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The Revenge of the Pink Panther

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In Revenge of the Pink Panther, for the final time, the bumbling but impeturbable Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) maddens his long-suffering boss Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), sharpens his wits and martial skills with his manservant Cato (Burt Kwouk) and foils the bad guys without ever having a clue about what he is doing. In the story, Clouseau allows a gang of drug racketeers to believe that he has been assassinated and dons a series of disguises as he travels all over the world in order to apprehend the culprits. He is assisted by Simone Legree (Dyan Cannon), the former girlfriend of the drug-lord Douvier (Robert Webber). Though it received a very mixed reception from critics, this, the sixth of the Pink Panther series, did very well at the box-office. Sadly, it was actor Peter Sellers' final Pink Panther performance before his death in 1980 (the later film, The Trail of Pink Panther was composed of outtakes from previous Pink Panther films).

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Peter Sellers
as Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau
Herbert Lom
as Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus
Dyan Cannon
as Simone Legree
Robert Webber
as Philippe Douvier
Burt Kwouk
as Cato Fong
Paul Stewart
as Julio Scallini
Robert Loggia
as Marchione
Graham Stark
as Dr. Auguste Balls
Tony Beckley
as Guy Algo
Adrienne Corri
as Therese Douvier
Andre Maranne
as Francois
Sue Lloyd
as Claude Russo/Claudine Russo
Alfie Bass
as Fernet
Douglas Wilmer
as Police Commissioner
Paul Antrim
as Lookout
Elisabeth Welch
as Madame Wu
Charles Augins
as Vic Vancouver
Alec Bregonzi
as Douvier's Boardmember #1
Maureen Tann
as Chinese Woman
Maria Charlès
as Lady Client
Me Me Lai
as Chinese Woman
Jacqui Simm
as Chinese Woman
Fiesta Mei Ling
as Chinese Woman
Arnold Diamond
as Douvier's Boardmember #2
John Newbury
as President
John Clive
as Aide to President
Brian Jackson
as Police Chief
Margaret Anderson
as Police Chief's Wife
Dave King
as Douvier's Boardmember #4
Andrew Lodge
as Police Sergeant
Henry McGee
as Officer Bardot
Julian Orchard
as Hospital Clerk
Michael Ward
as Realtor
John Bluthal
as Cemetery Guard
John A. Tinn
as Mr. Chow
Kien Jing
as Assistant Manager
Steve Plytas
as Douvier's Boardmember #5
Bernie R. Hickban
as Hotel Employee
Andrew Sachs
as Hospital Inmate
John Wyman
as Toledo
Irvin Allen
as Haig & Haig
Robert LaBassiere
as Haig & Haig
Rita Webb
as Lady at Window
Lon Satton
as Sam Spade and the Private Eye
Rosita Yarboy
as Sam Spade and the Private Eye
Pepsi Maycock
as Sam Spade and the Private Eye
Frank Williams
as Gentleman Client
Keith Hodiak
as Sam Spade and the Private Eye
John Heller
as Douvier's Boardmember #3
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Audience Reviews for The Revenge of the Pink Panther

  • Nov 17, 2012
    This was another solid entry in the franchise but, to me, it is also the weakest. This is a franchise that you can't really do much with the established formula, so you can tell that this one was probably the least inspired of all the movies in the franchise. It's still a good and fun movie to watch, but it's a forgettable experience at best. Quite frankly, all the films are so similar that you can't really tell which film is which in the franchise, so does it really matter that this film isn't as good? I guess it doesn't really matter in the long run, but I still enjoyed this film less than others in the series. Peter Sellers is still very good in the role as this bumbling fool, but even he, granted this was at a point where he and Blake Edwards weren't getting along, doesn't look that inspired. He still does a good job and delivers the majority of the laughs but it wasn't anything to write home about. The plot, and this has nothing to do with the film itself, is really kind of sad because it involves everyone thinking that Clouseau is dead and this was Peter's last performance as Clouseau before he passed away and I just found that quite sad. Basically, while this still follows the same formula as every other film in the Pink Panther series, it is somehow the worst of them all. Still silly, cartoonish and fun, but there was something missing here that made the other films better. Perhaps the years of recycling and repeating jokes finally caught up with them.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Dec 15, 2009
    Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies!
    Wahida K Super Reviewer
  • Sep 05, 2009
    very funny film, just like the other ones.
    Thomas B Super Reviewer
  • Aug 10, 2009
    "but i am clouseau", "i know!" Inspector dreyfus shooting at him as he is chasing clouseau who is in disguise! good for laughs. it says something that the series was kept going for this long and was still very watchable. numero 6
    Sanity Assassin ! Super Reviewer

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