Jan 1, 2018
Perhaps one of the Ten Commandments should be "Thou shalt not make an Old Testament epic".
Sep 6, 2017
The CGI animals are spectacular, the battles less so and, though none of it really makes sense, neither, some might argue, does the Bible.
Jun 18, 2016
It's as odd and schizophrenic a picture as you're likely to see in the focus-grouped, play-it-safe moviemaking climate of the moment, and the fact that it exists at all is sort of a (ha ha) miracle.
Apr 13, 2016
It explores concepts like grace, justice, pride, guilt, and love. It respects its source material and respects the power of human imagination. It takes a sober look at the evil in the human heart. That is the sort of movie worth watching.
Dec 31, 2015
The film oscillates between glitzy existential horror and somber showbiz spectacle.
May 21, 2014
Aronofsky's signature grandiosity is too often at odds with -- and diminished by -- the familial melodrama he has created aboard the vessel.
Apr 28, 2014
It ranges far, wide and clumsily in expanding its slender source material, but Noah aches with aspiration, its sincerity and ambition virtually leaping off the screen.
Apr 10, 2014
What's finally impressive about Noah, even to those of us who are hardly unconditional Aronofskians, is the degree of unbending faith on which this massively ambitious venture is built.
Apr 7, 2014
In a single sequence, Aronofsky combines creationism, Darwinian evolution, original sin, the end of days, and radical environmentalism.
Apr 6, 2014
The strangest $125m ever spent by a major studio.
Apr 4, 2014
There is, in this singular film, enough crackpot philosophy, apocalyptic violence, environmental evangelism and portentous dialogue to inspire a whole new religion.
Apr 4, 2014
The domestic melodrama and psychological realism which Aronofsky gives Noah to wrestle with are interesting enough, and Russell Crowe is the ideal actor to show Noah brooding upon his lot.
Apr 4, 2014
Biblical epics don't come any more soggy or bombastic than Darren Aronofsky's Noah.
Apr 4, 2014
If, quite understandably, you enjoy seeing Russell Crowe being manly and bashing baddies, you won't be disappointed, especially if you're not too old. But really...
Apr 3, 2014
For all the high-tech showmanship on display, this retelling of Noah and the Ark marks a serious effort to engage with the Old Testament as a literary text.
Apr 3, 2014
Despite the film's visual marvels, its creators all take themselves a tad too seriously.
Apr 3, 2014
Something has been lost in the storm.
Apr 3, 2014
Fascinating, but rather flawed.
Apr 2, 2014
By the close Noah is not just a story brought back to life, with every grandeur re-conferred, but a story's characters too. We are aboard, we feel, with a real Noah, his real wife, even (however apocryphal) a real Cain.
Apr 1, 2014
For all the liberties Noah takes with the traditional narrative, that thematic element becomes its most significant addition, and it dominates the film once everyone's aboard the ark