Mar 9, 2018
Link's movie is an absorbing tale of cultural displacement and adjustment. It's also a remarkably complex examination of a marriage.
Dec 30, 2006
Jun 26, 2003
Everything in the film rings true, is deeply moving, richly photographed, and wonderfully acted.
May 25, 2003
It's exactly the sort of import you'd expect to walk off with an Academy Award.
May 16, 2003
The acting is excellent.
May 9, 2003
The film has the glorious sweep of an epic.
May 9, 2003
Link creates a complex and fascinating portrait of a marriage under the enormous stress of geographical dislocation and historical trauma.
Apr 25, 2003
One very fine film.
Apr 22, 2003
The pacing of Nowhere in Africa is a mite drowsy, but there are payoffs for the director's uninsistent touch.
Apr 17, 2003
A worthy, complex and nuanced film.
Apr 11, 2003
Nowhere in Africa is a movie of many moods and nuances. In addition to being a Holocaust saga, it's a girl's story, a woman's story and the story of a marriage.
Apr 5, 2003
Superbly acted and brilliantly lensed, Nowhere In Africa is that hard-to-achieve movie where the small picture counts for more than the bigger one.
Apr 4, 2003
A well-acted, exquisitely photographed, plot-jammed movie that sinks into melodrama and reveals too little about the African culture and landscape in which it's set.
Apr 3, 2003
An instant family classic to be shared and enjoyed by parents and mature teens.
Mar 28, 2003
If there's a love story here, it's the Redlichs' -- and the director's -- love for the stark beauty of Africa.
Mar 28, 2003
There's a lot more to Nowhere in Africa -- too much, actually ... Yet even if the movie has at least one act too many, the question that runs through it -- of whether belonging to a place is a matter of time or of will -- remains consistent.
Mar 28, 2003
What rescues the film is ... the quality of the acting.
Mar 28, 2003
Nowhere in Africa isn't really a dull film so much as an oddly quaint one that seems to find a comfortable perspective about drastic circumstances.
Mar 28, 2003
This consistently absorbing family saga is primarily a safari of the soul.
Mar 27, 2003
A good story, exceedingly well told.