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The terror continues in this sequel to the cult sci-fi hit about a race of robotic killing machines intent on destroying the human race. Thirteen years ago, the human population of planet Sirius 6B was completely wiped out by Screamers - blade-wielding, shape-shifting cyborgs that make a horrible high pitch sound while literally hacking their victims to pieces. When a distress signal from Sirius 6B reaches Earth, a team of rescuers is dispatched in order to find out whether a long-lost colony of human survivors have somehow managed to elude the murderous robots all these years. But the truth is far more sinister, because now the machines have managed to evolve into half-man/half-machine hybrids, and their determination to escape from Sirius 6B and find their way to Earth is stronger than ever before. Now, all that stands between the Screamers and the complete annihilation of the human race is a rescue team with dwindling supplies and limited ammunition.


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  • Oct 25, 2018
    The inconsistencies in Screamers: The Hunting do not help the movie, which is not an abysmal failure, but is a significant step down from the original.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • May 19, 2012
    This movie should have been called Screamers the Huntening because that would be about the right level of cheese. Sci-fi shouldn't just be tech-jargon words strung together by pseudo soldiers with very little common sense or meaning.
    Sean S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 14, 2011
    A squad of Alliance soldiers are sent to Sirius B to investigate a distress signal and rescue colonial survivors from the latest generation of robotic assassins. The Hunting is one of those films which perplex me as to why they exist at all; quite why a minor 90s B-movie warranted a sequel I don't know. And although the original Screamers may have "borrowed" some ideas from Aliens, The Hunting is about as shameless as Paris Hilton on a tequila and nose candy binge (Hell, even Bishop makes a cameo appearance). It does manage to build on the original idea providing improved effects and better narrative momentum and is a perfectly serviceable sci-fi B-movie itself despite once again featuring no familiar faces (apart from Jana Palaske, whose resemblance to Scarlett Johanssen is almost spooky...) and the fact that the ending is even more ridiculous than the original. A decent enough diversion but given the choice between watching this and the REAL Aliens for the umpteenth time there's only one real choice.
    xGary X Super Reviewer
  • Apr 20, 2011
    The sci-fi/horror film Screamers: The Hunting continues the adventure and takes the series in a new direction. The story follows a military rescue ship that is sent to the mining planet Sirius 6B in response to a distress signal, and arrives to find a group of civilians embattled with a new cyborg variety of Screamer intent on exterminating all life. The acting is pretty mediocre, except for a cameo from Lance Henriksen. However, the special effects are fairly good for a B-movie, though some the CGI use is rather apparent. Screamers: The Hunting brings a new level of terror to the series and delivers an entertaining film with some good thrills.
    Dann M Super Reviewer

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