No Strings Attached

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It benefits from the presence of Natalie Portman and director Ivan Reitman's steady hand, but No Strings Attached doesn't have the courage or conviction to follow through on its ribald premise.



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In this comedy, Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) are life-long friends who almost ruin everything by having sex one morning. In order to protect their friendship, they make a pact to keep their relationship strictly "no strings attached." "No strings" means no jealousy, no expectations, no fighting, no flowers, no baby voices. It means they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, in whatever public place they want, as long as they don't fall in love. The questions become - Can you have sex without love getting in the way? And can their friendship survive? -- (C) Paramount


Cary Elwes
as Dr. Metzner
Greta Gerwig
as Patrice
Talia Balsam
as Sandra Kurtzman
Gary David Goldberg
as Emma's Relative
Armen Weitzman
as Taxi Driver
T. Shaun Russell
as LACMA Guard
Nealla Gordon
as Lydia (Female Doctor)
Seth Morris
as Man with Dog
Kym Connor
as Stage Mom
Renna Bartlett
as Stage Assistant Director
Jennifer L. Hamilton
as On Camera Choreographer
Krystal Ellsworth
as Secret High Dancer
Megan Honore
as Secret High Dancer
Moira "Anjolie" Marfori
as Secret High Dancer
Casey KC Monnie
as Secret High Dancer
Dalphe Morantus
as Secret High Dancer
William T. Loftus
as Secret High Dancer
Nicholas Lanzisera
as Secret High Dancer
Jason Williams
as Secret High Dancer
Heather Phillips
as Secret High Dancer
Britt Stewart
as Secret High Dancer
Katie Norman
as Secret High Dancer
Kim Lofko Germar
as Secret High Dancer
Paula Van Oppen
as Secret High Dancer
Tom Tangen
as Eli's Dad
Tim Matheson
as Eli's Dad
Milton Greenberg
as Boy at Wake
Rachel McDermott
as STK Waitress
Robert Trapp
as Mini-Golfer
Rachael Markarian
as Frat Party Dancer
Rachel Markarian
as Frat Party Dancer
Kherington Payne
as Frat Party Dancer
Dylan Hayes
as Young Adam
Stefanie Scott
as Young Emma
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  • Oct 24, 2013
    This plot has been around before - can a couple have regular sex without falling in love? At least in the movies, it is not possible. At least the rest of the plot around that basic plot was interesting.
    Red L Super Reviewer
  • Sep 09, 2013
    I wasn't planning on ever seeing it but I did anyway out of curiousity. It had a couple okay jokes and wasn't as bad as I thought. As predicted, a shallow rom-com not worth seeing but it killed two hours of boredom.
    Dannielle A Super Reviewer
  • Oct 16, 2012
    Two successful twentysomethings agree to have a "friends with benefits" relationship, but they predictably fall for each other. I think the only things I liked about this film were the few charming moments and unique courtship ideas. Adam makes Emma a period mix featuring songs like "Bleeding Love." Instead of flowers he gives her carrots. It's cute. But that's the extent of what's good about this film. The characters are plastic, and there's nothing interesting about the story. With a long exposition and supporting characters with nothing unique about their support, the film is poorly structured: the first time Adam and Emma have sex is clearly ridden with emotion, and Natalie Portman's version of an emotionally unavailable woman is more emotionally available than many women I could consider soul mates. Overall, this movie sucks, but I am considering making my next love interest a period mix, only I'd include The Hush Sound's "Wine Red."
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Apr 21, 2012
    As I was watching "No Strings Attached" online, I felt like a younger version of myself in the backseat of my parents' car, constantly asking the age-old question "Are we there yet?" That pretty much sums up my viewing experience with this film, a vanilla romantic comedy that doesn't follow through on its suggestive title and premise. After Adam (Asthon Kutcher) finds out that his ex has shacked up with his famous actor/pothead of a dad (Kevin Kline), he runs into childhood friend Emma (Natalie Portman) in the worst possible state. One thing leads to another, and soon enough they find themselves trying to work on a "friends-with-benefits" relationship together. If you've seen a similarly crafted movie, you know the rest of the story, but that's not the point. The execution here is puzzlingly bad. Ivan Reitman, of "Ghostbusters" fame, is a comedy director with considerable chops, and frankly, I expected more - it all feels very flat and is definitely a sub-par entry into his body of work. The script is just okay, acquitting itself okay in the buildup, but faltering at the crucial "maybe-we-should-try-dating" moment and henceforth to the conclusion. Acting-wise, Portman does the best she can, exuding a mischievousness with her line readings. Kutcher, on the other hand, looks out of place and resorts to wooden sitcom-style fare. Kline, who has always been one of my favorites, provides some funny material as the irresponsible father figure. My verdict: switch over to "Friends With Benefits", which is a far better film with a very similar premise. Skip this one.
    Matt F Super Reviewer

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