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In 1972, athletes from around the globe gathered in Munich, Germany for the Olympic Games. However, the Olympic spirit of brotherhood and peaceful competition was shattered when eight Palestinian terrorists invaded the athletes' quarters to take the Israeli team hostage, resulting in the violent deaths of eleven athletes. In One Day in September, director Kevin Macdonald mixes newsreel coverage of the tragedy with interviews of witnesses and participants (including Jamil Al Gashey, the only surviving member of the terrorist cadre Black September who were responsible for the killings), as they discuss what happened, and how a dangerous situation turned tragic and deadly . Produced by two-time Oscar winner Arthur Cohn,One Day in September earned Cohn another trophy when it received an Academy Award as Best Documentary Feature.


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  • Sep 21, 2012
    Although not without merit, I was disappointed by several aspects of this film, I didn't like some of the heavy editing choices - misplaced and unsympathetic. In particular the use of montage near the end, Also, it offered insufficient opportunity for justifying the motives of Black September - as though nobody wants to hear the answer to the question, why did you do it?
    Kit X Super Reviewer
  • Aug 01, 2012
    <i>"When I was a kid my father used to say our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized. Our worst fears have been realized tonight."</i> The Palestinian terrorist group Black September holds Israeli athletes hostage at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich. <center><font size=+2 face="Century Schoolbook"><b><u>REVIEW</u></b></font></center> This documentary uses real footage throughout, with archived news reels, pictures, photos (of the dead, shot, burnt, otherwise), and interviews with family members. But their real coup would be to have interviewed the one and only surviving terrorist who partook in the horror against the spirit of the Olympics. It also provides those born after 1972, or too young to remember, a look at the events surrounding that day - from the Olympic organizers who are too arrogant to suspend the games, the indifference of the athletes in the Olympic Village, the lack of adequate security (as compared to today), to the politics behind the entire affairs. Perhaps what will rile you are the West German's botched attempt to rescue the hostages. They were surprisingly ill-prepared, deploying untrained teams, lack of proper equipment, and had to recall countless of attempts, before the final embarrassment at the airport, which exposed their severe weakness at handling terrorist incidents. All the hostages were killed in the confrontation, when the terrorists threw hand grenades and emptied bullets into the helicopters they were in. It's only after this that the Germans formed their anti-terror squad, the GSG9. To make matters worse, there was a cover up and collusion between the Germans and the terrorists when the latter apparently hijacked a Lufthansa flight (with only 12 passengers on board, and no women and children), and the former handed over the 3 surviving terrorists of the Munich incident in exchange for safe passage of the flight. Perhaps the worst thing about viewing "One Day in September" is that it represents a warning in these terrorist-driven times that such events could always happen again. This film should not just be about what happened then, but about what could happen now and in the future.
    Lorenzo v Super Reviewer
  • Feb 06, 2012
    Fabulous documentary on the unspeakable assassinations that took place during the Munich Olympics. Actually makes a nice companion piece with the film Munich. See the doc first and then see the drama that unfolds afterwards.
    John B Super Reviewer
  • Sep 16, 2011
    "We are sorry for you. You made good Olympic Games. But you offered us a showcase and we have to use this showcase in order to show our possibility to so many millions... or even billions of people in the world who are watching your Olympic Games." This was one hell of an act of terrorism being broadcast live worldwide. The events leading to the massacre were outrageous, and the steps taken by the Germans to fight the terrorists were incredibly gullible. The ease with which they've got over it is laudable. The rescue operation designed worked so well that it led to the death of one and all of the hostages. Of course, they succeeded in shooting dead five terrorists and capturing the rest of the lot. And as if the negligent rescue operation wasn't enough, when the hijackers of a jet plane demanded release of the terrorists under trial, they readily handed them away. What surprises me the most is that the surviving terrorists received a grand welcome and those shot dead received the funeral for the martyrs in Libya. I mean, they didn't even try to hide any of this. Ain't it ridiculous? Had no idea whatsoever of this "One Day In September" till now. Maybe I'm far more ignorant than I'd assumed.
    familiar s Super Reviewer

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