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November 17, 2011
March 17, 2010
Comic casting and comic timing pay off in most scenes, with Dinklage landing the big laughs, Malco doing his wise-guy-talking-down-to-the-doofus patter and Buscemi just bugging out and reacting to the craziness.
February 19, 2010
It's a kind of cinematic purgatory, halfway between eternal reward and eternal damnation. The question is: What did I do to deserve such mediocrity?
February 12, 2010
Saint John of Las Vegas was a bad script that somehow got made into a bad movie with good people in it.
February 11, 2010
For all its clever quirkiness, the end product seems flat and over-thought, which isn't to say it's a bad first step for this ambitious novice director, just a long way from something that will set the world on fire.
February 11, 2010
This debut feature by Hue Rhodes offers a wealth of skilled players and admirably offbeat gags yet seldom manages to generate any laughs.
April 4, 2011
August 13, 2010
Far from a masterpiece, but Rhodes gives Buscemi a role ripe with emotion and a fascinating complexity. Buscemi returns the favor by powering the film with an engaging oddity.
July 15, 2010
July 5, 2010
The performances are strong--even the minor characters--and the atmosphere and tone are spot-on for a dark comedy.
April 14, 2010
Buscemi playing Buscemi is still entertaining, even after all these years.
March 25, 2010
You can take a gambler out of Las Vegas, but you can't take Las Vegas out of a gambler.
March 18, 2010
good for a quick laugh, but ultimately an empty gesture.
March 14, 2010
... slightly less than the sum of its parts ...
March 5, 2010
Don't get me wrong. I loved Buscemi's low-key performance. But I'm less crazy about the movie, which is sometimes oddly timed and funny and sometimes just plain flat.
February 28, 2010
Trying desperately to be hip and cool, 'Saint John of Las Vegas' is fey and flimsy instead.
February 26, 2010
The script is both overly simple and unnecessarily complex. As we wander west without tension or purpose across an airless desert, the trip isn't all that enjoyable. For God's sake, are we there yet?
February 26, 2010
With a scattershot plot, one's attention may focus more acutely on the characterizations, adeptly handled by very skilled, principal actors.
February 26, 2010
Buscemi delivers game and spry and pleasurable work, but writer-director Hue Rhodes drops him into a mess of a film and lets him dangle helpless and alone.
February 18, 2010
It's a black comedy with a few exceptional scenes, but never gels together convincingly, making the artistic swing for the fences more of a quiet disappointment than a captivating leap of faith.
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