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May 3, 2013
Hilariously bad dubbing & dialogue, loads of cheesy 80s music & fashion and plenty to cornball kung-fu fighting all add up to a spectacularly entertaining film! If you're looking to ironically enjoy a film, this is an excellent choice. Until I watched this film, I think I'd forgotten the men used to actually wear midriff bearing half-shirts. And did I mention there is also breakdancing? One note of trivia, this film features the film debut of Thomas F. Wilson, better known as Biff from the "Back to the Future" films. My three star rating does not reflect actual film quality, but it does reflect the amount of entertainment I got out of watching this film
July 31, 2012
Worst Best movie ever. Instant classic :) Hilariously amazingly wrong and awesome at the same time.
March 9, 2012
This was a heck of a film. It is a Korean film shot in LA. It features street gangs who are interracial, are enrolled in college, and fight each other with 4 foot sticks; you know, just like real street gangs. One is lead by a typical gang leader / college student, a man with a receding hairline who is about forty and lives with his mother who's about the same age as he is, maybe a bit younger. Not the actor I would have chosen for the roll, but he is probably world-famous in Korea, so why not? To the extent there is a message to the film, it is that America is a bad place for Koreans, and that Los Angeles though violent is completely devoid of guns. The budget is low, the fights poorly choreographed, the dialog is badly dubbed (even the Americans), the screenplay is lousy, and the direction and editing is amateurish. Still, there is a certain camp quality to it, and I've wasted time in worse ways on a Friday night.
July 21, 2011
It has some of the most unintentionally hilarious dubbing and dialogue I've ever seen. It's got the 80s martial arts movie characteristic where outnumbered heroes routinely eff up 10 times their number of bad guys without breaking a sweat. Actors who look like they're 40 play high school characters to ludicrous effect.

Still, this has probably got to be the first Asian-American street gang movie ever, so it gets a star. It gets another star for having a white teenage gang leader be a Chinese dude who can barely speak English. Still debating whether to add a half star for the best black-man-crying-about-sleeping-on-the-streets scene ever.
June 15, 2011
Dull Korean chop socky set in Los Angeles.
September 5, 2010
Cleverly bad because the actors and choreographers genuinely thought they were putting on a serious product. It's genius is on par with "The Room."
½ April 22, 2010
Ninja Turf, don't let the name fool you this film does not feature a single ninja throughout. Now that that's out of the way Ninja Turf is a film about high school gangs and the price of pride and honor. Some of the high schoolers appear to be in their 30's and 40's and the dialogue is ridiculously unintentionally hilarious, crap it may be but it's entertaining crap.
November 16, 2009
Worst Best movie ever. Instant classic :) Hilariously amazingly wrong and awesome at the same time.
½ August 2, 2009
I've seen a lot of movies where actors were cast as teenagers even though they were several years too old, but I don't think anything will ever top the ridiculousness of "Los Angeles Streetfighter", where the audience is asked to buy martial arts actor Jun Chong (who had acted under the name "Bruce Lea" in a few "Bruceploitation" films a full TEN YEARS before this) as a high school student, even though he is clearly in his late thirties or early forties! Hell, his character has a mother who actually looks younger than him! This martial arts effort is full of hilariously bad dialogue and acting, and is basically just a non-stop series of fight scenes until some semblance of a plot kicks in about an hour into the film. Unfortunately, most of the fight scenes take place at night and are too poorly lit to be that impressive. However, "Back to the Future" fans should look closely during one of the gang fight scenes to spot Biff Tannen himself, Thomas F. Wilson, making his very brief film debut as a gang member who gets his ass kicked!
December 15, 2008
Stupid, hilarious and stupid. Yes, twice the stupid. Plus: Thomas F. Wilson (aka Biff in Back to the Future)'s film debut!
December 6, 2008
This one-star movie that gets an extra two full stars for sheer, unintentional, hilarious, stupidity on behalf of the filmmakers is probably one of the funniest "bad films" I've ever seen. The movie opens with high school students being portrayed by people in their 30's and 40's and goes downhill VERY fast from there, dragging you with it in some side-splitting, pants-wetting, encounters with bad kung fu, bad writing, bad dubbing and a completely nonsensical plot filled with pointless scenes where nothing happens, but the heroes drink and party a lot. Made entirely out of awesome-sauce, this is a bad-film-junkie's dream come true.
September 20, 2008
I recently came across this movie through "ON DEMAND" on Comcast. If you love great 80's B movies then this will be a true joy. The original title is "LA STREETFIGHTERS" released in 1985. The movie opens in a highschool type of setting with a bunch of gangs picking on a Vietnamese guy named Tony who is portraying a good boy who so happens can kick some ass. While being harassed, a bad ass name Young (looks 35yrs old) comes to his rescue. He opens up with a real bad re-dubbed fob accent. The action is non stop with Young and his friends karate kicking a stereotypical LA white and mexican gang (20 mexicans in one car). Young is a tormented soul who becomes best friends with Tony and at one point even tries to get Tony a whore. This movie is a classic and is worth watching simply for the horrible accents and acting. I can't remember when I lauged so hard at a movie. I never grew up in LA in the 80's but if it had a bunch of kung fu fighting gangs it would have been pretty entertaining. I think that this movie is only available on VHS so bust out that dusty player and buy this movie.
October 20, 2006
Here's another film rating.
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