Herbert Lom

Herbert Lom

Highest Rated: 100% The Ladykillers (1955)

Lowest Rated: 6% Son of the Pink Panther (1993)

Birthday: Sep 11, 1917

Birthplace: Prague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic)

Born Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich ze Schluderpacheru, Herbert Lom enjoyed a successful acting career in his native Czechoslovakia, principally in theater. He made his screen debut in Zena Pod Krizem (1937) and made one more movie in Czechoslovakia before emigrating to England in 1938. He acted at The Old Vic in London, among other companies, before turning to British films, where his good looks, cultured accent and mannerisms, and intense eyes got him cast in such unusual roles as Napoleon Bonaparte (in The Young Mr. Pitt) in between slightly more anonymous parts. Lom's real breakthrough role was in Compton Bennett's 1946 psychological drama The Seventh Veil, as Dr. Larsen, the psychiatrist treating neuroses of the pianist portrayed by Ann Todd. Lom might have become a kind of Eastern (or Middle) European successor to Charles Boyer, but he was too good an actor to limit himself to romantic parts; instead, he was more like a Czech Jean Gabin. Lom often played highly motivated villains in the 1950s and '60s, most notably in Jules Dassin's Night and the City (1950), in which he brought surprising humanity to the role of a brutal, vengeful gangster, and Sidney Gilliat's State Secret (1950). He reprised the role of Napoleon in King Vidor's sprawling 1956 production of War and Peace, and was a memorably humane, well-spoken Captain Nemo in the Ray Harryhausen production of Mysterious Island (1961); he also played the title role in a 1962 production of The Phantom of the Opera, but Lom's best movie during this period -- despite having some of his shortest screen time -- was Anthony Mann's El Cid, in which he played the Muslim leader Ben Yussuf. He counter-balanced this work with a newly revealed flair for comedy, utilized in the Pink Panther movies, starting with A Shot in the Dark, where his long-suffering bureau chief Dreyfus was forever dreading Inspector Clouseau's latest blunder. He was also Simon Legree in the 1965 German musical production of Uncle Tom's Cabin (as Onkel Tom's Hütte). During the late '60s and '70s, he began appearing in horror films of various types, following a path similar to that blazed by his British-born contemporary Michael Gough. He has kept his hand in gentler and more complex roles, however, including that of the sardonically humorous Soviet bureau chief in Ronald Neame's Hopscotch (1980), and a sympathetic physician in David Cronenberg's The Dead Zone (1983). In 2012, Lom passed away in his sleep at the age of 95.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Die Nibelungen, Teil 2 - Kriemhilds Rache Actor 2012
No Score Yet Las Increíbles Aventuras de Marco Polo en su Viaje Actor 2000
6% Son of the Pink Panther Dreyfus 1993
33% The Pope Must Die(t) Corelli 1991
No Score Yet La Setta (The Devil's Daughter) (Demons 4) (The Sect) Gran Vecchio 1991
No Score Yet The Masque of the Red Death Ludwig 1991
No Score Yet Ten Little Indians Gen. Brancko Romensky 1989
No Score Yet River of Death Colonel Ricardo Diaz 1989
No Score Yet Going Bananas Mackintosh 1988
No Score Yet Master of Dragonard Hill Gastone Le Farge 1988
No Score Yet Whoops Apocalypse General Mosquera 1988
No Score Yet Skeleton Coast Elia 1988
No Score Yet Memed My Hawk Ali Safa 1987
No Score Yet Scoop Baldwin 1987
8% King Solomon's Mines Bockner 1985
91% The Dead Zone Weizak 1983
29% Curse of the Pink Panther Chief Inspector Charles LaRousse Dreyfus 1983
23% Trail of the Pink Panther Chief Insp. Dreyfus 1982
No Score Yet Peter and Paul Barnabas 1981
No Score Yet The Man with Bogart's Face Mr. Zebra 1980
71% Hopscotch Yaskov 1980
33% The Lady Vanishes Dr. Hartz 1979
78% The Revenge of the Pink Panther Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus 1978
80% The Pink Panther Strikes Again Former Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus 1976
84% The Return of the Pink Panther Dreyfus 1975
No Score Yet Ein unbekannter rechnet ab (Ten Little Indians)(And Then There Were None) Dr. Edward Armstrong 1974
60% And Now the Screaming Starts Henry Fengriffen 1973
No Score Yet Dark Places Prescott 1973
67% Asylum Byron 1972
No Score Yet Asylum (House of Crazies) Actor 1972
20% Murders in the Rue Morgue Marot 1971
No Score Yet Dorian Gray (Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray) (The Secret of Dorian Gray) Henry Wotton 1970
No Score Yet Count Dracula Prof. Van Helsing 1970
No Score Yet Mister Jerico Rosso 1970
No Score Yet Cuadecuc, Vampir Actor 1970
33% Mark of the Devil Cumberland 1969
No Score Yet 99 Women (Der Heiße Tod) Governor 1969
No Score Yet Journey to the Far Side of the Sun Doctor Hassler 1969
No Score Yet Assignment to Kill Matt Wilson 1968
No Score Yet Villa Rides Gen. Huerta 1968
No Score Yet The Karate Killers Randolph 1967
No Score Yet Die Nibelungen, Teil 1: Siegfried (Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy) Koenig Etzel 1966
No Score Yet Gambit Ahmad Shahbandar 1965
No Score Yet Return From The Ashes Actor 1965
No Score Yet Uncle Tom's Cabin Actor 1965
93% A Shot in the Dark Charles Dreyfus 1964
No Score Yet Der Schatz im Silbersee (Treasure of Silver Lake) Actor 1963
No Score Yet Horse Without a Head Actor 1963
No Score Yet The Frightened City Waldo Zhernikov 1962
No Score Yet The Phantom of the Opera The Phantom 1962
No Score Yet Tiara Tahiti Chong Sing 1962
92% El Cid Ben Yussef 1961
85% Mysterious Island Capt. Nemo 1961
95% Spartacus Tigranes 1960
No Score Yet North West Frontier Actor 1960
No Score Yet Hard Drivers Actor 1960
No Score Yet Third Man on the Mountain Emil Saxo 1959
No Score Yet The Big Fisherman Herod Antipas 1959
No Score Yet No Trees in the Street Wilkie 1959
No Score Yet Northwest Frontier Van Leyden 1959
No Score Yet The Roots of Heaven Orsini 1958
No Score Yet Chase a Crooked Shadow Police Commissar Vargas 1958
No Score Yet I Accuse! Maj. DuPaty de Clam 1958
No Score Yet Room 43 Nick 1958
No Score Yet Action of the Tiger Trifon, Albania Bandit 1957
No Score Yet Fire Down Below Harbour Master 1957
No Score Yet Hell Drivers Gino 1957
43% War and Peace Napoleon 1956
100% The Ladykillers Louis Harvey 1955
No Score Yet Twist of Fate Emil Landosh 1954
No Score Yet The Love Lottery André Amico 1954
No Score Yet The Man Who Watched Trains Go By Actor 1953
No Score Yet Shoot First Peter Sandorski 1953
No Score Yet Rough Shoot Actor 1953
No Score Yet Paris Express Julius de Koster, Jr. 1952
No Score Yet The Brass Monkey Peter Hobart 1951
No Score Yet Hell Is Sold Out Dominic Danges 1951
No Score Yet Golden Salamander Ranki 1950
No Score Yet The Black Rose Anthemus 1950
79% Night and the City Kristo 1950
No Score Yet Good Time Girl Max 1948
No Score Yet Snowbound Keramikos 1948
No Score Yet Portrait from Life Fritz Kottler Hendlemann 1948
No Score Yet Dual Alibi Jules de Lisle Georges de Lisle 1947
No Score Yet Hotel Reserve Monsieur Andre Roux 1946
No Score Yet The Seventh Veil Dr. Larsen 1945
No Score Yet Appointment with Crime Gregory Lang 1945
No Score Yet The Dark Tower Torg 1943
No Score Yet Secret Mission Medical Officer 1942
No Score Yet After Mein Kampf? Actor 1940


No Score Yet Mystery!
Augustin Defosse 2005
No Score Yet Miss Marple
100% The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Randolph 1967


Inspector Dreyfus says: [to Maria] I knew a man named Jacques. When he died, ten years ago, I thought "Thank God!" I never thought another one like him could exist... and then I met your son.

Inspector Dreyfus says: [to Maria] I knew a man named Jacques. When he died, ten years ago, I thought 'Thank God!' I never thought another one like him could exist... and then I met your son.

Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus says: Give me ten men like Clouseau and I could destroy the world.

Dreyfus says: [while drugged up on laughing gas] Heeheehee, haha, he pulled out the wrong tooth hahahaha only Clouseau would do anything that stupid!