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Adapted from the "Destroyer" series of novels and comic books (not exactly the level of Ian Fleming), Remo Williams (Fred Ward) is a New York cop who works for a top-secret government agency accountable directly to the President of the U.S. After his reluctant induction into this agency, Remo is trained in a near-magical Korean martial arts form by Chiun (Joel Grey) in great sequences where walking on water is taken in stride. After his training, Remo goes after a corrupt arms manufacturer with connections in the U.S. military and acquires the necessary help-mate in the form of Major Rayner Fleming (Kate Mulgrew). Antics at the Statue of Liberty and other stunts enliven the action, but cannot make up for comic-book level characters.

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Fred Ward
as Remo Williams
Joel Grey
as Chiun
Wilford Brimley
as Harold Smith
J.A. Preston
as Conn MacCleary
George Coe
as Gen. Scott Watson
Charles Cioffi
as George Grove
Kate Mulgrew
as Maj. Rayner Fleming
Michael Pataki
as Jim Wilson
Davenia McFadden
as Traffic Cop
Cosie Costa
as Pvt. Damico
J.P. Romano
as Boomer #1
Joel Kramer
as Boomer #2
Frank Ferrara
as Boomer #3
Frank Simpson
as Senior Police Officer
Marv Albert
as Sports Announcer
Reginald VelJohnson
as Ambulance Driver
Michael Ryan
as Sgt. Sullivan
Jeff Allin
as Lt. Fox
Will Jeffries
as Young Captain
Sebastian Ligarde
as Pvt. Johnson
Roger Cudney
as Capt. Young
Phil Culotta
as Soldier Driver
Tom McBride
as Jim/Soap Opera
Andrew MacMillan
as Doctor/Soap Opera
Wendy Gazelle
as Linda/Soap Opera
Suzanne Snyder
as Nurse/Soap Opera
William Hickey
as Coney Island Barker
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Critic Reviews for Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins

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Audience Reviews for Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins

  • Jul 01, 2018
    I cannot believe this hasn't developed a bona fide cult following yet. I caught this on the weekend and I hold this up with some of the guilty films of the 70s e.g. Flash Gordon. The film is pulpy fun and if you attempt to dissect as a film that is serious, you miss the point. I think the film was advanced for its time, everybody missed the point of this film, probably miss marketed. Fred Ward is a nice twist on the usual star making roles of the era, normally someone like Val Kilmer or Tom Cruise might have stepped in here. That scene with the guard dogs is worth watching the film alone, you just can't fault a film of this type. Harmless fun and one of the better Pulp adaptions I have seen. 01/07/2018.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Nov 29, 2016
    More comedic than actioner, this work is more for the yuks than for oomph. Mainly it comes across as hokey anymore, but it's good for a Saturday rainy afternoon.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Jul 24, 2013
    Aside from having a surplus of exposition, "Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins" ultimately suffers from taking itself too seriosuly when it is, in fact, a B movie. That isn't to say that it isn't exciting and, in a way, charming; it just should embrace its silliness with open arms, which director Guy Hamilton seems unwilling to do. There's plenty of adventure and entertainment value and some quite stellar set pieces, and Fred Ward and Joel Grey are substantial in their roles, but "Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins" could have used a smaller budget and a director less inclined to have everything make total sense. Still, it holds up as mindless entertainment quite well.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Jun 20, 2011
    This movie has action, comedy, outrageous and silly stunts... it's stupid, but fun. It could have been a better movie, though. It needed some funnier jokes, a couple of better actors maybe, at least for the bad guys, and maybe they could rewrite the script a little. As it is, the ending isn't satisfactory, we need more to the story, but the rest of it is mostly entertaining.
    Aj V Super Reviewer

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