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May 24, 2019
The three central performances of Princess Cyd are near flawless and the honesty and subtlety of this tale, which sees hope in the struggles of life at all its stages, is astonishing.
January 4, 2019
The relationships that Cyd has with Katie and Miranda develop at that perfect pace for when time is short but the days are long.
November 13, 2018
Stephen Cone makes films which are religious in the best sense-through richly developed characters, his cinema touches the transcendent by way of the immanent.
November 3, 2018
It has a sense of authenticity which makes it stand-out from other teen dramas.
November 3, 2018
Cone's film is meek, irenic and sincere. It doesn't push a certain agenda onto the viewer, it doesn't intrude on the characters after they are introduced and it doesn't favor or side with one perspective or another.
October 28, 2018
Each Stephen Cone film is a gift.
October 22, 2018
"Happiness is unique." By capturing how women of two generations can share it while taking different paths to get there, the immense satisfaction that comes from "Princess Cyd" is quite distinct as well.
October 5, 2018
Stephen Cone has given us something astonishing in Princess Cyd. It is a film led solely by women, all of whom are beautifully sketched and presented with bountiful grace.
April 20, 2018
Princess Cyd is quiet almost to the point of stillness and deeply generous. It believes women will heal each other and their communities. It hopes.
February 27, 2018
Showing a strong propensity for coming-of-age stories, Stephen Cone still couldn't match The Wise Kids, but this new effort is a valid example on how two completely different persons can positively mark the lives of each other forever.
February 27, 2018
Indie coming-of-age story has language and sex.
January 30, 2018
Cone ... fashions a moving drama that hits all the right - though never predictable - beats on its journey towards an extremely satisfying conclusion.
December 20, 2017
Ultimately, Princess Cyd is another gorgeous, sweetly sensitive vision of the ways in which family, however defined, can bring us closer to the people we want to be.
December 6, 2017
Bucks genre conventions to explore how opposing personalities and generational gaps can bring about respectful admiration and togetherness.
December 3, 2017
As comfortable to slip into as an afternoon in the sun, as satisfying as a late-night piece of cake, Princess Cyd is a jewel of a film that plumbs thematic depths far below its surface.
November 30, 2017
Sometimes the calm between these two women is realistic. But the director often cops out the second his characters get into messier emotions.
November 17, 2017
While it certainly loses steam when it stretches its reach toward something grander, Princess Cyd is at its best when it focuses on the guileless intricacies of the human personality.
November 3, 2017
... it is a generous, warm and emotionally intelligent portrayal of female friendship across ages.
November 3, 2017
Its leisurely quality-its disinterest in "pumping" things up, its focus on the small yet vivid spaces of listening, understanding, struggle, identity-is its greatest asset.
November 3, 2017
Stephen Cone's Princess Cyd is distinguished by a dramatic complexity that would seem to run counter to its remarkably even-tempered tone.
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