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Olympus Has Fallen

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It's far from original, but Olympus Has Fallen benefits from Antoine Fuqua's tense direction and a strong performance from Gerard Butler -- which might just be enough for action junkies.



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When the White House (Secret Service Code: "Olympus") is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped within the building. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning's inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President and avert an even bigger crisis. Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) directs an all-star cast featuring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Melissa Leo, Ashley Judd and Rick Yune. (c) FilmDistrict


Gerard Butler
as Mike Banning
Aaron Eckhart
as President Benjamin Asher
Morgan Freeman
as Speaker Trumbull
Angela Bassett
as Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs
Melissa Leo
as Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan
Ashley Judd
as Margaret Asher
Robert Forster
as General Edward Clegg
Phil Austin
as Vice President Charlie Rodriguez
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  • Jun 20, 2017
    Out of the wealth of "Die Hard in an (X)" movies that are on offer, "Die Hard in the White House" is an.... okay one. The story is old hat and the CGI is awful, but the sequence of the initial attack on the White House isn't just good, it's great.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 30, 2016
    What a dumb, fun, entertaining movie this is. There really is no real story in this movie, other than an attack on the White House. Then it's just straight up "Die Hard" after that, and it's so beautiful to finally get to see a good "Die Hard" movie again. Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning, who is basically just British John McClane. And then we have Aaron Eckhart as Benjamin Asher, the POTUS and Morgan Freeman as Allan Trumbull, the public speaker. They are very good too. This is just a very dumb action movie, and those are the kind of movies that I really love to watch.
    Lasse G Super Reviewer
  • Mar 21, 2016
    Worlds better than White House Down and Butler is a much mo believable hero than Channing Tatum. Taut and tense and well shot and directed by Antoine Fuqua. Very violent but a decent action film. 03-20-2016
    Christopher O Super Reviewer
  • Mar 20, 2016
    Typical actioner in that there is one man, our hero, up against a terrorist army ... and the terrorists, arrogant and cruel, don't know what we know, that they don't have a chance. Be prepared for the classic/obligatory scene wherein a hundred bad guys shoot at our hero and everyone of them misses, but every shot the hero fires back not only finds a target but does so spectacularly. Why do they make these? Because it's a fantasy that has not found bottom yet. People still buy the dream. Quite literally a dramatization of the old parental warning: "don't make me get up and teach you a lesson cause the learning's gonna hurt you." There's an interesting segment wherein a woman is tortured as badly as a man would be - glass ceiling break, baby.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer

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