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May 28, 2018
"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"
Review by: Doug Nau

Rating: *****/5

Directed by: Rob Marshall

Produced by: Jerry Bruckheimer

Based loosely on the Novel By: Tim Powers "On Stranger Tides"

Written by: Ted Elliott
Terry Rossio

Starring: Johnny Depp
Penélope Cruz
Ian McShane
Geoffrey Rush
Kevin McNally
Sam Claflin
Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey
Greg Ellis
Damian O'Hare
Stephen Graham
Óscar Jaenada
Gemma Ward
Richard Griffiths
Bryson Carvalho
Keith Richards
Judi Dench
Derek Mears
Sebastian Armesto
Anton Lesser
Roger Allam
Paul Bazely

Score Composed by: Hans Zimmer

Additional Music Composed by: Eric Whitacre
Hila Plitmann
Eduardo Cruz
Geoff Zanelli
Rodrigo y Gadriela

The fourth and standalone installment of the film franchise and based loosely on Tim Power's novel On Stranger Tides picks up were the last film left off with Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) heading out to find the Fountain of Youth. We find him in London looking for a crew to take him to the Fountain where he cross path (and swords) with Angelica (Penélope Cruz) the ravishing pirate whom shares a dubious past and his love interest, who forces Jack aboard the Queen's Annes Revenge, the ship of legendary pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane). Jack finds himself on a unexpected journey the fabled Fountain of Youth and must use all his wiles to deal with the barbarous Blackbeard and his crew of zombies.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides restores the franchises sense of entertainment values of the original film, and the fact the film's screenplay by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio aspires for a more clear and coherent plot is a big sign the creative team behind the film has started from scratch and not letting the same mistakes that happened with the last two previous films by them not going overboard with plot and effects. Speaking which the visual effects in this installment unlike the last two films do not over power the from the films main plot and action but enhances the sequences that it will just fly right over your head that is computer graphics The action is also while not quite as epic as At World's End but is still quite awesome and edge off your seat excitement especially the battle at the Fountain of Youth.

The cast were all terrific including the newcomers to the series bring such a breathe of new energy to the franchise. Penelope Cruz, who brings much spunk, sex appeal, and feisty attitude as Angelica. Ian McShane is also fantastic as the cruel and menacing Blackbeard, although my only nitpicking flaw I had with his origin could have been further developed, because he is not as sympathetic of a villain like Barbossa and Davy Jones, but I think that he wasn't suppose to be because underneath his menacing ways is someone who will do anything to show what supposed bad ass of villain when he is afraid of his own demise.

The returning cast which include Geoffrey Rush and Kevin McNally are as usual great in their roles and Johnny Depp once again knock it out of the park as Captain Jack Sparrow. The opening scene with Jack dressed up as the judge is one of the most brilliant comedic scene Johnny Depp as done in his career and the best scene in the whole movie. It only proves just how much of a genius character actor of our time. I personally don't see how anyone could say its tired-some and boring, to those people I've you probably don't have any sense of humor even if it hit you in the face.

The score composed by Hans Zimmer with additional music composed by Eric Whitacre, Hila Plitmann, Eduardo Cruz, Geoff Zanelli, and the Mexican musical duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, who also performed some of the music in the film. The keeps maintains the original themes from the first film but Hans Zimmer give it a fresh new spin with a little flavor of Mexican Salsa music and acoustic guitar to the underscore. My favorite tracks include "Guilty of Being Innocent of Jack Sparrow", "Angelica", "Mutiny", "The Pirate that Should Not Be", "Mermaids", "Palm Tree Escape", Blackbeard", "On Stranger Tides", and "End Credit".

So overall this installment is the best pirates film since the original and a wonderful return to the sense of fun and wacky humor with a more coherent plot to follow that was the main problem from the last two films. The cast as a whole were terrific and the newcomers breathe new energy and life to the series including Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane. While, my only nitpicking is Blackbeard's original could have been a bit more explanation but for the material Ian received for this role is really great. The visual effect add a nice touch to the sequences and do not over power the main action like in the last two films. This is obviously the start of a brand new set of trilogy for the franchise.
½ May 25, 2018
After seeing 2 & 3, I vowed not to see Pirates 4. However, I succumbed. Chiefly because I wanted to go to the cinemas and had a free ticket and there was nothing better to see. I thought it would be ok. After all, this film didn't have Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightly. I had hopes that two wet rags would replace them and that the film would be a lot better than its two predeccessors. I was disappointed, twice. Firstly, there were no wet rags and secondly, the film was as dull as dog shit. Part of the reason is that there is no plot or character development. If you are making a film with a character in it for the 4th time, they need to develop and expand in some way. But no, it's just the same Jack Sparrow and Barbossa but worse, because they are riding on the coat tails of their success and originality of the first film but are falling far too short. The worst part is that I know I will go and see Pirates 5 when it comes out and I know that I will hate it.
May 25, 2018
Good not spectacular, but good. Entertaining with good characters, and we finally lost William and Elizabeth who had already been around two movies too long.
½ May 20, 2018
The worst in the series. Horrible, jumbled story.
May 5, 2018
i like this one but the ending kind of has a plot twist and also they should of used black beard for the 5th aswell
April 14, 2018
So unbelievable and over the top, that it is actually fun, even if it's pretty much at the expense of just about everything else.
michael e.
Super Reviewer
½ March 29, 2018
Wow! I mean wow! I never thought i would say this but but JACK IS BACK!!! I just saw this film today and it is definitely worth it. The film had fantastic effects, a fantastic plot and some great acting. Now this film was definitely an improvement over the third film, which was so boring it put me to sleep, not like the second film. This film could've been better but it truly was a great and entertaining summer blockbuster hit. The acting was great as usual, and it had a great actor playing Blackbeard, Ian Mcshane, who played Tai Lung in "Kung Fu Panda" and Mr. B. From "Coraline." He's not as good a villain as Davy Jones, but he is a fun villain and a very ruthless one at that. And Johnny Depp is still just as good as ever as the role of Jack Sparrow. The plot is still just as good as ever, and it has great amounts of cleverness, such as the mermaid tears, and how you have to give up a life to use the fountain of youth. If you are looking for a fun and entertaining Action Pirate film for the summer, Definitely check this film out.
March 21, 2018
Their was absolutely no reason in the world for this movie to be released. From taking out special characters, to a awful story, to a slow pace. Stranger Tides not only help ruin the whole series but single-handedly destroyed any hope for a decent future in the series.
March 3, 2018
On Stranger Tides is another movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series and is fairly good for a fourth movie. Another exciting and sashaying performance is given from Johnny Depp as well as another good performance from Geoffrey Rush playing Captain Barbossa. The series instead of going down in how good the movies is now staying at the same level still doing a good job at entertaining audiences and letting us have a good time.
February 28, 2018
Felt significantly better than the previous film. One fairly major disappointment being that Bloom and Knightley are out of the picture. Since it is the fourth installment especially, it felt a little like an add-on to grab fans of the franchise. Alone, the film isn't all bad and has enough surprises, but it may not necessarily compete well with the franchise as a whole. 6.5/10
½ February 16, 2018
We can all agree this movie never happend, right?
½ February 8, 2018
Not the best from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but still worth a watch nonetheless. Johnny Depp once again leads the way in On Stranger Tides, with his unique and fun portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow. The effects and musical score are once again top notch and really stand out. The loss of Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom are felt, as their supporting roles really delivered in the previous 3 instalments. Penelope Cruz does well in her Pirates debut, but can't make up for the loss of the previously mentioned Knightly and Bloom.
½ February 4, 2018
Despite its dramatic change in cast and stretched story, still a worthy movie on a very close call.
February 3, 2018
I understand the criticism, but I still love this movie and is easily one of my favorites in the franchise
February 3, 2018
I believe this might be my favourite of the franchise! The creativity in the story really made this one stand out! I particularly liked the mermaids!
January 29, 2018
Not terrible but entirely unmemorable.
½ January 25, 2018
This fourth instalment is probably the most boring of the Pirates franchise. It has a promising first act, but after Jack vs Angelica, this movie falls flat on it's stupid face. I am a huge fan of this franchise and I was so disappointed when I saw this movie. It is shorter but it only has a couple of redeeming factors and is the worst movie in the pirates franchise. Who was the idiot who thought that Jack Sparrow is a main character.
January 8, 2018
Was not able to finish this one.
December 19, 2017
Puntaje Original: 6.0

Una secuela absolutamente innecesaria, que no toma a la franquicia en ninguna nueva dirección, que solo rellena el film con carismáticos personajes que te hacen pasar un momento entretenido.
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