Steve Guttenberg

Steve Guttenberg

Highest Rated: 92% Diner (1982)

Lowest Rated: 0% A Novel Romance (2011)

Birthday: Aug 24, 1958

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Actor Steve Guttenberg, trained at New York's High School of the Performing Arts, Julliard and the Actors Studio, was already a professional as a teenager, making his off-Broadway debut in a revival of The Lion in Winter. In 1976 he was first seen before the cameras in the made-for-TV Something for Joey. The following year, he made his big-screen bow in The Chicken Chronicles, and within three years was starring in his own weekly TV series, Billy (he was subsequently top-billed in the bizarre 1982 summer-replacement weekly No Soap, Radio. After a flurry of excellent film roles--the foredoomed Barry Kohler in Boys from Brazil (1978), football-obsessed groom-to-be Eddie in Diner (1982), etc.--Guttenberg settled into workaday parts. He seemed to have a propensity for getting involved in film series: he was seen as Michael Kellan in both 3 Men and a Baby and 3 Men and a Little Lady, Jack Bonner in the two Cocoon films, and Mahoney in the first four Police Academy entries. In 1991, Steve Guttenberg made his belated Broadway debut in Prelude to a Kiss. In the decades to follow, Guttenberg would appear in films like Home Team, Domino One, Fatal Rescue, and A Novel Romance, as well as a memorable arc on the cult hit series Veronica Mars. He would also appear on Dancing with the Stars.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Trauma Center Dr. Jones 2019
50% Miss Arizona Gary/Emerald 2019
89% Lez Bomb Mike 2018
20% Bigger Actor 2018
No Score Yet Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission Verstag 2017
No Score Yet Lookin' Up Edgar 2016
No Score Yet 2 Lava 2 Lantula! Colton West 2016
No Score Yet Traveling Without Moving Actor 2016
No Score Yet Lavalantula Colton West 2015
20% Affluenza Philip Miller 2014
50% Drew: The Man Behind The Poster Actor $3.6K 2013
No Score Yet Quick to Duck Actor 2013
No Score Yet I Heart Shakey Sgt. Stubbs 2012
0% A Novel Romance Executive Producer 2011
No Score Yet Help Me, Help You Actor 2009
No Score Yet Shannon's Rainbow Ed 2009
No Score Yet Fatal Rescue Jacob Jones 2009
No Score Yet Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous Sidney Green 2009
No Score Yet The Gold Retrievers Wade 2009
No Score Yet Jackson Actor 2008
No Score Yet Heidi 4 Paws Sebastian 2008
No Score Yet Cornered! Morty 2008
No Score Yet Mojave Phone Booth Barry 2006
No Score Yet Meet the Santas Nicholas Kringle 2005
No Score Yet The Poseidon Adventure Richard Clarke 2005
No Score Yet Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus Nick 2004
24% P.S. Your Cat Is Dead Screenwriter Jimmy Zoole Producer Director 2003
No Score Yet Home Team Mr. Butler 1999
No Score Yet Airborne Bill McNeil 1998
No Score Yet Tower of Terror Buzzy Crocker 1997
0% Casper: A Spirited Beginning Tim Carson 1997
44% Zeus and Roxanne Terry 1997
No Score Yet Overdrive Matt Stricker 1997
8% It Takes Two Roger Callaway 1995
63% Home for the Holidays Walter Wedman 1995
0% The Big Green Tom 1995
38% Three Men and a Little Lady Michael Kellam 1990
No Score Yet Don't Tell Her It's Me Gus Kubicek 1990
33% Cocoon: The Return Jack Bonner 1988
29% High Spirits Jack Crawford 1988
75% Three Men and a Baby (3 Men and a Baby) Michael Kellam 1987
13% Surrender Marty 1987
59% Amazon Women on the Moon Jerry $0.6M 1987
0% Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol Carey Mahoney 1987
76% The Bedroom Window Terry Lambert 1987
58% Short Circuit Newton Crosby 1986
40% Police Academy 3: Back in Training Carey Mahoney 1986
No Score Yet Bad Medicine Jeff Marx 1985
77% Cocoon Jack Bonner 1985
29% Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Mahoney 1985
54% Police Academy Carey Mahoney 1984
86% The Day After Stephen Klein 1983
No Score Yet The Man Who Wasn't There Sam Cooper 1983
92% Diner Edward 'Eddie' Simmons 1982
No Score Yet Miracle on Ice Jim Craig 1981
7% Can't Stop the Music Jack Morell 1980
No Score Yet To Race the Wind Actor 1980
No Score Yet Players Rusty 1979
69% The Boys from Brazil Barry Kohler 1978
No Score Yet The Chicken Chronicles David Kessler 1977
No Score Yet Something for Joey Actor 1977


No Score Yet The Goldbergs
Dr. Katman 2020
72% Ballers
Wayne Hastings Jr. 2017
88% Community
Maury 2015
24% The Mysteries of Laura
Himself 2015
No Score Yet The Wendy Williams Show
Guest 2012
93% Party Down
Appearing 2010
No Score Yet According to Jim
No Score Yet Dancing With the Stars
Appearing Reality cast member 2008
No Score Yet Law & Order: Criminal Intent
92% Veronica Mars
Woody Goodman 2006
No Score Yet Saturday Night Live
Host Guest 1986


Edward 'Eddie' Simmons says: Who's that?

William 'Billy' Howard says: That's death walking on the beach.

Edward 'Eddie' Simmons says: I've been to Atlantic City a hundred times. I never saw death walking on the beach.

Newton Crosby says: I cut off it's power. You can load it on the truck now.

Skroeder says: What the hell's the matter with you? You four-eyed idiot!

Newton Crosby says: (quietly) What an asshole.

Newton Crosby says: What an asshole.

Skroeder says: I heard that!

Liz Parker says: Could we be lovers?

Jeff Marx says: Huh?

Liz Parker says: It would have to be purely sexual, because I can't afford to get involved right now.

Jeff Marx says: No problem!

Larry Musgrove says: I got a question.

Tom Palmer says: That's great! Great, participation! Fire away, big guy!

Larry Musgrove says: While you're here, who's giving out speeding tickets and scooping dead animals off the highway?

Tom Palmer says: All right, no more questions.

Tom Palmer says: Zip it, midgets!

Jack says: "You're a ghost, I'm an American, it would never work out..."

Jack says: You're a ghost, I'm an American, it would never work out...

Newton Crosby says: Where are you from, anyway?

Ben Jabituya says: Bakersfield, originally.

Newton Crosby says: No, I mean your ancestors.

Ben Jabituya says: Oh, them. Pittsburgh.