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Two decades after Angela Baker's bloody murder spree at Camp Arawak, Camp Manabe begins to experience a rash of killings that leads one of the owners to recall the gruesome horrors of the past. It's summer at Camp Manabe, and that means that the counselors are doing as little as possible to keep track of their young charges while the kids gleefully torment one another at every possible turn. But while self-serving camp owner Frank (Vincent Pastore) and junior partner Ronnie (Paul DeAngelo) strive to maintain some semblance of control over their campground, things suddenly take a terrifying turn for the worse when the mutilated corpses of young campers and counselors begin turning up all over the grounds. Reflecting on the murders that plagued Camp Arawak when he was an employee there two decades ago, paranoid Ronnie begins compiling an ever-growing list of suspects. Could a member of the staff be responsible for such atrocities, or could former Camp Arawak employee Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten) - who curiously still works nearby - be to blame for the latest round of summertime slaughter? Sure the kids at Camp Manabe have always maintained a reputation for being cruel, but does that really mean that they're capable of murder? Original Sleepaway Camp writer/director Robert Hiltzik reunites with that film's star Felissa Rose for this belated sequel featuring all of the trash-talking thrills and creative kills that has made the long-running series a hit with horror fans everywhere.


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  • Dec 29, 2011
    Acting is bad, plot is cliche, gore decreased and it had a sad tone to it that were trying to mimic the plot of the first movie. It's bad, real bad.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Feb 02, 2011
    Sleepaway Camp was "camp" in two ways. Large parts of it were crafted to be tacky, as carefully as the gliding final shot that delivered the audience a horror that went far beyond camp. This sequel by the original director uses two decent DPs, and is faithful to the spirit of the original in being outright aggressive to the audience, who like the series because its editing popped with crudities and blissful nonchalance about murdering people with as much gruesome creativity as you could learn during Arts&Crafts hour. But it's stentorian, in the action and the editing. And the actors (ex. Pastore, Hayes) play it loud and caustic, usually effectively. However, it has a focal character, Alan, who is like Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket if Pyle was just as likely to pummel the other cadets with bars of soap for a belly laugh. Everyone on the production has encouraged this poor young actor to give what we might call a career-destroying performance. That way, whatever violence happens can go around him, and if their build-up fails to scare, they can point to Alan and say they weren't taking this whole horror thing seriously anyway. The best thing you can say about Return to Sleepaway Camp is that it's not boring and moves as fast as hell. Makes it hard to get over-annoyed at any one thing -- except Alan. It's also interesting in that the writer-director populates the scene with campers that have 1 or 2 lines who we only see twice, which suggests a real camp more than a smaller cast, and more than the weird fact that this camp draws older men to continually work with adolescents -- older men which include Ronnie, from the first movie, who still wears his heart on his sleeve and muscle shirts with no sleeves. In fact, the movie is populated with realistically attractive starlets (who don't get naked or hook up with anyone). A lesson to movie makers who want every young actress to look like an almost-supermodel postgraduate.
    Adam M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 04, 2010
    This is a bit of a mess. There were so many ideas, but they all couldn't be crammed into one movie. Lots of characters who could've got killed off, sorta vanished from the scene. It was cool seeing Vincent Pastore, but Isaac Hayes and Felissa Rose were a bit underused. The police officer with the voice box was a rather odd character. There were some very original deaths here. I liked the guy being dunked headfirst into the deep fryer, the drug-smoker explosion and the bed of nails. The bird cage death had buildup, but then only showed the after-effects of the rate chewing his face and gut. It took a long time to get things going, as the plot got mired in the fat kid being teased repeatedly. There was a lack of a good end chase. I would've preferred the killer to be out in the open and cracking one liners, rather than keeping their identity a mystery until the end. I hope they make another one and bring Angela back for more fun.
    Lafe F Super Reviewer
  • May 21, 2010
    My roommate is a huge fan of this movie and he wanted me to watch it. This movie is a sequel to one of my favorite 80's horror's, the original, Sleepaway Camp. Return to Sleepaway Camp looks like it's trying to be a cheap B-Movie like the original. There are some really cool cameos most stemming from the original movie like Angela herself Felissa Rose. My favorite roles though go to Big Pussy aka. Vincent Pastore and Lenny Venito. It looks like they pulled a lot of actors from The Sopranos to act in this movie. The protagonist/antagonist is a mentally challenged bully who is overweight and gets made fun of the entire film. He is friggin hilarious, he even has a terrible tagline that he uses all the time; "Your Ass Stinks!" he literally uses the line about 200 times in the movie and says it to every character. Oh did I mention that the late Issac Hayes plays a chef! What original casting, the movie, I believe, was made after Issac left South Park. What a smart move to leave that show, that must of been paying him a bunch of money, and go on to play a chef in this movie! The death scenes are pretty cool though and pretty original. Death by shit filled joint has to be my favorite. The more I think about it, this movie was almost certainly made terrible on purpose. It has some really funny parts and is a great movie to watch with a bunch of friends. I would highly recommend this movie for anyone that wants to put on a great group horror. Beers or Pot really enhance this film and make it almost too funny. The movie is not scary at all, so don't be swayed but it has enough gore to satisfy even the most hardcore Horror fan. I am going to give this movie a 5 of 10. It was purposely made to be horrible and I think it is following on this new trend of "New Grindhouse" movies. It has horrible acting and a terrible story. This again is another movie where even multiple deaths can't shut down a facility where these deaths are taking place. YOUR ASS STINKS!!! S!D * This movie is Issac Hayes's last movie (What a film to go out on with such a great career behind him) * The movie has many members of the Original cast including; Angela, Rickey, & Ronnie
    Brandon S Super Reviewer

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