Feb 1, 2021
The conquering adversity messaging is worthy enough, but the direct-to-DVD story never takes flight.
Sep 20, 2020
Amps up both the sincerity and the respect quite a bit and makes you feel like you're smack dab in the midst of its numerous action sequences.
Feb 5, 2020
[T]he total packaged story is warm, heartfelt, and heroic.
Jan 11, 2020
It would be nice if Planes could feel a bit like it had some more of the Disney magic and not just an extended excuse to sell more little toys and Legos.
Dec 14, 2019
Action-packed, fun-filled flight filled with adventure for the whole family.
Nov 28, 2017
Actually, the humor is one of the strangest elements of Fire & Rescue, mainly in that it feels largely absent.
Nov 14, 2017
While the script is full of obvious and easy aircraft metaphors which are funny, it lacks the kind of witticisms and wisecracks that elevate other contemporary animated films so that they can be enjoyed by a much wider audience.
Sep 26, 2014
Not only are the cliches more deftly packaged this time around, the action scenes - with long, exciting tracking shots of planes flying through valleys and over wild fires - often look like they were directed by James Cameron.
Aug 10, 2014
Somehow, this sequel to a rubbish spin-off to a rubbish sequel to a so-so cartoon is actually pretty good.
Aug 10, 2014
Like Cars, this is essentially funny-animal animation with chrome and aluminium instead of fur.
Aug 8, 2014
This Disney cartoon is running on empty.
Aug 8, 2014
It's as if the Mouse House is providing bootlegs of its own material.
Aug 8, 2014
Despite the fact that this too-soon spin-off feels like a mere cash-in on the Disney Cars/Planes marketing machine, this sequel is actually a lot more fun than expected.
Aug 8, 2014
If it does become faintly dull and preachy, the trim humour and detailing - the CHiPs spoof CHoPs, Motorjito cocktails, the pickup truck with superb pickup lines - soon get it squarely back on the fun runway.
Aug 8, 2014
Perhaps these rock-bottom expectations are a good thing, because Planes 2 feels like a significant upgrade on its distinctly run-of-the-mill predecessor...
Aug 7, 2014
A solid voice cast (Harris, Holbrook et al) doesn't add much more than cosmetic touches to this bland animation.
Aug 7, 2014
The slender plot is very ordinary and the corny gags come thick and fast.
Aug 7, 2014
The kids will be satisfied with a thin slice of Pixar topped with Disney frosting, but there's nothing satisfying for the rest of us to chew on.
Aug 7, 2014
The target audience of under-10s has every right to feel patronised.
Aug 6, 2014
This story of heroism is second rate stuff that's unlikely to light your own fire.