Dec 30, 2006
Sep 26, 2003
A sad, slight film but with a sweet, smooth finish that makes you feel richer for having watched and absorbed and felt.
Aug 8, 2003
A small, sensual and unforgettable Italian drama that transports us to a place wonderfully exotic yet strangely familiar.
Jul 27, 2003
You can almost feel the dull heat radiating off the screen -- it's a wonder cinematographer Fabio Zamarion's lenses didn't simply melt clean off -- and this thick and hazy brilliance infuses the story with all sorts of strange neo-realistic vibes.
Jul 19, 2003
A beautifully scenic but languid character study that could use a shot of adrenalin and a more straightforward story line.
Jul 5, 2003
A quietly disarming drama by Emanuele Crialese that tugs at family ties and calls into question the conventional definition of 'normal.'
Jul 4, 2003
Somewhere along the way, Respiro just seems to run out of breath.
Jul 4, 2003
Valeria Golino proves she can act as good as she looks.
Jul 1, 2003
Evocatively photographed and backed by a resonant saxophone score, Respiro is blessed by the vitality of the performances of its almost entirely non-professional cast.
Jun 27, 2003
Its plot gets too slow even for open-ended movies such as this.
Jun 27, 2003
Slight but in a haunting way, like a half-remembered dream.
Jun 20, 2003
While Crialese ... certainly has a knack for visualizing such moments, his script willfully refuses to pull them together to tell a coherent story.
Jun 20, 2003
More a collection of gestures than a fully developed movie, Respiro offers scenery, sun and a volcanic performance from Golino, who bursts with primal energies.
Jun 20, 2003
There is a rough magic in the dramatic setting and the classical undertones crafted by writer/director Emanuele Crialese.
Jun 19, 2003
The film was shot on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, a picture-postcard setting of magnificent cliffs and crystal-clear water. The beautiful setting is a stark contrast to Grazia's descent into darkness.
Jun 19, 2003
An intriguing blend of mysticism and earthiness.
Jun 18, 2003
Respiro is not completely satisfying, because its purpose is cloudy.
Jun 13, 2003
Like a fable, its meanings are unspecific but haunting.
Jun 13, 2003
A cheerful, life-affirming film, strong in its energy, about vivid characters.
Jun 12, 2003
You just appreciate the time spent with these particular people in this particular place.