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July 27, 2017
Very good movie. It fully embraces its b-movie nature and delivers a funny, campy, thrilling genre pic with good visual effects for the time and solid direction from Cronenberg.
April 29, 2017
Cronenberg is a horror master!
½ February 15, 2017
LIke any Cronenberg film, there is an interesting idea at the heart of "Rabid", but I have to say this feels more like a straightforward thriller, in fact, a very entertaining one. It can be seen as a vampire film, it can be seen as a zombie film, it can be seen as a disaster film involving a rare disease (STDs, flu, you name it.)
½ January 6, 2017
Cronenberg hadn't quite hit his stride when he made Rabid, but there's still a fairly entertaining mash up of Vampirism and a style of zombie that could easily have served as an inspiration for 28 days later.
The story is a bit threadbare, but the actors put in good performances, and the growing sense of full blown contamination is timeless. 3 1/2 stars
½ December 25, 2016
No where close to David Cronenberg's proven capabilities, Rabid proves to be a very minor entry in David Cronenberg's otherwise consistently good canon.
December 19, 2016
Pretty good for 1979, but by today's standards it's definitely not Cronenberg's best work.
½ August 6, 2016
Great disease/zombie style movie with a creepy vibe and a neat Canadian atmosphere. I'm still not sure I understand how she got the weird retractable stinger in her arm, but hey, sometimes you just run with things right?
½ March 25, 2016
Canadian horror from the late seventies that is director David Cronenburg's second film.
In this film the themes of his previous feature Shivers continue leading to a rabies like infection of the city of Montreal.
The music score reminded me of Halloween with the piano chords.
The film reminded me of 28 Days Later with its blood borne rage theme but remember this was made some 26 Years Previous!
The low budget doesn't detract from the quality of the film if anything it adds to it.
February 12, 2016
As a basic zombie movie, this movie is elevated by Cronenberg's style. The problem is that as a Cronenberg movie, this is pretty bland and uninspired. It lacks the oddness of Shivers and the drama of The Brood. And while the mayhem in this movie may be at the largest scale of any Cronenberg movie, it seems to be missing the humanity and dread that his more character driven movies had.

Worth watching for Cronenberg fans, but be warned that it is not at the level of his other early horror movies. It kind of gets lost in between two of his better early horror movies (Shivers and The Brood), much like The Crazies gets lost between Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead for George Romero. That I feel is a fair comparison to be made here.
½ January 25, 2016
It would be easily to overlook one of David Cronenberg's earliest films as just another another tacky horror film from the 70's, and it certainly has some real big issues that only a young film maker could get away with, but to disregard Rabid as trash would be a crying shame for just how impressively thought provoking this horror can be. When Rose and her Boyfriend are involved in a horrific motorbike accident, a new wave plastic surgery is all that rests between her and fatality. After receiving an experimental treatment, Rose finally comes to, with a violent sexual urge, a frightening addition and the carrier of a new deadly strain of rabies. Cronenberg takes his sexual paranoia from Shivers one step further, involving a whole host of surrounding themes, the vain and radical treatment of plastic surgery, that was and still is being criminally exploited, the addictive nature of modifying your body, the dangers that come with the surgery, most notably infection. The spread of infection via sexual intercourse, just how unready for a global pandemic of the government really is. Its very rare that so much meat can be crammed into a film of this stature and for it to hold up, but it does, for the most part. Rabid's shortcomings are found mainly with performance and scripting problems, Cronenberg's cast is a mixed bag, Marilyn Chambers does a decent job as our protagonist, obviously her history in adult entertainment adds a layer of the erotic over the piece, but she handles the material well, showing off more capabilities that what one would expect. Joe Silver and Howard Ryshpan also give solid and indeed weighty performances, that do indeed hold the film firmly together. But for every decent performance, the film has an equal amount of hilariously bad ones, most notably Frank Moore as Rose's boyfriend, its a performance that is so terrible the entire duration of the film is sadly wounded by it. Then there are the obvious hiccups in scripting, forced dialogue and a wealth of exposition, show a lack in confidence from a young director who is clearly still getting to grips with his content. It's problems aside, Rabid features some frighteningly chilling tension, brilliant ideas and some brutally iconic imagery, very few films from this time can boast quite the wealth of ideas going on here. Rabid is not for everyone, for fans of Cronenberg and indeed the genre.
December 16, 2015
Decent early Cronenberg. Hampered by uneven performances and constraints of a clearly low budget. After a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Marilyn Chambers is subject to an experimental skin graft procedure (which actually predicts the use of stem cells by quite a number of years). For some reason Chambers develops a vaginal opening in her armpit. When she is sexually aroused a poisonous proboscis shoots from the opening, draining the human victim of the blood she now craves. The sting has the power to infect its recipient with a highly contagious form of rabies, and before long the city of Montreal, Quebec is overrun with frothing zombified lunatics who crave blood. Central conceit is actually confusing; this is one case where a bit of explanation may have helped sell the conflict. As it is, the idea is viscerally repulsive in the right way but basically incomprehensible and frankly kind of cheesy. That said, Cronenberg begins to show signs of improvement in crucial areas, but there was still a long way to go till the glory days of The Dead Zone, The Fly, and Dead Ringers. Elements of zombie invasion, apocalyptic themes, and social commentary predict Romero's Dawn of the Dead while being clearly influenced Romero's earlier Night of the Living Dead and The Crazies. Not a bad film for horror fans, but most others might as well steer clear as this film isn't likely to bring them around to the genre.
½ December 11, 2015
Using his early formulas, Cronenberg involves abnormality of bodies, hunger for blood and in touch with the health care in some way. Rabies in terms of vampyrism hits Monetral as the plague. Compared with his films just after Rabid, you can easily remark that Rabid, is somewhat beneath pair.
November 21, 2015
Marilyn Chambers gets in a motorcycle accident and the doctors perform an experimental treatment on her that leaves her with a desire for blood she infests via a phallic tissue from inside her armpit. It leaves her victims with zombie-like psychosis and soon the town is overrun.
I preferred Shivers, his previous film, and it's pretty similar in the sense of a disease quickly overrunning a small population and largely taking place around a high rise apartment building.
October 9, 2015
Early Cronenberg, and not very good, but kinda funny in parts. If I had seen it back then, I wouldn't have predicted that he'd have a future in film, and that Ms. Chambers would go back to her day job.
Super Reviewer
August 8, 2015
Okay, but kind of off putting. A lot of blood and gore as you would expect from a movie about a freak case of rabies.
It kind of made me uncomfortable at times - it didn't seem all that nice towards women, for example the extra "mouth", a lot of female nudity and though the lead actress is good, it is interesting to watch the extra features on this disc and discover she was actually a porn star.
I'm a bit iffy on this director.
June 24, 2015
Fantastic Canadian horror movie from the twisted mind of David Cronenberg. A woman with a vagina-type opening in her armpit has a penile like appendage that sucks blood from people and gives them super-rabies, which she received from a botched plastic surgery.

Yep, and it just gets crazier and crazier. Surprisingly well acted, and filled with subtle themes on the medical profession, police states and promiscuity.
½ June 17, 2015
While it's interesting to see the humanity behind a zombie / vampire-like disease, Cronenberg's scifi-exploitation feature is a bit too predictable and laborious to be scary. The gimmick, an experimental surgery turns a woman's armpit into a blood-sucking worm, is played out halfway through and the remaining story isn't nearly engaging enough. Some arresting horror visuals and cool music can't save it.
March 24, 2015
La sufficienza è data dal fatto che a Cronenberg voglio bene e che, nel suo essere b-movie, il suo lo fa e riesce a tenere alto l'interesse pur nella trama a dir poco striminzita.
½ March 12, 2015
Clásico de Cronenberg y interesante visión de la pandemia apocalíptica, en la que ya se empieza a vislumbrar la visceralidad que luego sería clave en la obra del director canadiense.

Aunque esta vez se centra mucho mejor en la figura de la portadora, que en el caso de Shivers, no puedo evitar pensar que aquella era un filme mucho más compacto.

La estructura de Rabia a veces te pierde pues no encuentra un balance muy bueno entre las diferentes subtramas que se van entrelazando y aunque relacionadas casi parecen estar en planos distintos.

Aun así como obra para ir descubriendo a Cronenberg, es de visionado obligatorio.
½ February 26, 2015
Cronenberg's grotesque and bizarre style is present in this film.
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