The Passion of the Christ


The Passion of the Christ

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The graphic details of Jesus' torture make the movie tough to sit through and obscure whatever message it is trying to convey.



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This depiction of the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus opens with his betrayal by Judas, his condemnation by the Pharisees and his appearance before Pontius Pilate. Pilate defers to King Herod, but Herod returns Jesus. Pilate then asks the crowd to choose between Jesus and Barrabas. The crowd chooses Barrabas. Pilate washes his hands of the matter, and Jesus is forced to carry the cross through the streets to Golgotha where Roman soldiers crucify him. Although Jesus briefly fears that God, his Father, has abandoned him, he regains his faith, proclaiming "Into Thy hands I command my spirit." At the moment of his death, nature itself over-turns.


Jim Caviezel
as Jesus Christ
Monica Bellucci
as Mary Magdalene
Claudia Gerini
as Claudia Procles
Hristo Shopov
as Pontius Pilate
Luca Lionello
as Judas Iscariot
Jarreth J. Merz
as Simon of Cyrene
Fabio Sartor
as Abenader
Giancinto Ferro
as Joseph of Arimathea
Olek Mincer
as Nicodemus
Pedro Sarubbi
as Barabbas
Roberto Visconti
as Scornful Roman
Emilio De Marchi
as Scornful Roman
Lello Giulivo
as Brutish Roman
Abel Jafri
as Second Temple Officer
Adel Bakri
as Temple Guard
Angelo DiLoreta
as The 5th Elder The Accuser
Lucio Allocca
as Old Temple Guard
Paco Reconti
as Whipping Guard
Luciano Dragone
as Second Man
Lino Salemme
as Accuser
Tom Shaker
as Eyepatch
Andrea Coppola
as Grizzled Beard
Luciano Federico
as Man in Audience
Sheila Mokhtari
as Woman in Audience
Giuseppe Lo Console
as Roman Soldier
Dario D'Ambrosi
as Roman Soldier
Andrea Ivan Refuto
as Young Jesus
Daniela Poti
as Young Girl
Danilo Di Ruzza
as Pilate's Servant
Vincenzo Monti
as Herod's Courtier
Danilo Maria Valli
as Herod's Courtier
Nuot Arquint
as Herod's Courtier
Abraam Fontana
as Herod's Courtier
Valerio Isidori
as Herod's Courtier
Paolo Dos Santos
as Herod's Boy
Arianna Vitolo
as Herod's Court Woman
Gabriella Barbuti
as Herod's Court Woman
Ornella Giusto
as Herod's Court Woman
Michelle Bonev
as Herod's Court Woman
Lucia Stara
as Herod's Court Woman
Evelina Meghnagi
as Herod's Court Woman
Francis Dokyi Baffour
as Herod's Servant
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Critic Reviews for The Passion of the Christ

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Audience Reviews for The Passion of the Christ

  • Jul 07, 2014
    Discussing religion is in the same vein as discussing politics for me. It could start off as a friendly discussion, but can quickly turn ugly due to where you stand on the subject. This film success relies on its viewer position on Jesus Christ in order for it to succeed. Never will it attempt to convert non believers to accept it views, but neither will the film reach them the same way as those who follow the word of Christ. The Passion of the Christ is about the final hours of Jesus Christ life. If you're seeking to learn about Jesus Christ, evaluate his teachings, analyze deep characters, and find meaning in the symbolic man that is Jesus Christ this is the wrong film for you. Characterization, pretext, metaphors, and his teachings are thrown out in favor to get across Christ suffered (quite allot) for our sins. It's biggest drawback is assuming everyone will know about Jesus Christ before viewing the film. Since it tells you nothing about Christ or his teachings interpretation of a man's passion towards love his fellow men comes across differently. Christ is not written as a character or as a man, but rather represented as an object of extreme physical suffering and one with a messiah complex. Without providing context the film exploits the prolonged torture inflicted on Christ with no emotional attachment made for the uninformed or non believers. Limiting more than just its audience it also limits the meaning of the message meant to get across. If you are aware Jesus Christ or a firm believer the film will pull your heart strings. Providing brief flashbacks on some of the famous passages in his life story. Focusing in detail the suffering Christ had to endured before the inevitable death. This setup will make it difficult for followers to endured because unlike most film centered around Jesus Christ showing his suffering is it focus. As a film it fails to reach a larger audience than it could have obtain; however, it's intention wasn't so much in informing viewers about Jesus Christ or his teachings, but rather to get across the love he had for his fellow man. For this reviewer he was left unmoved, distant, and cold due to an absence of characterization, but also acknowledges it completed it set goal. A trait he greatly admires even if the film failed to impact him in the manner it intended to. Mel Gibson direction is admittedly intelligent and a true work of a master. Not a single a piece of dialogue is said in English or in any modern language. A decision that makes it depiction very authentic to what it's portraying. Gibson takes directorial embellishments not found in his source material: Satan's repeated visits; the snake in the Garden of Gethsemane; the raven and the crucified convict; Judas' delusions of children as demons, and such, but they work in favor of the story. As for the violence Gibson does not shy away from it because of his goal to painstakingly show the extent of Jesus Christ suffering. Resulting in prolonged torture scenes and a second half that mostly consist of a broken, bloodied, and wounded Jesus Christ struggling to carry his cross to his death destination. Casting is also another bright spot by not having actual stars there's no possible distraction in what's occurring on screen. Of course the one actor that gets the most attention and vital role is Jim Caviezel. Jim Caviezel is a more Semitic-looking Jesus and gives a simple-stated, vulnerable performance. It's physically demanding Caviezel to constantly come across as a wounded man changing his mannerism to fit with the condition his character is currently. At the same time his delivery of dialogue has to come across as passionate and well meaning as well as batter and difficult to speak from the punishment he receives. The fantastic score sweeps up and down in majestic ways and it is more impacting that anything else, but as a side effect it is cheap and manipulative depending on the viewer position. The Passion of Christ does what it was intended to do which was display Jesus Christ suffering in his final hours in great detail. Whether or not that makes it a good film will varied because of beliefs and knowledge of Jesus Christ, but it does make it shallow piece of a film that fails to provide character worth getting emotionally attach towards and getting across the significance behind it's subject life. If you're not a follower of Christ (like myself) you will condemned the film for it weaknesses, but in my position I choose to reward the film with a positive review for what it intended to accomplished rather than criticize it for what I simply wanted it to be.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 21, 2014
    Mel Gibson delivers a raw and uncompromising vision of the Crucifixion in The Passion of the Christ that takes it out of mythology and makes it an experience that cannot be forgotten. The film forces the audience to go through the suffering and death of Jesus of Nazareth on a visceral level unlike anything that has been done before. It's extraordinarily emotionally draining, drawing the audience in so as to feel every whiplash and every nail of the cross. The imagery is haunting and is assisted by the use of the Aramaic language to create a completely immersive experience that transcends film. The Passion of the Christ isn't entertainment, not by any stretch of the imagination, but instead acts as a Rorschach test that challenges the audience.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 27, 2012
    Unnecessary and gimicky. Is speaking throughout the movie in Latin and Aramaic somehow supposed to make the viewer feel closer to Christ? I wouldn't expect much more from a director with a bias against the people depicted in the film.
    Christian C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 26, 2012
    Criative and the best work by Mel Gibson in direction. We could see that the actors, and Gibson and Fitzgerald are a moving and an unique portrait of Jesus Christ. I understand and support the criative expression of filmmakers, after all, it's the seventh art, I also understand, what Gibson try recreate and show to the audience. But when, he show Passion's message, all the gore violence obscure Jesus' last hours and Mel's attempt of evangelize flaw. The Passion of the Christ, it's one of the most controversal and hard-to-watch movie that I ever saw. Rotten.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer

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