecucin de los sueos y la tolerancia.'
Jan 16, 2003
A cute little movie whose success proves that wherever they can find it, people will rise up and embrace the most mediocre, bland, and reassuring forms of art.