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Police Academy 3: Back in Training

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The third in the slapstick Police Academy series finds many of the titular school's original graduates returning in order to help save their beloved, if painfully inept, institution. To that end, they band together with the new recruits to participate in a make-or-break competition against a rival school.

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Steve Guttenberg
as Carey Mahoney
Bubba Smith
as Moses Hightower
David Graf
as Eugene Tackleberry
Michael Winslow
as Larvell Jones
Leslie Easterbrook
as Lt. Callahan
George Gaynes
as Commandant Lassard
Marion Ramsey
as Sgt. Hooks
Art Metrano
as Commandant Mauser
Tim Kazurinsky
as Cadet Sweetchick
Shawn Weatherly
as Cadet Adams
Scott Thomson
as Sgt. Copeland
Bruce Mahler
as Sgt. Fackler
Lance Kinsey
as Lt. Proctor
Brian Tochi
as Cadet Nogata
Debra Scott
as Cadet Fackler
Debralee Scott
as Cadet Fackler
Ed Nelson
as Gov. Neilson
Andrew Paris
as Cadet Kirkland
Georgina Spelvin
as The Hooker
David Huband
as Chief Hodges
Arthur Batanides
as Mr. Kirkland
Jack Greley
as Mr. Matthews
Rita Tuckett
as Mrs. Tyler
Brant von Hoffman
as Sgt. Blanks
Chas Lawther
as Mr. Delanny
Lyn Jackson
as Mrs. Chick
Mary Ann Coles
as Mrs. Hurst
Sam Stone
as Cabbie
Grant Cowan
as Line-Up Room Victim
Bruce Pirie
as Line-Up Room Cop
Jack Creley
as Mr. Bellows
Doug Lennox
as Axe Murderer
Pam Hyatt
as Sarah's Mother
Fran Gebhard
as Woman at Cafe
Les Nirenberg
as Man with Cigar
Susan Denyck
as Basketball Player
Fred Livingstone
as Elderly Man
Gladys O'Conner
as Woman at Phone Booth
Elias Zarou
as Hotel Manager
Gary Flannagan
as Bartender
Peter Colvey
as Gang Member
Gladys O'Connor
as Woman at Phone Booth
Alex Pauljak
as Gang Member
Anton Tyukodi
as Purse Snatcher
Gary Flanagan
as Bartender
Pierre Berube
as Boy on Bicycle
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Critic Reviews for Police Academy 3: Back in Training

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  • It's perfectly serviceable.

    Oct 26, 2003 | Rating: 3/5
  • More of same slap-shtick w/familiar cast of goofballs.

    Mar 8, 2008 | Rating: 2/5
  • You can argue quality, you can argue taste, but you can't argue the phenomenal success of these cheaply made joke-fests.

    Oct 3, 2006 | Rating: 1.5/4 | Full Review…
  • Deadly-dull pacing and overuse of old gags ruin Police Academy 3, the first of the franchise to come anywhere near 'enjoyable.'

    Jul 16, 2004
  • The franchise hasn't changed, but that means the humor is still amiably the same, too.

    Feb 21, 2004 | Rating: 3/5

Audience Reviews for Police Academy 3: Back in Training

  • Apr 17, 2014
    Getting back to its roots, Police Academy 3: Back In Training moves the series in the right director but it comes up a bit short on laughs. When budget cuts force the state to close down one of its police academies, Commandant Lassard rounds up his best graduates to help him train his last class and to try to convince the state board to keep his academy open. Most of the cast from the last film return, but their performances are rather mediocre. The writing is also pretty weak, but the academy setting helps to make the screwball comedy work. Police Academy 3: Back In Training finds a fun and exciting way to continue the series, but the jokes are getting stale and are wearing thin.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 26, 2013
    Third times a charm as we head back to the Police Academy for more training with yet more new recruits. Yep once again the best of the boys in blue are called back to campus to help out Lassard. Pretty much all the cast are back again (impressive) as this time Lassard and his favourites must battle Mauser and his own recruits. Confused? well I don't blame ya, it appears that from out of nowhere there are now two police academies in this fictional city. One we all know of and the other run by Mauser, despite the fact this was never mentioned in the previous two films by anyone including Mauser. So both academies are pitched against each other as the city can't afford to run both and one must go. Not too sure why Mauser's cadets are dressed in military type uniforms though, surely they'd all be the same. This equals the same spiel as we got in the first film, and when I say the same I mean the same. Almost all the new recruit sequences from the first film are reenacted yet again in this films beginning. Now you may think this sounds like poor writing but its actually quite neat. For example in the first film we saw Fackler's wife trying to stop him from going to the academy, in this film the sequence is reversed and we see Fackler trying to stop his wife. We also get a role reversal for Goldthwait as Zed the gang leader from the second film plus Sweetchuck is back for them to continue their little comedy duo. We even see the return of Tackleberry's girlfriends wacky family, gotta give it to the continuity in these films. The film does admittedly consist of the same kind of thing we saw in the first film really, the recruits going through the same training that we've seen before like martial arts with Jones, high speed driving, voice commands etc...all on the same location as the first film too! so there's a lot of deja vu. Again like previous films there are pratfalls and gags, this time the main one being Mauser losing his eyebrows and having to wear women's makeup for the rest of the film. Again I can't deny its quite funny and made all the more funny by the brilliant Art Metrano once again. Metrano is brilliant again and Kinsey plays off him well as Proctor, these two are still one of the best things in the franchise for this film and the second. These films are extremely formulaic, identikit films really (hey it seemed to work), all the usual buffoonery eventually leads to the big showdown sequence in the finale where the new recruits prove themselves against the odds. This time its a water based chase sequence with jet ski's, motorboats and absolutely loads of people falling into the water. Guess what...they win, save the day and all become fine police officers whilst keeping Lassard's academy alive. Everything you would expect is here just to keep people interested in their favourite characters. Despite the usual fluff this is probably the last decent PA film before things just get a bit too factory line conveyor belt crapola. The plot isn't too bad, having all the training again is a bit tired but the two academies fighting each other is a nice angle and the finale is hokey as hell but it looks quite good, they know how to make a set piece look good. The first film to get a PG rating but it manages to keep its head above the water.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    The third Police Academy movie, and I'm still liking it! Why? It's still funny, has all the same actors, and the story's not bad. If you liked the first two, see this one too.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Jul 06, 2010
    Part three brings back some of the old and also promotes incidental characters to bigger parts. Zed, Sweetchuck, Fackler's Wife, Tackelberry's brother in law etc. are all now becoming police officer. It doesn't add as much intrigue as you would think, as most of the humor still relies on the characters we know and love. Mauser is the villain again, but is joined by the 2 ass-kissing cadets from the first film. The two academies going head-to-head is never really given enough room to develop, because we only see things from one side. We are just told how well the other academy is doing. It should be enjoyable enough for fans.
    Luke B Super Reviewer

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