Not Fade Away


Not Fade Away

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Exuberant and bittersweet, Not Fade Away is a coming-of-age story set to a British Invasion beat that occasionally meanders but mostly charms.



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It's 1964, the Rolling Stones appear on television and three best friends from the suburbs of New Jersey decide to form a rock band.

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John Magaro
as Douglas
Bella Heathcote
as Grace Deitz
Molly Price
as Antoinette
Brad Garrett
as Jerry Ragovoy
Lisa Lampanelli
as Aunt Josie
Brahm Vaccarella
as Joe Patuto
Gerard Canonico
as Schindewulf
Ken Forman
as Vincent Lento
Chris Bannow
as Dave Smith
Louis Mustillo
as Uncle Johnny Vitelloni
Mary Lou Mellace
as Aunt Louise
John Tormey
as Uncle Paul
Robert Funaro
as Uncle Murf
Anthony Giaimo
as Uncle Beppy
Meredith Forlenza
as Cousin Carol
Adam La Faci
as Cousin Paul
Katherine Bralower
as Card Table Girl
Rebecca Luker
as Marti Deitz
Justine Lupe
as Candace
Shannon Esper
as Mo Falcone
Lucie Pohl
as Severine
Julia Garner
as Girl in Car
Randall Newsome
as Mr. Gaunt
Susan Knight
as Mrs. Gaunt
Ryan Munzert
as Jim DeSouza
Jay Weinberg
as Jazz Drummer
Teddy Coluca
as Dominic
Charlie Plummer
as Grace's Little Brother
John Mainieri
as Angry Dad
Taylor Young
as Young Hippie
Megan Hubbell
as Girl Who Has to Pee
Susan Duecker
as Singing Girl
Samantha Hahn
as Singing Girl
Devon Werden
as Singing Girl
Margaret Dorn
as Jingle Singer
Kyle Gordon
as Jingle Singer
Ula Hedwig
as Jingle Singer
Kevin Osborne
as Jingle Singer
Bob Bandiera
as Jingle Guitarist
Levi Wilson
as Charlie Watts
Jordan Dean
as Bob Cisco
William L. Connell
as Wells' Brother
Madeline Rhodes
as Doug's First Fan
Brandon Thane Wilson
as Guy at Wells' House
Jeff Norris
as Garage Operator
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Audience Reviews for Not Fade Away

  • Nov 10, 2014
    Douglas(John Magaro), figuring that if two ordinary looking guys like Keith Richards and Mick Jagger can hit it big with their band The Rolling Stones and get all the girls, then why not him? So, he forms a band with some friends of his. Regardless, Grace(Bella Heathcote) takes a liking to him. But his father(James Gandolfini), a store owner, does not care much for the idea of his son getting into the music business, much less his longer hair. As seriously flawed as "Not Fade Away" is, I recently read in why this story might have worked much better as a television series, given its episodic structure. In which case, instead of two hours of cliches about the 60's, we would have had at least ten hours of such tired material. Yes, sometimes forgotten bands can be even more interesting as those that made it big but not here, as the band does nothing to differentiate it from many others of the time period when pretty much everybody was in a band like everybody has a blog today. So, while the movie references many of the innovators of the decade, it only waits until the very end to make any kind of original, ambiguous statement of its own.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 27, 2013
    Another really good movie, ruined by a sad attempt at an ending. This ending may top all bad endings for me. Otherwise, up to that point it was very enjoyable, with good music, good acting, fun storyline, etc. I would have given it 4 to 4 1/2 stars. David Chase..what were you thinking with this? was that all you could come up with for an ending??
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 11, 2013
    Not Fade Away is a trip through the 60s of various clichés. The rock and roll tale is highlighted by some rousing musical numbers and nice period detail. Unfortunately the chronicle isn't particular innovative. It's liberally sprinkles in 60s buzzwords like JFK, the Summer of Love, sexual revolution, civil rights, Vietnam, and Martin Luther King with the depth of someone who skimmed a Wikipedia article on the subject. You've seen this before. It's trivial observations on the life of a teen interested in starting a band is rather generic right down to the disapproval of his reactionary parents. The memoir is unfulfilling. It has its moments, but the narrative kind of meanders with little regard toward the attributes of a plot. Events just occur lacking a traditional story that should rise to a climax and then fall to a satisfying dénouement. That's the only thing about this hackneyed drama that didn't follow the rules.
    Mark H Super Reviewer
  • Jan 02, 2013
    Good idea poorly executed. Chase creates a limp vanilla story out of a period in time that was so dynamic. And if you think he ended The Sopranos piss poorly wait until you see how he wraps this one up. Acting was totally forgetful but the soundtrack was superb courtesy of Steve Van Zant. 2013 gets off to a bad start! (1-2-13)
    John C Super Reviewer

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