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Set in the City of Light, this comedy centers on the attempts of a screenwriter (William Holden) who tries to convince his secretary (Audrey Hepburn), with whom he has fallen in love, that he will better be able to write about romance if he can act out his new scenes with her.

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  • May 30, 2017
    I had to make sure that my 1000th review was special, and what's more special than a romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and set in the most romantic city in the world, Paris? Well, Paris When it Sizzles isn't the most Hepburn film, nor is it probably her best film set in Paris, but it represents everything that I love about her short lived career, dreamy, innocent, and always fun. More along the lines of a classic spoof than a true romantic comedy, Paris When it Sizzles is a valiant effort in trying to comment on Hollywood filmmaking and all of the frustrating tropes most movies use. I guess in some ways it's like taking Deadpool's style of 4th wall breaking humor, just without all of the blood, violence, and language. It's that innocence and fantastical nature of Paris When it Sizzles that is really appealing, even if all of the jokes and gags don't necessarily hold up. Considering this film was essentially forced upon Audrey Hepburn and William Holden because of a clause in their contracts, it's no wonder that the story feels all over the place. Perhaps adding to the dreamy feel, Gabrielle and Richard fall in love with each other while writing a Hollywood script, and spend the majority of the film acting out scenes from their script which mirrors just how obscure the plot can get. Nowhere near as moving or magical as last year's La La Land, but it certainly captures the essence of how everyone wishes they could fall in love. For that alone, I appreciate Paris When it Sizzles for its carelessness and almost charming irreverence it goes about telling its story. I think where the movie fails is that every time you feel like you're getting invested in Gabrielle and Richard's romance, the movie thrusts back into the adventures of Gaby and Rick on the streets of Paris. Obviously the stories should feel one and the same, but I actually found myself more invested in what was going on in the writer's room (apartment) than I did when the two are spooking their various films of their careers. Even with a plot that wanders like no other and a script that feels like a bunch of sketches thrown together, it's hard not to get behind what Holden and Hepburn are doing here. Especially when you find out how in love Holden was with her at the time, it adds another layer to their relationship on screen. Plus, it's hard to go wrong with anything Audrey Hepburn does, right? I knew it was a good idea to make this my 1000th review. +1000 +Another dreamy and fantastical romance +Spoof of sorts -Get lost in the fake characters 7.0/10
    Thomas D Super Reviewer
  • Feb 08, 2011
    Seems I'm in the minority for liking this little gem. I have a feeling that since Hepburn said it was one of her least favorite films, people fail to look beyond that at what a clever little piece this is. Or it may take an appreciation of cinema itself. To me, this was way before its time. It makes fun of the system, writers, and actors. Some of the film is very stupid or silly, but that's the point. They are writing a BAD film, and as such, we see this bad film come to life. It's also a great spoof. Tony Curtis, in a very extended cameo plays himself. But himself as an actor in a supporting role. It's hard to describe the brilliance of this performance. From his initial entrance with the exaggerated mannerisms of a method actor, to his delivery of lines usually reserved for insignificant extras. It does become tedious in spots, and Holden and Hepburn's romance is just as forced and sudden as the one in their poorly written movie. See this if you are a Curtis fan, or love seeing actors lampoon themselves. I'm surprised to see so much post-modernism so early on in cinema.
    Luke B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 08, 2010
    one of the most entertaining films ever made about cinema itself.
    Anastasia B Super Reviewer
  • Dec 21, 2009
    <img src="" width="450"> <b><i>William Holden conceptualizing "The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower" with Audrey Hepbrun.</i></b> Luckily, I enjoyed the ending. This movie spends a long time tackling the process of script writing. Of course, that's the main theme of this film, a film within a film. The main characters Richard Benson (William Holden) and Gabrielle Simpson (Audrey Hepburn are also the characters in the story that they both made, fictional but relative. Ms. Simpson comes into the hotel unit of a well-known screenplay writer Richard Benson. She is his official typist. It's another typical story of boy meets girl. One is rich and well-known, one is ordinary. they share great moments, fall in love, and that's it; a romantic story. The fact that this film stars two of the most popular movie personalities of that time is a quantifiable idea. This was a big hit in the 60's. But I can see why; the film is bold in nature. It establishes some kind of watermark to its audience - that imagination is all that it takes to make a long shot to success. To find something is to invest, for a good relationship maybe, and always find time to be eager to pursue whatever the priorities are. The start of the film (or should I say the first half) is a really interesting one. The story is predictable but at least one can see its progress. The guy, Richard Benson makes his way to Ms. Simpson, for no reason at all. Of course, they are two beautiful people inside one room, how would you expect them to react? Unusually, the girl, Ms. Simpson gives in and they become lovers with a snap of fingers. This film is witty and intelligent. Honestly, to write something about writing is not an easy task. You might want to consider several factors to start with your story. One must be confident enough to expose that whatever he's doing results to the right outcome, and being not just posing and hovering around like crazy dogs. For that, I commend the story. But aside from that, I did not like the idea in general. The characters are just flirting around. Ms. Simpson has a fiance but still falls in love with another man just like that. In "Casablanca", I adore the character Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman). The expression on her face reflects that she still has feelings for Rick Blaine (Humhrey Bogart), but she did not give into temptation. She left him, because she's committed. That's one way of showing your certainty in whatever decisions you have done. Richard Quine's "Paris When It Sizzles" is a fantastic watch, except that for so many reasons, I think the events are a sort of a mess.
    quentin t Super Reviewer

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